When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 48

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Editor: Diya

Dad is gone

My future husband!

This rings in Kong Wuying’s ears and he quickly interrupts the self-satisfied imagination of Kong Er; “Sure. Great.” After he grits this out, he turns and walks away, afraid he would tear down the second child together with the ship.

Looking at the back of Kong Wuying after his angry departure, Kong Er touches his chin, and a light flashes in his eyes.

This person is so problematic. Shouldn’t ordinary people feel the romance emanating from such an endearing story – when they hear such hard work is all for love? Even if someone doesn’t, they should compliment it more or less persuasively. No matter what happens, the mood of anger…

Why is the man so angry at Kong Er? Does he…

Kong Er licks his upper lip unconsciously. Anyone familiar with him knows that this is a sign that he’s about to get excited.

Before Kong Wuying can return to his room in a huff of anger, he’s blocked in the narrow hallway of the ship. 

The tall young man’s sturdy arms rested on the ship’s wall on either side of Kong Wuying, dark eyes shaded and his blond hair lit up by the sunlight coming through the opposite wall’s round window.

Kong Er grins but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. “Do you know who my unmarried husband is?”

When he mentions the words ‘unmarried husband’, there’s a flash of light in Kong Wuying’s eyes. But because the situation is still a secret from this son, he has no hands free from this juggling and cannot move.

Kong Wuying just bows his head slightly, his voice cold even as he says blandly, “Pervert, please stay away from me.”

Kong Er smiles. “You really know! How do you know?”

“There is a record, and in the quotation of the second prince is… your intentions. You actually called the monarch such a thing… it’s an outrage.”

Kong Er has always been disobedient, and he’s never been afraid of other people at all. Instead, he says, “What is the record? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

“You have to read more books,” Kong Wuying tsks. “This is almost the same thing as the record of quotations from the monarch.”

Kong Er frowns. “I edited the quotations from the monarch, where did the quotations of the princes come from?”

“You did?” Kong Wuying asks in confusion. “What did you do with it?”

“Of course I sold it to make money,” Kong Er says in a straightforward way. “5 billion copies sold in Yeying, which means 5 billion gold coins. Not only that, I also compiled records of father’s casual life, food appreciation, food catalogues, clothing patterns on underwear, and 100 songs made for him!”

So, was the fat big head ballad born like this?

For Kong Er, Kong Wuying is so angry that he’s out of breath. He sighs and rubs a hand across his face. “Why the hell… what kind of mind do you have?”

Although none of the princes were his own, Kong Wuying taught them all in the same way as thousands of other fathers in the world teach their kids. They are also filial sons under his supervision but when he turns away-.

Why are they all crooked? Even if one or two are tilted, this is the third son now, and the rest are still up in the air! It could go either way!

Hearing this question, Kong Er smirks. “It’s all because my father is bad. Who told him to be so charming?” After that, he laughs.

Kong Wuying: “…”

Blame me. Without another word, he ducks under one of Kong Er’s arms and walks back to his room.

The little Kongjian doll is sitting there playing by itself. He giggles when he sees Kong Wuying enter. 

Kong Wuying’s heart still hurts and he immediately goes to scoop up the little doll for a hug. “Do you think I’m… charming?”

Kongjian’s head is empty and missing pieces. He doesn’t understand why the master said that, but still answers very seriously, “Yeah, yeah.”

Kong Wuying’s heart hurts even more!

After the ship reaches the port and unloads the cargo, Kong Er goes to look for Kong Wuying. “Where is the treasure? Hurry up, I don’t want to meet the fourth child!”

Holding Kongjian, Kong Wuying says, “You bring someone and come with me.”

The treasure hunting party sets off, all the way west until they reach a valley.

Kong Wuying stops there. “This is the location of the treasure, but there is a guardian formation, I have not been able to crack. It is all up to you, Prince Kong Er!”

Kong Er feels the residual energy fluctuations here, and a confident smile appears on his face. “It’s a trivial matter, and I’ll show it to you in minutes!”

