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Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 1

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Strange Occurrence in the Beastkin Country

“Hey, did you hear about it? His Majesty collapsed.”

A bear beastkin was talking to a wolf beastkin in one of the bars in the capital of Vestier.

Vestier was the country of the Beastkin.

“Yeah, it was caused by the wound he got during his fight with the warlock the other day.”

The wolf Beastkin was one of the royal palace gatekeepers, so he also got some information.

“Seems like his condition is grave… Even if he lives, he can no longer be the king, I guess.”

Verstier had only one law.

Strength ruled.

The strongest person would be the king, and he would lead the people. A king who loses the ability to fight would no longer be eligible.

One month ago, a warlock besieged this country. He annihilated the National Armed Forces troops, who were in the middle of their military training drills. Not even the elite troops, who were with them at that time, stood a chance against the warlock. The king of the beastkin and his imperial guards succeeded in driving the warlock away, at the expense of numerous sacrifices. 

Although they managed to repel the warlock, the king lost his dominant hand and was cursed. Initially, he still had the ability to walk; however, the curse spread throughout his body, and now, he could no longer get up from the floor.


“The Martial God’s Warrior Tournament will be held. I think there would be an official announcement soon.”

Martial God’s Warrior Tournament was a competition in one place among strong beastkin, and it would determine the strongest in the country. The winner would receive the Warrior God’s protection, and he would become the king of the country.

If anything happened to the king, and he could no longer uphold that power, his successor would be appointed right away. The king of the beastkin had to be the strongest, after all. However, it did not mean that those who were weak, or who can no longer fight, would be oppressed.

“His Majesty wanted to rest leisurely.”

“He did give his all for this country, after all. If I become the next king, I’ll also put the effort in finding treatment for him.”

The strongest was revered and admired by the citizens. On the other hand, he had to protect those who he deemed as weak.

“Oh, so you’ll also join?”

“You bet! You’re also all fired up, so you’re up for the game?”

“It has been a while since the last Martial God’s Warrior Tournament. There’s no way I’ll let it pass.”

Beastkin were species drawn to powerful beings. If they win, the crown is theirs. If they lose, it will still be alright. By showcasing their strength, they could increase their appeal to the opposite gender. Males and females can join as long as they were confident in their ability.

“By the way, will that esteemed person return this time?”

“Are you talking about Her Highness?”


“Although she left the country because of a quarrel with His Majesty, she will definitely return if her father is in a critical condition. She’ll probably join the tournament, too.”

“True. She wanted him to recognize her own strength, after all….”

Once, there was a king who was known as the Martial God in this country. He was able to break an orichalcum sword with a hand chop. His ultrahigh-speed fist attack would gather wind from the surroundings to become the [Flying Fist], which could pulverize a target even from a distance.

A child bearing a scale with power at par with the Martial God, enough to be called he’s reincarnation, was born to the current king. The whole country rejoiced, thinking that the day when they would have a truly powerful king was near.

However, when the three-year-old princess took her aptitude examination, and the results came out, they fell into despair.

The princess did not possess an aptitude for martial arts; instead, she displayed an aptitude for magic.

 Almost all the beastkin in Vestier possessed aptitude in martial arts since it manifested in them quite easily. There were also beastkin who show aptitude in magic; however, if they fought with those who had an aptitude for martial arts, they could never win, even if they were on the same level. Before they could cast a spell, they would already be defeated by their opponent’s overwhelming speed attack. Beastkins also prefer brute strength combat. Therefore, magic was not recognized in the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament.

The princess grew, and she became strong, to the point that other beastkin her age did not stand a chance against her. She possessed an innate talent.

However, when she reached a certain point in her growth, she became unable to win against beastkin, who were the same age and level but had aptitude in martial arts. She developed her magical skills, and her magical attacks progressed, but her martial arts status did not improve.

The princess worked hard, and at the end of her training, she could release high-speed magical techniques, and she also learned to do martial arts incorporated with magic. As a result, she became unbeatable once again.

However, the king of the beastkin did not agree with it. He said that a beastkin must fight using his own strength. 

 “Magic is also considered as my strength, meow! What’s wrong with fighting using my own strength, meow!?”

The princess retorted, and she left the country that refused to acknowledge her power.

“If magic and whatnot were deemed acceptable, then the winner of the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament would be Her Highness, for sure.”

“You’re right. I never won against Her Highness, even though she’s a decade younger than me… I hope Her Highness Merdie is well.”


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