I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 138

Translator: Jiro

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Traitorous Demon (Part 2)

[He is the only one that can get you out of here.]

[What did you just say!?]

The Demon’s complexion suddenly changed. It seemed like he really wished to go outside.

He completely ignored me and began walking towards Rhazes instead. He tried grabbing Rhazes with the red thread but since Rhazes didn’t have a real body it was useless.

[Tsch! An illusionary body huh.]

Rhazes on the other hand had a smile on his face.

[I know everything, starting from how long you’ve been trapped in here, to how much you want to leave this place. After all you were trapped here way before I even came along.]

[I don’t want to hear your bullshit.]

[This dungeon is a mysterious place. The stronger one is the less it wants to let go of them. You’re proof of that, after all let alone the whole Dungeon, you shouldn’t even leave this floor.]


The Demon froze up. Rhazes’ words must have hit the nail on the head.

‘Considering his strength he must have already tried countless methods to go out… Yet seeing him here must mean that escape really was impossible.’

[How do you plan to get me out? And for starters if there really is a way out then why are you still here?]

[I can open a door to the outside, however my real body is already decayed. And I cannot leave with just my illusionary body. And even if I do end up opening the door, you still won’t be able to leave because you’re too powerful.]

[So in the end it’s impossible after all!!]

[That is where he comes into play.] said Rhazes while turning to look at me. My body had already somewhat recovered so I was able to get up while staggering.

Following Rhazes the Demon also looked at me.

[Exactly what can that worn-out man do?]

[He can use Summoning Magic. And just any Summoning Magic, but the highest rank there is and he also has an abundant amount of MP.]

[Summoning Magic!? You’re telling me to become his pet? No way in hell!]

[If he tames you then for a time you’ll be transferred to another dimension. After that when he goes out of here he’ll be able to summon you to the outside.]

[Are you making fun of me?]

[I’m dead serious. There’s no other way for you to escape this place and he’s the only one that can get you out. After all the Demons are the opposites of the Oracle Beasts so they cannot use Summoning Magic. So, what do you say?]


The Demon made an irritated expression. It was evident that he was struggling with what to do.

[Hmph! Even if I do agree the difference between my level and his is way too huge, there’s no way he’ll be able to tame me.]

[As long as you’re alive that is.]

The Demon showed a slightly surprised expression.

[Kukuku, so that’s how it is. So if I want to go outside I’ll first have to lose to him. Is that what you’re trying to say?!]

[Correct. Even if your levels are apart, as long as he destroys your Magic Core he should be able to tame you.]

Hearing that the Demon began walking in circles around Rhazes with a smile on his face.

[I see. I see. You know that you can’t defeat me so you came to me with a proposal, isn’t that right? We beg of you, please lose!]

Rhazes just stood there not saying a word.

[What a shitty proposal. For starters why are you so intent on taming me? It’s way too fishy.]

[He’s going to defeat the Demon Lord.]

The Demon suddenly stopped.

[This brat will defeat the Demon Lord? Are you stupid or what?]

[You must want to take revenge on the Demon Lord, isn’t that right? You cannot forgive him for trapping you inside this place. In order to defeat the Demon Lord we want to borrow your power. What do you say? Our aim is the same isn’t it?]

[And just because of that you think that I’ll just gladly say yes?]

[This moment is the only chance you’ll get to escape. Accept our proposition and go outside, or stay trapped here forever. The choice is yours.]

While staying still the Demon closed his eyes, looking as if he was thinking things through.


The Demon burst out with laughter.


With just his laughter the walls as well as the ceiling began cracking.

[Fine! However, I have a condition.] said the Demon while the red fog in the area began gathering in front of him. The fog formed a whirlpool which then slowly started taking shape, forming a dark reddish-brown orb.

[This is my Magic Core. I usually turn it into a fog and disperse it in the area so that it can never be broken.]

The Demon grabbed the orb, which had a diameter of around 10 cm, and showed it to me.

[I went ahead and manifested my weak spot just for you.] after saying that the Demon swallowed the orb and smiled at me with a creepy face.

[If you’re able to destroy my Magic Core I’ll agree to your shitty proposal.]

“And if I’m not able to?”

[I’ll naturally kill you.]

“But then you won’t be able to escape!?”

[You don’t get it now do you. If you tame me and then die soon after I’ll die alongside you! At least prove to me that you have what it takes to stay alive!!]

‘He’s got a point… To an immortal monster such as him, I’ll be his only weak point.’

[Hey! Illusionary bastard! I’m sure you’re fine with this?]

[Certainly. But first want to talk to him before you fight. Can you spare us a bit of time perhaps?]

[Tsch. Get it over with fast.]

I hurriedly went to Rhazes.

“In the end it ended up in a fight. Still, even if I do know where his Magic Core is the difference in our powers is way too huge!”

[Even so, this is an opportunity. Furthermore, I believe that he also wants to get out of here and fight with the Demon Lord.]

“Does that mean that he’ll hold back?”

[Considering his character, probably not. However, even if you don’t destroy his Magic Core, as long as you show that you’re able to fight he will probably agree.]

“But I still don’t think that my power will get across to him…”

[No worries, I’ve made all the necessary preparations. Phoenix, come!]

Hearing Rhazes say that Phoenix, that was floating quietly up until now, quickly came to us.

[Pull out your sword and lift it up.]

