The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 28

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Katariona Just Might Break the Engagement Flag with the Crown Prince

His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, came to visit our house the following afternoon. Since the arrival time was notified in advance, the cooks started baking sweets early in the morning and were busy at work. Our cook at the townhouse was a direct apprentice of the head chef and was very skilled. Marie had brought the best of the First Flush for tea that had been picked this spring.

“I brought this tea for Young Lady, not for the trash Crown Prince to drink! ” she complained but reluctantly offered it to us. 

As the social season had long passed, the townhouse had no tea leaves left for entertaining. Our butler had arranged the family’s favorite tea leaves before we came to the capital… It was not intended to be a long stay, so they did not expect to have a guest.

“Welcome, His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince.”

The whole family greeted the Crown Prince at the entrance.

“No need for any formal greetings. Oh, I see you’ve displayed the roses I gave you.”

The Crown Prince smiled at the roses displayed at the entrance.

“They were so beautiful that I asked for them to be displayed for everyone to see.”

Before he could ask me why I didn’t display them in my room, I quickly followed up.

“I see. Rio is very kind.”

“Yes, of course. Rio is a sweet girl. Good day, everyone.”

Her Royal Highness Princess Christina appeared behind the Crown Prince. Without a moment’s hesitation, Chris and I ran up to each other, grabbed each other’s hands, and smiled.

“Did Her Royal Highness Princess Christina accompany you, too?”

“She insisted on going with me,” he said. “I apologize.”

The Crown Prince apologized with a troubled face. You did well to bring Chris. I commend you!

“Not at all, Your Highness. It’s a great honor to have you two visit.”

“We’ve arranged a small tea party for you. Please come with me.”

Father and Mother led the way to the tea ceremony location.

It seemed that they had decided to hold today’s tea party on the terrace overlooking the entire garden. At this time of year, the terrace is a perfect place to enjoy the refreshing breeze and pleasant sunshine. Thomas’s son tends the garden, and although it’s not as beautiful as the estate, it’s still a nice sight to behold.

As we were walking to the terrace, Chris whispered to me, “Hey, did you get the thing?”

The thing Chris was talking about was the sealing stamp.

I nodded and said, “Thank you for giving me such a useful thing. I wrote you a thank-you note, but I didn’t expect you to visit with the Crown Prince.

“Is the letter still in Rio’s possession? If you still have it, I’ll take it.”

I was planning to experiment with the sealing stamp, but oh well.

“I still have it. I also have a little return gift for you.”

“Oh, well. I’m looking forward to it. Do you mind if I go to Rio’s room later?”

Chris is more than welcome. Although if the Crown Prince had asked me to show him my room again, I would have refused this time.


There was a large round table with chairs for six people on the terrace. The order of seating was clockwise: His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Brother, me, Chris, Mother, and Father. We had planned to have Chris sit next to the Crown Prince, but he insisted on sitting next to me, so that’s how we ended up with this order. His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, looked unhappy, but I was grateful.

The butler and a couple of maids brought in a tray of sweets and tea. Marie glanced at the Crown Prince for a moment as if she didn’t recognize him. Marie, don’t serve anything strange to the Crown Prince.

The main dish was a fruit-filled cake, surrounded by scones, cookies, and macaroons. The chef’s apprentice must have worked hard.

“This tea is the First Flush. I didn’t expect to be able to drink ‘spring tea’ this time of year.”

Chris took a sip of the tea, and her big blue eyes widened. As expected of Chris. She had been able to guess the brand of tea even as a child.

“Moreover, it’s in a good state of preservation. It’s amazing that you were able to preserve it.”

Marie smiled happily at the compliment. This tea was something that Marie had taken great care of for me. I’m happy to hear her compliment, Marie.

“This cake is also delicious. Wow. It tastes better than the ones from the popular stores in the royal capital.”

“Yes. It tastes delicious with plenty of fruit.”

The Crown Prince is also enjoying the cake.

“Oh? My brother can tell the differences in taste? You don’t even know how to taste.”

“Yes! I do not have a taste for anything. Chris is really cheeky.”

I guess sibling quarrels are normal even among royalty. Somehow it made me smile. My brother and I are good friends, and we don’t fight often. Or rather, my brother has a very gentle personality, so if we had a fight, he would just pass it off with a simple “yes, yes”. 

“Sieg, before entering the Magic Academy, have you chosen a teacher to study under?”

“Yes. Well, I’ve already figured out the best one. But he’s a bit eccentric, so I’m not sure if he’ll accept me.”

Ah. That guy… right? He is called the “Sword Saint of the Wind” and is a very skilled man, but he is a bit eccentric. He’ll end up teaching my brother, though.

“I see. I’m going to have a teacher of fire magic from the Magic Academy.”

Most of the royals are supposed to study with the Magic Academy’s leading experts as their teachers. With Chris as an exception.

She told me the story about this in her previous life, but she had disappeared for only a year and a half after receiving her magic attribute assessment at the age of ten. She had gone to a distant eastern country to train by herself. She didn’t tell us in detail what kind of training she did, but her magic power had improved tremendously when she came back.

“Chris and Rio will be judged on their magic attributes in two years. I’m looking forward to it now.”

Chris smiled mischievously.

“You don’t have to be modest about it, big brother. My brother, don’t you have ‘Appraisal Eyes’? Why don’t you just appraise Rio’s attributes like you appraised mine?”

“Pff!” The Crown Prince almost spat out the tea he was sipping. 

“Your Highness has an Appraisal Eye? That is amazing. Would it be possible for you to appraise my daughter’s attributes?” Father leaned forward. 

Are you really that excited about it?

“It’s best to save it for the… magic attribute assessment.”

At this point, I also smile mischievously.

“My goodness! Does His Royal Highness the Crown Prince have an Appraisal Eye? I would love to be appraised by you.”

“No, it’s… but it…”

For the Crown Prince was still hesitating… How about this! Let’s go with my #1 killer move.

“Is it no good?”

I said, giving him my best puppy face and clasping my hands together, begging him.

“Okay, one time only, okay?”

All right! My #1 killer move worked!

While looking at me intently, the Crown Prince let out a sigh, indicating that he had finished his appraisal. For some reason, he seemed disappointed.

“Rio’s magic attribute is ‘plant magic’. Since it is a soil attribute, the magic judgment ball will light up a dim light brown. Nonetheless, it will still need to be assessed by a judge.”

“Plant magic? That’s lovely. I’ve been interested in plants lately, so I thought I’d give growing them a try in earnest.”

The fact that I am already using magic to grow plants is a secret.

The Crown Prince’s own appraisal proved that it was not ‘light magic’. I hope this has broken the engagement flag.

“That’s fine! I’m also an earth magician, so I like to tinker with the earth. Rio and I seem to be kindred spirits. I’d like to do research with you when I enter the Academy of Magic!”

“That would be great. I’d love to!”

Chris and I took each other’s hands and squealed happily.


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  1. thanks for the chapter, it is greatly appreciated!!! I really do hope this breaks off the engagement plans, that the prince might of thought up.

  2. Why do I have an odd feeling that the Prince needs light magic to purify a curse he was born with? Then there’s a setting that he has to be with the one who purified him or else he gets cursed again. They engaged them hoping that she would purify the curse, but the “heroine” (not the word the novel used) accidently purified him so he has to listen to her.

    Anyways, somehow think that the prince won’t be a bad guy.

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