When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 49

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Save the baby from the sky

Kong Wuying is aggressive. He fights the whole time, without pause…

Kong Wuying is thrown into a cell.

Of course, there was a weak bit of resistance in the middle, but… the little Kongjian is just a human level soul puppet. As for Kong Wuying… the combat power in this body is shameful.

The captain of these soldiers has already reached the seventh level of physical cultivation. Although he is not handsome, he is strong, not to mention a whole group of soldiers…

Kong Wuying quickly surrenders his weapon and is locked in a strong cell.

It is not accurate to say that it is a prison cell. The place where he was imprisoned was actually in the royal palace of the City of the King. Just look at the neat and methodical furnishings to see what is in style.

The fourth son of his family.

Honestly, there is also a reason why Kong Wuying cheated Kong Er to come to this territory. If it is said that one of the many sons is most likely to steal his old body, it will be the fourth.

No other reason than the fourth child is a collector.

Kong Si goes crazy and likes to collect all kinds of things, valuable and not valuable, and whatever he thought was valuable – he didn’t care whether it looked good or not.

Although it is a bit abnormal to say that collecting the remains of his dad’s body… it’s even more unlikely to be done by others. Maybe Kong Si lost his brain and suddenly thought that Kong Wuying’s body was valuable, so he collected it?

It’s hard to think of it without shuddering.

Kong Wuying mixing into the City of the King was originally because he wanted to check the news to see if it was the fourth child who took it.

The result was good. As soon as he entered the gate, he was arrested. He was also packed directly into Kong Si’s bedroom.

The question is this; how does the fourth child know that Kong Wuying is his father?

And why arrest him instead of bringing in Kong Wuying normally. If the fourth child who arrested him was understandably after revenge, then it would make sense, but Kong Wuying doesn’t remember being particularly cruel to Kong Si. 

Kong Wuying is puzzled.

Then came many, many maids. Beauty like flowers is exactly the style that Kong Wuying likes. Although the fourth child loves to be perverted, the aesthetic taste is extremely close to the father.

The maids are very polite, but very tough and scrubbed Kong Wuying in the bath for three hours. After Kong Wuying feels that he’s shed a whole layer of skin, he’s put into a clean white robe.

The texture of the white robe is soft and comfortable, and the material is cool. It looks like it is worn as an underlayer… but where is the upper layer? Kong Wuying lowers his head to look and asks, “Why is it… transparent?”

With a standard, bland smile on the maid’s face, she says, “This is the rule, don’t worry.”

Then she moves gracefully but forcefully and continues to dress up Kong Wuying with accessories now. A green gemstone chain hung from the waist, tightened to the point that it’s nearly unbearable and it’s a little uncomfortable to be strangled so much, but… it is beautiful.

Kong Wuying looks at himself in the mirror. Up to now, he has gotten very familiar with and has accepted this body, but even at first glance he cannot recognize it.

Barefoot in gleaming white, his right ankle wrapped with a string of small, beautiful golden bells. Light green brilliance shines through the gems on his waist, but his eyes are even brighter, the corners of the eyes slightly hooked, revealing an indescribable charm.

Long black hair is braided into dozens of braids and falls behind him in a waterfall. The silver-purple gemstone hair ornaments are hanging over his forehead, and the tassels gently shake with his every movement. 

The maid steps back slightly and observes with satisfaction. A rare beauty to dress up carefully, no wonder His Royal Highness would want to see him.

Delicate, beautiful and charming, every action is captivating. The beauty is unparalleled.

But… Kong Wuying looks at himself in the mirror with a cold face. Even though he is perhaps a little slow in such matters, at this time he notices something is wrong.

Chilled all over he glares at the maid next to him. “What is this?” he demands.

As soon as his expression changes, the whole person’s image shifts from charming and beautiful to… domineering villain.

The maid takes a step back. “You can’t do this. How can you talk like this when you see the prince? You will make the prince completely uninterested.”

Kong Wuying: “… what… interest?”

The maid smiles. “Of course, this is to please the fourth prince.”

Nothingness: “…”

At this time, Kong Si achieves a hatred value greater than Kong Er. 

Kong Si, after having fun with the second child, embarks on his return journey happily. As soon as he returns to the palace, he receives the report.

Soldier captain: “Prince Kong Si, the person you want has been placed in your palace.”

Hearing this, Kong Si purses his lips with interest. “How did he react?”

The captain pauses for a moment, uncertain. “It seems… rather murderously.” He frowns. “Please take care.”

