I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 139

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


[To think that you’d really win… I figured you’d put on a good fight but he really was coming at you with the intent to kill you. I’m surprised to say the least.] said Rhazes with a smile. 

‘If he had a real body I’d definitely punch him right about now.’

With the help of Ultra Recovery my heart was restored and the wound was closed up. As I tried getting up Rhazes began slowly walking towards me.

[I’m really glad…]

Even without using Telepathy I could immediately tell that he was speaking from the bottom of his heart. To Rhazes this battle must have been a wager.

[Did you max out the Class Slate that I gave you?] asked Rhazes.


I checked my status…

Alchemist Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Alchemy Rank SSS Title: False God

“I’ve maxed it out. On top of that Alchemy’s rank went up to SSS… And there’s this title called… False God?”

‘Even though it was an UR Class Slate I guess it’s only natural I’d max it out after defeating that kind of monster…’

[Let’s go back to the first floor for a bit.]


Going back to the first floor there were a number of Golems waiting, looking like they had been expecting us.

The Golems proceeded to lead me to a space in the back of the cave. In that space there was a silver stand with a number of things laid on top of it.

“What’s that?”

[The gacha balls that you didn’t get.]

I was left dumbfounded by Rhazes’ words. Looking closely at the stand there were numerous candies and Class Slates, the likes that had originally been in the gacha.

“The things I didn’t get… Is it really okay for me to receive them?”

[Did you bring money with you?]


[I’m messing with you. They’re all yours.]

“No wait, I’m glad that I’m able to receive them, but why didn’t you give them to me before the last fight!?”

Was the sudden question that popped in my mind.

[Even if I had given them to you beforehand, if Agaliarept hadn’t accepted our proposal you wouldn’t have been able to win either way. And if you had ended up dead they would have been wasted.]

“That’s way too harsh!”

While I was still venting my resentment a single Golem came, bringing with itself three candies on top of a silver tray.

“These, they can’t be…”

[True Cores. They have Unique Skills within them. I don’t have neither the magic power nor the materials to make any new magic tools, these are the last ones there are.]

I appraised the three candies.

[Black Iron Eclipsing Garment] SSR

Covers the wielder’s body is covered in a Black Iron Armor which can manifest a freely moving greatsword.

[War God’s Aura] SSR

Upgrades Chi Control. Grants the ability to manipulate Aura at will.

[Craftsman’s Inheritance] SSR

Drastically increases the user’s Dexterity stat.

‘So two of them are Hanumān’s and Lavalier’s Unique Skills. And the last one apparently is just a status upgrade of the highest grade.’

The raise of Dexterity meant that my hit chance as well as the success chance while using Generate were increased.

All of the remaining candies were as follows:

Fire Magic (I) R x 6 / Wind Magic (I) R x 8

Earth Magic (I) R x 7 / Water Magic (I) R x 4

Lightning Magic (I) R x 3 / Light Magic (I) R x 2

Dark Magic (I) R x 2 / Healing Magic (I) R x 6

Strengthening Magic (I) R x 2 /Magic Aptitude (I) R x 7 / Growth Speed (I) SR x 5

Physical Resistance (I) R x 3 / Magic Resistance (I) R x 3

Detection (I) R x 1 / Clairvoyance SR x 4

Appraisal (I) R x 4 / SP Increase (I) SR x 7

Mind Defense (I) R x 5 / Stealth (I) R x 6

Divine Protection (I) SR x 3 / Coercion (I) R x 4

Precise Repair (I) R x 3 / Cold and Heat Resistance (I) R x 5

Hostility Detection (I) R x 2 / Telepathy (I) R x 5

Imitation (I) SR x 1 / Thought Acceleration (I) SR x 4

Class Slate Priest R x 1

Class Slate Hunter R x 2

Class Slate Magic Knight SR x 5

Class Slate Monk SR x 4

Class Slate Sage SR x 1

Class Slate Paladin SR x 3

Class Slate Archer R x 3

Class Slate Thief R x 1

Class Slate Blacksmith R x 3

Class Slate Assassin SR x 2

Class Slate Great Magician SR x 2

Class Slate Demon King SSR x 2

Class Slate Great Sage SSR x 1

[That’s all for the skills. All of the items from the armaments gacha were pulled so there’s none of them left here. But I don’t think that any of them would be of any use to you either way…Except for]

A single Golem on the shorter side brought over a separate tray. On top of it there were 10 gem-like crystals.

“These are?”

[They’re materials known as Light Stones. By themselves they don’t have any particular use but if you use Alchemy to synthesize them with the Magic Stones that you have they become something of great value.]

“Magic Stone… Did I really have those?”

[You should have picked them up while going through the Dungeons in Russia.]

Those words immediately made me remember. I opened up the space region that I had filled with numerous things, and looked around it.

“This is it…”

I took out all of them and placed them on the ground.

Lightning Magic Stone / Summoning Magic Stone

Light Magic Stone / Strengthening Magic Stone

Earth Magic Stone / Fire Magic Stone

Darkness Magic Stone / Water Magic Stone

Wind Magic Stone / White Magic Stone

[You’re right I do have 10 of these Magic Stones. But is it really okay for me to synthesize them with the Light Stones? What will I make that way?”

[When you synthesize them you’ll get a material called Pyroxene.]

