I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 137

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Traitorous Demon (Part 1)

“Is that a Demon as well?”

The red fog gathered, forming into the human looking demon. 

‘Its level is over 8000. Only Vishnu had a level that high.’

[It’s been a while since I last saw Demons, but a human…]

The Demon looked at me, releasing his killing aura. My body froze and I felt like a frog that was being stared at by a snake.

All of the cells throughout my body were sending danger signals along the lines of: you must not fight

[You don’t need to be scared. I’ve already decided I’m going to kill you, but it’s not like you can see a human fighting against Demons every day. You’ve piqued my interest.]

“I’m flattered to hear that.”

The Demon’s body fully formed and he proceeded to strand in front of me. Unlike the other Demons he didn’t wear any armor and from what I said he only wore a reddish black tailcoat.

[Why are both of you here? It can’t be that you know of a way to get out of this place, now do you?] asked the Demon while passing his gaze between me and Rhazes.

[If we did, what would you do?] said Rhazes provokingly.

 ‘I’ll be the one doing the fighting so I’d be thankful if you didn’t do that…’

[Hyahahaha! It looks like today’s going to be the greatest day.]

Wings appeared from the Demon’s back and he flew up. He turned towards me and just as it looked like he was about to start gliding, he suddenly disappeared.

Before I could notice it his fist was already piercing my abdomen, coming out from the other side of my body.


Blood swelled in my mouth and I was about to lose consciousness. 

‘This speed and power… He’s on a whole other level.’

The Demon picked me up, twisted my neck and just looked at me, who had turned into a blood fountain. As if having lost interest in me, he lowered his hand and threw me.

I flew back, colliding with the stone wall.

[I thought you’d be stronger but I guess I was wrong…] saying that the Demon headed towards Rhazes. Using that chance my abdomen began healing with the help of Ultra Recovery.

“Wait! I’m still not done.”

[Whoa! So you’re an immortal as well… I was planning on savoring you later but I guess I must have misjudged you.]

The Demon once again faced me and began walking with a smile on his face.

‘My wounds are healed but I can’t seem to see myself winning against him. He’s no bigger than a human, yet his power is equal to that of Hydra or Shiva’s.’

I donned my sword in flames and slashed. However, the place of his body where I aimed at suddenly turned into red fog and my sword passed by without any resistance. Just as my sword slash passed the fog once again returned to form the Demon’s body.

I tried finding the bastard’s weak spot with Assassination but I couldn’t find anything. 

‘Can it be that he doesn’t have a Magic Core?’

I tried slashing him numerous times. However, my sword just passed right through his body. It felt like I was cutting through fog.

The Demon moved his hand to his mouth and imitated a yawn.

[Are you done already? I’m getting bored here.]

He them moved his hand lightly and made contact with my cheek. Even though it was a light contact my neck felt like it was about to be ripped off from my body.

I once again flew this time landing near one of the stone pillars, fainting in agony.

I tried getting up, but due to my brain having been shaken just now my legs were trembling and I couldn’t quite keep my balance.


‘If my sword is of no use then I can only use magic.’

 I brought forth flames from all around my body, molding them into an enormous fire dragon.

“Fire Dragon!!”

The fire dragon opened his enormous mouth, big enough to swallow the whole Demon, and charged at him. The Demon didn’t even flinch.

The fire dragon clashed with the demon and a fire pillar rose into the air.

‘It probably won’t be enough to defeat him, but if it can only damage him a bit…’

[What’s this? Feels like a gentle breeze.]

As if nothing had happened the demon showed his face from within the raging flame pillar.

[Fire Magic is supposed to be something like this!]

The Demon raised his index finger and on top of it a small flame appeared.

The flame then instantly spread, swallowing the whole area in a sea of flames.


My body was constantly being burned by the scorching flames. Those flames passed through my Barrier skill, as well as the equipment that I had gotten from my students.

‘He’s way too strong…’

It didn’t even look like he was going at it seriously.

I somehow stoop up swaying and once again pointed my sword at the Demon. 

‘He couldn’t win against the Demon Lord even with this strength!?’

Faced with the unbelievable sight, the fire of hope in my heart was about to be extinguished. Rhazes just stood on the side, looking at the me that was just a moment away from breaking.

“Rhazes! Can I really beat this guy!?”

[Honestly, it’s impossible.]


He said it quite indifferently as if it was something obvious. 

‘I don’t know what he’s thinking but if I’m not able to win why did he bring me here in the first place?’

[Where are you looking at?]

