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Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 29

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Editor: Pierrot

Princess and the Magical Rampage

I went to call Merdie, the last person.

“Merdie, I’ll enter –“

“It’s the aroma of chao fan!”

I was about to knock on the door when Merdie rushed out.

As expected of a beastkin.

She was able to sniff the smell of chao fan that lingered on me, moreover, it was from inside her room.

“So chao fan is ready, meow?”

“Y, yeah.”

She didn’t say anything regarding my butler guise.

Is she only interested in chao fan?

Well, that’s good, I guess.

Oh, yeah, Merdie didn’t say she wanted me to see me in my butler suit.

“I made plenty. To the dining room?”

“I’ll go right away, meow!”

Merdie’s tail was straight up. I accompanied her to the dining room.

I took a lot of time since I had to call six people. Moreover, only 3 of them gathered.

Being a butler sure is hard.

Tina and Leaffa were already seated when we reached the dining room.

“I apologize for making you wait. I will prepare immediately.”

“Yes, please.”

“Fufufu, being waited upon by Halt is quite novel.”

“Halt, hurry, hurry!”

I made my way to the kitchen since Merdie was rushing me.

I made chao fan and chinese soup, but I haven’t plated them yet. I reheated them, arranged them on the serving dishes, and brought them back to everyone.

By the way, Shiro was already done eating, and he was sleeping in the drawing room.

“I reheated them again as they had turned cold…May I know your opinion regarding the taste?”

“Yummy, meow!”

“Indeed, it is truly delicious, Halt-sama.

“I like this flavor!”

What a relief. Everyone’s happy.

“Halt, I want seconds, meow.”

“Yes, yes, there’s a lot more.”

I took Merdie’s plate and went to refill it.

It’s my duty to serve them today.

“Here, Merdie.”

“Thanks, meow!”

“Halt-sama, what happened to Youko, Mai and Mei? We already started our dinner…”

Tina asked as I was passing the plate to Merdie.

“The ladies were tired, so they wanted to rest for a while.”

Yup, didn’t tell a lie.

“Is that so. Well, they had been doing their best serving the customers.”

Tina believed me.

“Yes. I will prepare their meals once they are awake. Miss Tina, would you like another serving?”

“Yes, please.”

“Ah, me too, please!”

“Yes, certainly.”

I received Tina and Leaffa’s plates, and went back to refill them.


The mansion’s doorbell rang.

It might be Sasha.

I served the food to Tina and the rest, then I headed towards the entryway.

Ah, I’m still wearing the butler suit.

Well, whatever.

“Sorry for keeping you wai—–eh!?”

My brother Cain was standing on the porch, wearing a burnt armor, when I opened the door.

“H, Halt… Y, you overdid your magic…”

Cain fainted after saying that.

“Eh, wait a moment! Brother!”

His armor was toasted black, but the wounds on his body were quite few. His energy, however, was depleted. I had to cast recovery magic on him for the meantime.

“A, ahm…”

Sasha, the sister of this country’s monarch, was standing behind the fallen Cain.

“Your Highness Sasha, what happened to my eldest brother?”

I asked Sasha since she might know what caused Cain to be in this state.

“I tried to sneak out from the palace this evening to go to this place…Apparently; Cain followed me as my escort.”

The king of Glendale probably noticed that Sasha was trying to slip away. That’s why he ordered Cain, his most trusted subordinate, to tail and to escort her.

 “When I left the capital, Lord Cain approached me, and I was surprised, and –“

Sasha showed her bracelet to me after saying that. It was the one I gave to her. I infused it with my magic and placed my flaming knight inside it, but it was already gone.

In other words, the flaming knight treated Cain as the enemy, so it attacked him to protect Sasha,

By the way, Cain finished it off, by the looks of it.

To be able to defeat it… as expected of my eldest brother.

Hmmm, there are still so many flaws in its control.

It was a relief that their opponent was Cain, but if it was just an ordinary thief, then it would have been killed long ago in front of Sasha. They might even cause trauma to Sasha.

“O, Oy, Halt. You’re thinking something rude right now, isn’t it?”

Cain already recovered.

“Ah, you noticed, Eldest Brother. How’s your body?”

“I’m fine now. You casted a recovery charm on me, right? Thanks.”

“No worries, it’s my fault that you were burnt, anyway.”

“Yeah, as I thought, that was really your magic, right? But isn’t it too dangerous? I already used my extreme intuition to the fullest, and I also activated my body strengthening magic to its maximum, yet I barely won against it…”

Back when Ryuushin and Ryuka were attacked, the warlock defeated one flaming knight at great pains. 

In short, Cain’s strength was at par with that of a demon. He can be considered as part of the monsters’ class.

“By the way. Halt. How many flaming knights can you conjure at once?

“At once? Well around 10, I guess.

“Wha!? Y, you said you can make 10 of those!!?”

I can conjure 10 bodies at once.

If I can take my time, then I could conjure up to 10, 000.

In fact, I conjured and mobilized approximately that many knights during our battle with Apristos. 

Besides, they were programmed to be automated, so I could probably conjure a whole lot more if that was not the case.

 “In any case, please come in.”

I realized we were conversing in the entranceway, so I invited Sasha into the mansion.

Cain was dumbstruck.

“Eldest Brother, come inside if you’ve recovered, okay?”

I left Cain at the entrance, and guided Sasha into the drawing room.

Will Sasha eat chao fan?


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