As soon as the words fall, he’s shrouded in a cage of thorns that burst from the ground. In response to this, Kong Er isn’t panicked, and a bright mark on his eyebrow glows. It is necessary to sharpen the blade and quickly cut the thorns!

But he can’t. 

Huh? Why can’t the power inside him be used?

Huh? Why can’t he move?

Huh? Is this thorn cage poisonous?

“Wow,” Kong Wuying says in awe. “Oh… Prince Kong Er, I see you are biding your time in order to strike quickly and surely. Impressive, so inspiring.”

Kong Er looks at his men who are tied as tightly as he is and his face becomes very ugly. “Can you afford the consequences of doing this?”

“Oh, I can’t afford it, I’m so scared,” Kong Wuying, this villain, says gravely.

Kong Er: “…”

When Kong Er is free, he’ll kill this bastard!

But Kong Wuying has a lot of stress to get off his chest and this is the perfect moment. “100 million? You might as well take it from my corpse as you bleed me dry! Do you know what happened to the last blackmailer who came after me? Would you even be able to recognise a smear on the floor? Dare to bully your father, this is the least of what you deserve!”

Kong Wuying is perhaps really too angry, and his words are slightly suspicious and could reveal his identity. But he’s venting right now and it’s hard to hold back.

When Kong Er hears this he’s enraged. This bitch! Who is Kong Er’s father?! 

Kong Wuying vents his anger very well, and then proudly says, “You can rest assured that although the poisonous thorns here are powerful, they will automatically retract when the time comes. I think it will probably take decades, but decades pass in the blink of an eye, don’t worry. If it doesn’t let go, I guess you can call for help but good luck, no one will come to rescue you even if you scream yourself hoarse!”

In the end, Kong Wuying laughs proudly with the expression of a true villain. He then swipes Kong Er’s money bag. It is inconvenient to go out alone without money.

After taking the money bag, Kong Wuying pats his son’s head. “Stay and reflect, your father will go first hahahahahahaha!” And he saunters away.

After Kong Wuying leaves, Kong Er is pondering the way to get away. The formation here was really strange. He should have been powerful enough to escape, or at least his soul puppet should be. 

Now the power in his body cannot be used at all, as if blocked by something. If he wants to save himself, it won’t work. And this place is deserted, it is unrealistic to wait for others to come here.

Speaking of which, the fourth child seems to like to wander in those deserted places.

As soon as he has the terrible thought, Kong Er hears an even more terrible voice behind him

“Oh! Who is this?” The man also deliberately walks around Kong Er so they can be face to face. “Is this your newest way to make money? Standing here to collect money for exhibitions? Oh, unfortunately no one is here, otherwise I’ll shout advertisements for you!”

Kong Er’s gloomy face: “Get out of here!”

Although Kong Si appeared, Kong Er isn’t expecting to be rescued. 

Kong Si can’t hide his laughter. “Kong Er, how funny. How about, if you want me to save you, then… say please.”

On his request, Kong Er sneers. “I will never ask you even if I die, let alone just for you to laugh in my face and walk away and leave me here.”

“Of course I’d help you! But there is nothing in this world at no cost. As long as you can afford the price…” Kong Si smiles meaningfully, long eyelashes slightly raised, showing indescribable charm.

“…What do you want?”

Kong Si smirks. “Kong Xuancheng.”

“In your dreams!” Kong Er didn’t even think about it, just flat out rejected the request. 

What a joke, Kong Xuancheng is the monarch’s most prosperous trading city, worth more than 100 billion yuan.

“You go! I don’t need you to save me!” Anyway, that tricky bastard also said that this thorn matrix will be automatically unlocked in time. No matter how long it takes, it is more reliable than doing business with the poisonous snake of Kong Si!

“Oh, but I can’t leave you here.” Kong Si’s voice is full of pity, and then he takes out a sharp blade. 

Kong Er: “…!!”

After putting the second son in timeout, Kong Wuying walks back to the city, only to be caught when he enters the City of the King.

The soldier captain looks at him and says coldly, “It’s him, grab him!”

Kong Wuying: “…!”

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