Honestly, although the person was very weak, the captain doesn’t know why… when he saw the man, he actually felt a little instinctively… afraid.

Kong Si does not hesitate to say, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Kong Si returns to the dormitory, and can sense the presence inside.

Suddenly caught here, shouldn’t you be upset?

Kong Si chuckles. He deliberately slows down, trying to make the person feel more restless. He enters the room slowly with a drawn out creak of the door.

The man is asleep in the bed, lightly snoring.

Kong Si: “…”

He walks over without hesitation, and looking at the sleeping face, his fingers gently stroke the man’s cheek. The strength is soft, but the touch is electrifying.

The man in bed immediately wakes up. He looks up at Kong Si and the first reaction is not panic or anger, but rubbing his eyes stupidly, saying casually, “Why are you here?”

Kong Si: “…”

Then Kong Wuying really wakes up properly, reflects on the current situation, and then his tone changes. His eyes flash in disgust. “What do you want to do to me?”

Thank you, the dialogue is finally on track.

Kong Si’s fingertips lightly rub the man’s cheek, next to his red lips and watches him. “I saw you trick Kong Er, you really whet my appetite. That frustrated and shameful look on Kong Er was… too hilarious!”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Then Kong Si leans in closer, holding Kong Wuying’s chin. “When I see you, I feel refreshed. I haven’t felt this way for a long time.” Kong Si’s eyelashes flutter and his stare is smouldering. “I want to capture you, enjoy you, collect you.”

His fingertips slide up, closer to Kong Wuying’s eyes, exclaiming, “It’s these murderous eyes, so beautiful. I want to have them. You can rest assured that after enjoying you, I will gouge them out myself and they’ll be kept as a treasure for thousands of years more.”

Kong Wuying stays quiet.

Kong Si frowns. “That’s wrong. How did the murderous eyes disappear? Do you think that I won’t carve out your eyes?”

“Do you have a soul puppet?” Kong Wuying asks lightly.


Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow. “Do you know how painful it is to be stabbed in the back by your most trusted soul puppet?”

Kong Si opens his mouth and then jerks, lurching away. 

The reason for this is because he was literally stabbed in the back. 

Kong Si whirls around with a small stagger, shocked. “Li Bing… you!”

Behind him is the beautiful face of his soul puppet. Looking at her master, the puppet Li Bing softly says in her trembling voice, “Master, sorry!”

Then she strikes again and Kong Si collapses with a groan.

Kong Wuying flips the blanket off and slides out of bed, stepping directly on the bad son who fell to the ground.

Oops, I told you not to collect your dad’s things. Collecting gifts from dad and wanting to hurt dad, this is what bad children do.

Kong Wuying takes a few steps forward, looks around at the sleeping quarters of Kong Si, and asks the soul puppet behind him, “Does he have any secret room for storing things?”

There is no response. 

Kong Wuying whips around and locks eyes with the wide, frantic grin of Kong Si who is standing up. 

Kong Wuying steps back, alert, and freezes when he hears the trembling voice of the other party.

“Is it… father?” 

Kong Si’s beautiful eyes are filled with mist, and his voice is full of excitement and ecstasy. His eyes are staring at Kong Wuying without blinking, as if he’s afraid that there’s only a phantom in front of him and taking his eyes away for a second would cause Kong Wuying to disappear.

“Are you father? The only one who can make Li Bing betray me is my father. I know that my father is so amazing that you can’t have died so easily.” Kong Si sighs dreamily. “It’s really great to be able to see father again. Do you know how I spend these days and nights when you are away…”

Kong Si trails off and stumbles, falling. 

Kong Wuying steps forward in time to grab Kong Si.

Kong Wuying is surrounded by a pair of steel-like arms, and Kong Si straightens up, back straight and legs solid, no hint of weakness in his sly eyes. “Father, I caught you,” Kong Si says proudly. 

Kong Wuying pulls back but the grip is strong. “Let go!”

Kong Si shakes his head. “How can I let go? Such a good opportunity is simply a gift from heaven!” He drops a kiss on Kong Wuying’s forehead.

Kong Wuying is furious. “Do you dare do this to your father!?”

“What am I afraid of?” Kong Si blinks proudly. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Father, this moment, we can’t afford to waste it.”

Kong Si is the first son that Kong Wuying has encountered to dare to be so brazen after knowing his identity!

There is no time to be angry because Kong Wuying is shoved onto the bed and Kong Si pins him down, reaching for his collar to pull off the clothes-

Kong Si’s eyes widen and he collapses, stunned, on top of Kong Wuying, revealing the silver hair of the man standing behind.

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