Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 2

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Merdie’s Request 

Everyone in our class safely advanced to the next level. We became sophomores at Ifrus Academy of Magic. Three months had passed since then.

Just like when we were freshmen, the monthly interclass battles were still held, and we remained undefeated, so we were able to keep our classroom. We also held our once-a-week special class with Sage Luarno, the headmaster of this academy. As expected, Sage Luarno’s tutelage truly benefited us. He continually taught us magical principles that even I know nothing about.

However, was it really fine for him to teach us about ancient magic and forbidden magic? Weren’t they called forbidden magic because we were not allowed to use them?

Apparently, that was not the case.

Sage Luarno wanted to hand everything he knew since we were the ones tasked to protect this world in this era. He taught us ancient magic and forbidden magic not to encourage us to use them but to equip us with the necessary knowledge in order to prevent those who use them.

In that case, we really need to learn it well.

There was also something I learned while studying under Sage Luarno. It had something to do with my favorite spell, the flaming knights. Youko told me before that it was a spell called [Flame Knight].

Apparently, it was one of the forbidden magic.

It said so in the banned book that Sage Luarno brought, entitled [Encyclopedia of Ancient Magic and Forbidden Magic].

It was forbidden because it consumed a colossal amount of mana, and if one forcibly cast it by himself, he would definitely exhaust his mana supply. Aside from that, the spell had its own will, and it was automated, so the risk of it going berserk was quite high, so ordinary people were forbidden to cast it, and only sages were allowed.

I can use it since I’m a sage, right?

I’m level 1, though.

I thought it was my original creation, so I always used it; apparently, there was a sage in the past who also used this spell. 

It was a bit vexing.

However, the forbidden spell did not have the ability to self-destruct as an attempt to damage the enemy, should it encounter an opponent that it could not defeat even with the cooperation of a few more flaming knights.

Aside from that, my flaming knights were coated with lightning magic on the surface, so instead of being debilitated by water magic, which was supposedly its weakness, it would become stronger.

I think it’s fine if I treat these additions as my original inventions, right?

By the way, the vacuum creating magic I created as a preventive measure against flaming knights rampaging—

It was ancient magic, I was told.

In the ancient past, there was a reincarnated hero who used it to stop a conflagration.

Hmmm, I think reincarnated guys really think in relatively the same way.

While we were attending one of Sage Luarno’s classes, a red bird came flying in through the classroom’s window.

It was a courier bird called Letter Bird.

They were brought to the recipient prior to sending the letters; the letters or baggage would be shown, and they would then deliver the letters by sensing the recipient’s mana.

Also, Letter Birds’ plumage colors vary according to their ability.

Green Letter Birds bring ordinary letters. There were instances when magical beasts attacked them, and the letters wouldn’t reach the recipient, so it was the norm to release a few of them at the same time.

Emergency letters were sent through yellow Letter Birds. They were more powerful and faster compared to the green Letter Birds. Even if only one was released, it would generally reach the recipient, so correspondence was also faster. Thus they were more expensive.

And then there was the red Letter Bird who entered our classroom through the window. It was used by royalty. There were rare instances when the nobility uses them, such as when they donated a huge amount of money to the country.

The red Letter Bird landed on Merdie’s desk.

D, don’t tell me Merdie is part of royalty?

Merdie removed the letter tied to the Letter Bird’s leg and opened it. Her expression clouded over as she read its contents. And then –

“Headmaster, Teacher Tina, would it be alright if I take a leave of absence from school for a while, meow?”

“Hm, what happened?”

“Did something happen?”

“Apparently, Dad collapsed, so I want to return to my country, meow.”

Merdie then explained that her father was cursed, and his condition was quite bad, so she was summoned by her family.

It would take approximately 20 days to travel on carriage from Glendale to Vestier, the Βeastkin’s kingdom. There was no need to ride a ship since the two countries were located on the same continent, but it was still considerably far.

If Merdie was to take the trip in a carriage, she couldn’t return to the academy within forty days.

“In this academy, as long as you pass the periodical examinations, it would be fine even if you don’t attend the classes. There would be no problem should you wish to take a leave from school; however, there is a better option, though?”

“What do you mean, meow?”

“You can just choose your own country for the mandatory yearly excursion’s destination this year.”

In this academy, there was a rule that students had to spend one month every year in another country. The class could decide which country they would go to.

“B, but, the round trip would take more than a month already, meow…”

So Merdie really did intend to ride the carriage back.

Isn’t your family in danger? You should rely on me at this time.


“It would be fine if you return immediately via Halt’s teleportation magic, no?”

 I was about to say that, but Sage Luarno beat me to the punch.

What the heck? I wanted to look cool, though.

“H, Halt, is it really okay if I ask you for this favor, meow?”

Merdie had an extremely apologetic expression.

Her ears, which were normally as straight as a pin, laid lifeless on her head. She was on the verge of tears,

S, so cute…

It was like the time I saw a kitten; my desire to protect her was stirred up.

By the way, I’m a huge cat lover.

“Of course! I already went to Vestier before, so we can go right away.”

I had to create a teleportation circle to my destinations beforehand. Since I learned how to use teleportation magic, I marked several areas in the same continent, just in case something happened in the future. We were able to circle the whole continent in just one week, thanks to Tina’s flight magic.

“Thank you so meow, Halt!”

Merdie hugged me. She was so ecstatic that she began to lick my cheeks.

Are you a cat!? Oh right, you are a cat.

“So, what do you want to do? We could go to Vestier first, since we could grab essentials, later on, how about it?”

Her father was in a critical condition, after all. Of course, it would be best to go as soon as possible.

“That would be great, meow. Then please, meow!”

“Got it. Everyone, I’ll take Merdie first. I’ll come back for you guys.”

I said that to Tina and Leaffa.

“I understand. We will prepare for the trip. Merdie, we’ll be praying for your father’s speedy recovery.”

“Thank you, teacher.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

I grasped Merdie’s hand, and we teleported to the kingdom of Vestier while I enjoyed the sensation of the huge paw pads on her hands.


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