I heard a voice coming from behind me. I turned around while swinging my sword, however as before it just passed through the Demon’s body.

I couldn’t land a single attack on my opponent. It felt like I was fighting against a cloud.

The Demon gathered the red fog in front of him, molding it into a crimson red sword. When he slightly swung that sword countless red slashes flew towards me.

[Killing Blood Slash]

I used God Eyes in order to dodge the slashes coming towards me at frightening speeds. However, whenever the slashes collided with the walls or the ground they split into even more smaller blades that bounced back towards me.

Without being able to dodge I was cut up by the numerous red blades.

[That Demon’s Unique Skill is Blood Manipulation. He can control his blood to form any kind of weapon. It’s impossible for any normal armor or weapon to block those blades.]

It was just as I had thought. Rhazes knew of the Demon’s abilities. 

‘If you had only told me about it beforehand though…’

I lost a tremendous amount of blood and fell to my knees.

Seeing that the Demon slowly got closer to me. Just as he came to a distance that I was sure he wouldn’t be able to dodge from, I lifted my head and put my hands forward.

“Dragon Blast!!”

The light coming from my palms turned into a flash of light that pierced the Demon’s body.

‘He shouldn’t have been able to block t…’

Just as I thought that I saw the red fog in the surrounding beginning to gather in a single place once more. When his body was whole once more, he proceeded to walk towards me.

[You’re able to use an attack like that huh. Guess I need to be careful.]

The Demon swung his red sword down. I barely managed to dodge it. Just the presence of the sword slash left a deep cut into the ground.

The length of that cut was over 50 meters.

No matter how I fought him, I didn’t stand a chance of winning. 

‘Even if I was able to stop time here I doubt that I’d be any useful against him…’

I decided to try and finish it while my enemy still had his guard down. I got close to him and donned my sword in Dark Magic.

“Dimensional Slash!!”

The slash formed grid assaulted the Demon. Up until now, no matter how many times I had slashed at him there had never been any resistance, yet this time I felt a bit of resistance.

[Whoa. It seems like you’re able to wound me a little. With that skill you were able to cut my body’s particles it seems… I’ll praise you for that.] after saying that the Demon swung his sword.

I thought of blocking his strike with my sword but due to the strength of the slash I was thrown back. 

‘I must do something…’ As I thought that I felt a strange sensation in my left arm.

Looking towards it I could see that numerous red thread like things had buried themselves in my arm. I tried swinging my arm and slashing at them with my sword but they wouldn’t fall off.

[Feeding time.]

Blood began draining from my arm and it quickly began to wither. I immediately severed my arm with my sword.

Just as the arm fell off it, alongside Hercules’ Hand Guards, it turned into pieces, disappearing in the red fog.

[So you cut off your own hand without even the slightest hesitation. A wise decision.]

I quickly restored my missing hand with Ultra Recovery, however I knew that even Ultra Recovery wouldn’t save me if I were to fall victim to that attack.

[If that Demon consumes his opponent he will also consume their abilities alongside them, making himself grow stronger. In other words, he grows stronger each time he eats his opponents.]

“That bastard’s way too unfair!”

The Demon rose his sword and with it flames appeared in the surroundings, which flames then began to gather around the sword.

The bastard’s flaming magic sword gave me a really bad feeling. 

‘It can’t be…’ It seemed like Rhazes had sensed my worry as well.

[That attack is probably made with the help of the Flame Emperor’s Favor Unique Skill. It appears that he’s also able to sometimes steal even the Unique Skills of his opponents.]

“He can even do that?”

[The reason Agaliarept was feared amongst the Demons was because he killed numerous of his own kin and stole their abilities. That is why even the Demon Lord saw him as a threat.]

Agaliarept raised his sword and with a smile he brought it down.

I used Protection to create five shields of light, yet the sword slash easily shattered all of them and even pierced through my Barrier, landing directly on my body.

The ground in the surroundings was cruelly gouged out and charred black by the flames.

I lost my upper left half of my body and had fallen in a place quite far off from the Demon. 

‘I was thrown back all the way here…!?’

I was still clenching my sword in my right hand but I wasn’t able to move it. 

‘I need to quickly heal myself.’

Just as I thought that the Demon appeared before me.

Before I could notice it, numerous red threads had already surrounded my whole body. The thread buried themselves deep in my body, so much that it wasn’t possible to get rid of them anymore.

The Demon pointed his sword at me with a cruel smile on his face.

‘There’s no way I can win against this thing.’ 

I prepared for death. It was then that…

[Are you really okay with killing him?] said Rhazes calmly.


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