‘Pyroxene!? I’ve heard that somewhere. I think Noah said something about it before I came to the Dimensional Maze.’ 

From within the space region I took out the gloves that I got from Noah.

[That’s the Legendary Class magic tool that appears on the last page of the Magic Library. It’s called Hades’ Ten Fingers. Unfortunately, I don’t have the necessary MP to complete it anymore. You’re the only one that can complete it, so how about giving it a shot?]

‘My Alchemy is currently at max rank. I don’t think I’ll fail but I only have materials for one shot…’ Thinking that anxiety suddenly started to get to me.

[You don’t need to worry. It’s fine, you’ll definitely succeed!]

While being encouraged by Rhazes I began synthesizing the stones with matching colors one by one. The process drained quite the huge amount of MP but unlike before now I was able to easily synthesize.

Up until now I would usually fail a lot but now I managed to succeed in synthesizing all 10 of the pyroxene crystals.

All of the pyroxene crystals shone brightly, each with a different colored light, resembling diamonds. I took the pyroxene crystals and began inserting them into the holes that were present on the ten knuckles of the gloves.

“So this is Hades’ Ten Fingers…”

Appraising the item, I saw that its rank was at UR and that it had an effect of increasing the power of magic.

[That is a powerful weapon. It will definitely come of use.]

Afterwards I received the candies that Rhazes called True Cores… and ate all of them. Following which I look at my status…

Alchemist Lv 99

HP 84,310 / 84,310

MP ∞/∞

Strength 176,940

Defense 117,480

Magic Defense 55,500

Agility 99,780

Dexterity 57,860

Wisdom 195,125

Luck 858,000

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank S

Mapping Rank SSS Title: Cavern King

Magic Library Rank A

Swordsmanship Rank SSS Title: Sword Saint

Martial Arts Rank SSS Title: Martial God

Generate Rank C

Dismantle Rank A

Plunder Rank SS

Archery Rank B

Tame Rank SSS Title: Monster Overlord

Alchemy Rank SSS Title: False God

Archive Rank B

Chi Control Rank S

Magic Sword Rank S

Protection Rank S

Light Protection Rank SSS Title: Light’s Guide

Darkness’ Protection Rank A

Assassination Rank A

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation / Peerless Strength / Life’s Cradle

Infinite Magic Power / God Eyes / God Slayer

Gravity Manipulation / Immortality / Black Iron Eclipsing Garment

Complete State Immunity / Armor of Sin / War God’s Aura

Goddess’s Blessing / God Speed / Craftsman’s Inheritance

Barrier / Dragon King’s Coffin

Ultra Recovery / Dragon Blast

[Skills] [Magic]

Appraisal (XXI) Wind Magic (XXVII)

Detection (XXVIII) Earth Magic (XXV)

Strength Increase (XXX)   Fire Magic (XXV)

Clairvoyance (XVII) Light Magic (XXVI)

SP Increase (XX)       Summoning Magic (XXX)

Cold and Heat Resistance (XXI)       Lightning Magic (XXVIII)

Physical Resistance (XVII) Water Magic (XXIV)

Magic Resistance (XVIII) Dark Magic (XXVIII)

Magic Aptitude (XXII)     Strengthening Magic (XXIII)

Growth Speed (XX)         Healing Magic (XXV)

Stealth (XXIV)

Agility Increase (XXX)

Precise Repair (XIV)

Coercion (XIV)

Thought Acceleration (XIV)

Telepathy (XVI)

Hostility Detection (XIX)

Imitation (XXVI)

Mind Defense (XVI)

Divine Protection (XVIII)


Divinity Vishnu SSS

Demon Agaliarept SSS

Dragon God Hydra SSS

Rock Giant Titan SSS

Flaming Dragon King Shiva SS

Guardian Lavalier SS

Rakshasa Ravana SS

Beastman Hanumān S

Spirit Phoenix of The Divine Flame S

Fairy Spriggan AAA

Beast Chimera AAA

Metal Giant Gigas A

Just as Rhazes had said I was able to gather 12 monsters over or at Rank A. I didn’t know how useful they would prove to be against the Demon Lord but I would give it my best.

The clothes that I was currently wearing were completely ruined so I took a change of clothes from within the space region.

[Are you ready?] asked Rhazes while standing next to a Golem that was holding some kind of device.


[With this tool I’ll be able to bring you back to your world. I can only use it a handful of times though… Either way, come here.]

I got closer after being called and saw that the tool actually resembled a box with a lever attached to it. 

‘Can I really go back with this?’

[The Demons have already started their invasion. The flow of time is different in this maze than it is on the outside so you should still be able to make it.]

The Golem proceeded to pull the lever and a door made of light appeared in front of me.

“Rhazes… Are you really unable to leave? If there’s anything I can help with just say it. After all it’s because of your help that a lot of people, including myself, were saved.”

[Thank you. However, there is nothing you need to worry about. If you want to return the favor then grant me my wish. Bring down the Demon Lord… That’s my sole wish.]

“Got it… I’ll definitely make it happen…”

I stood in front of the door. Looking back, the sight of Rhazes standing next to the silent Golem entered my eyes.

[Almost all of the skills that I gave you are imitations of the Demon’s skill, however there are also some original ones mixed in there so be sure to use them well.]

“I will.” saying that I stepped towards the light.

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