Following Rhazes’ command I pulled out my sword and lifted it. Phoenix flew up once again and in a straight line dove into my sword.

“What the!?”

Shining white flames covered the sword and a tremendous amount of magic power filled the air.

[That is Divine Flame’s power. It embeds itself into a weapon and bestows is the power to burn down anything. Truly the strongest means of attack. It will pierce through Flame Emperor’s Favor and it will also work against the Demon Lord.]

‘So this is what Rhazes made in order to fight against the Demon Lord… It must have taken him quite a bit of time in order to reach this point.’

[This as well…]

Rhazes handed a Class Slate over to me. Touching on it I could see its details…

Alchemist of Origin UR

[You’ll definitely need it.]

 Rhazes didn’t say anything else. However, since he was saying it I would probably really need it. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, I used the Class Slate.

Light overflowed and shining particles began raining on me.

My status changed to Alchemist Lv 1, however it probably wouldn’t be that useful to me in this fight. Even though I now had the sword coated with Divine Flames I still felt anxious.

[It’s okay. Even though your strength may be levels apart you have the necessary power in order to win. Have some confidence.]

‘He’s right, from now on I must do something about this by myself.’

[You’re talking too much!  Hurry it up!]

Rhazes nodded and I went forward. The Demon stood right in front of me and with a smile he charged.

He manifested two swords made from blood and swung them at me. Each of the strikes had enough power to inflict a mortal wound. While barely dodging I waited for a chance to counterattack.

With the help of Assassination, I was able to keep track of his Magic Core inside his body. And even though they were faint I was also able to catch onto slight gaps.

‘This Demon’s strength and speed may be unordinary but when it comes to swordsmanship he’s a total beginner.’ 

His actions had many wasted movements in them so gaps were bound to appear.


With a slash of my sword, covered in the Divine Flames, I cut through the fog and the Demon’s shoulder.


I was able to wound him. His body that would turn to fog every time I was about to wound him was now being burned. 

‘With this I might just be able to…’

[So you had another card up your sleeve. This looks like it’s going to be fun.]

While dealing with his sword I was slowly cutting away at his body. 

‘I’m starting to get it. Power aside, as long as I use God Eyes and God Speed I can keep up with him. It’s just as Rhazes said, as long as I use my abilities properly I can fight against him.’

[You’re starting to get on my nerves!]

The Demon gathered flames in his hand and shot them at me. As if having exploded the flame quickly expanded, swallowing the whole cave in scorching flames.

I thrust my sword into the ground and deployed the Divine Flame around me. It burned down the Demon’s flames and protected me as well.

After the flames died down the Demon looked at me with surprise as I came out unwounded.

[What just happened? It can’t be that you’re seriously trying to win against me?]

The Demon spread his wings and flew up in the air after which he proceeded to dive at me.


‘He just keeps barely blocking my sword. Those white flames are annoying as well but that bastard… He keeps growing while fighting. Defeat the Demon Lord huh… It seems like they aren’t just talk.’

[I see now. It’s probably impossible for any other Demon besides me and the Demon Lord to win against you. I misjudged you. But…]

I fired off blood blades from my sword. It looked like he was desperately trying to avoid the countless blades but…


Upon colliding with the ground or the walls the blades split into even more, smaller blades, that began bouncing off and dodging them was impossible. Or at least that’s what I though. In reality the bastard was blocking my blades using his slashes or the white flames.

‘Is he starting to see through them… It seems like he’s able to see a bit into the future just like the Demon Lord. In that case…’

I spread the red fog and blocked the bastard’s vision.

‘A useless ability as long as you can’t see.’ 

I disappeared into the fog to quickly appear behind him and extended a blood thread from my index finger.

The countless threads would bury themselves into a person’s body and even reach their hearts and brains.

‘Even if the opponent has an immortal body I’d still be able to kill them using this [Murderous Blood Thread] skill.  That goes even for the Demon Lord as well. It’s true that I want to leave this place. However, being defeated here once and tamed afterwards isn’t that different from real death. On top of that if this bastard happens to be killed by the Demon Lord then I’d die as well. I won’t be able to bear that shame. The monster that even the Demon Lord wasn’t able to kill that pride is the only thing that’s keeping me alive. If I lose that then I might as well…’

“I waited for this. I waited for the moment you’d get close to use that skill.”

I heard a bam after which I felt a shock run through me.


What I saw was a sword that was protruding from the bastard’s chest and had pierced my Magic Core.

A sword embedded with God Slayer… White flames burst forth from that sword and burned my body. ‘He pierced his own heart in order to attack me huh.’

“I knew where your Magic Core was after all… It’s my win.”

‘Ahh… I can feel myself burning alongside that small pride that I had left.’

[Stupid brat, what’s your name?]

“Gojo Masakado.”

[Kukuku… Alright Gojo, I’ll bet on you. I’ll bet on the… slight chance you have… of defeating the Demon.. Lord]


The Demon was turned to ashes by the flames and I deployed a magic circle which then began to gather the red fog in the surrounding. In the middle of the magic circle a new Magic Core was formed.


A blinding light that swallowed the entirety of the cave burst forth and after a while it finally died down. I pulled out the sword that was protruding from my chest.


Large amounts of blood poured out from my mouth as well as my chest but I was somehow able to stay alive.

As I dropped down on the ground I raised my hand to look at the tamed monster’s list.

On it I could clearly see the Demon’s name.

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