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The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 48

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The Target is Princess Philia

I couldn’t swallow the meaning of Arte’s words right away, so I thought about it for a while. Seven Demon Kings. They were demons that were asleep in the depths of the ruins.

She said that Princess Philia was their descendant.

There were seven great ruins in the era of the ancient kingdom and each of them has one Demon King. That was why they were called Seven Demon Kings. For example, the dead city Necropolis was the capital of one of the ancient kingdoms, and it was said that a Demon King was enshrined in its deepest parts.

However, I was skeptical. For two thousand years, no one has seen Seven Demon Kings. It was also said that the ancient kingdom was destroyed by a Demon King’s invasion. But it was something like a legend or a myth. Even if there were a time when Demon King led the race of demons and devils in destroying man’s land, it had already ended a long time ago.

Right now, demons were the targets of subjugations that lived only in the ruins and the devils were persecuted by ordinary humans. Even if there were an existence called the Demon King, I think it would have been subdued long ago.

But it was true that there were beings called Seven Demon Kings’ descendants. Among devils with long lines of generation, only a small part of them have the blood of the Demon Kings.

It was said that Demon Kings, with their unlimited magical power, attacked continuously until a city of the ancient kingdom was completely destroyed. In other words, Demon Kings had so much magic power that the ones with their blood proudly boasted extremely high magic.

That was the knowledge I got from the books. It was said that descendants of the Demon Kings were extremely rare, there weren’t many who have seen the real thing.

Arte said, “Descendants of the Demon Kings resonate with high-ranking magicians like us. We can feel the presence of high level magic in the descendants of the Demon Kings.”

“I see. It’s true that the girl had a high aptitude for magic, so that’s why.”

“Senpai wouldn’t know that girl was a descendant of the Demon Kings, because you’re a fourth-rate magician.”

“My bad. I could only know that something’s strange.”

“Even Senpai knows it too, right? The use of a Demons Kings’ descendant? Even though you’re like that, you have a lot of knowledge.”

Arte mocked me and I silently nodded. Descendants of Demon Kings who boasted high amounts of magic power, have been used in history by humans. They were used as living sources of magic, tools for magicians. Having a huge amount of magic power would make it so much easier to practice magic. If a magician used the Demon Kings’ descendant as a tool, the magician could practice larger-scale magic.

But there was a big price to pay.

It was necessary to ‘remodel’ the Demon Kings’ descendants. Normally, the magic power of people and demons could only be used for themselves. Therefore, it was a crucial method to change the ‘output’ in order to be able to supply to other’s magic power. The descendants of Demon Kings who were ‘remodeled’ this way wouldn’t be able to use magic on their own anymore. Furthermore, it wasn’t uncommon for these people to become disabled.

But it wasn’t a problem for the magicians. The descendants weren’t anything more than tools, The magicians didn’t care about what happened to the Demon Kings’ descendants. The devils and the mixed-races were slaves, after all, so there wouldn’t be any legal problem.

Arte’s eyes glimmered, “That silver-haired girl has wonderful blood. I’m sure her Demon King’s blood is of high quality. There aren’t many descendants of Demon Kings who have that much magic power.”

“You are quite knowledgeable, Arte.”

“Because after Senpai is gone, I’ve already enslaved three Demon Kings’ descendants and ‘used’ them. The first and second one weren’t very useful, but the third was a silver-haired girl like her, and she was a very useful tool.”

“What happened to those children?”

“They’re broken, so I want a replacement,” Arte said matter-of-factly.

I shivered. Broken meant they were dead or close to it, but Arte didn’t seem to feel guilty at all.

“I didn’t think Senpai would use that girl as a source of magic power. This is precisely why Senpai is a fourth-rate.”

“That child is my disciple, she’s not a tool. If you remodeled her, she wouldn’t be able to use magic anymore.”

“To become Senpai’s disciple… I feel sorry for that girl. If I were taught by Senpai, I would only become a magician like Senpai. So shouldn’t I guide her to a more suitable path?”

“A more suitable path?”

“To become Sage Arte’s tool and to play a glorious role in supplying magic power. It would be her happiness.”

I shivered.

I couldn’t understand what was going on.

It was true that I might not be the best option in becoming Philia’s teacher. But why would Philia be happy in becoming Arte’s tool?

Arte answered my question, “Whether they’re humans or devils, wouldn’t they be happy if their talents are used correctly?”

“That’s why you said for that child, the descendant of a Demon King, to be happy is to become the Sage’s tool?”

When I answered in sarcasm, Arte nodded without hesitation.

“A girl with the devil’s blood. There’s no one who’d want such a daughter. They have no use, so we will use them. We’re not only bringing back Sophia-sama, but her also. It’s a great honor for a ‘dirty blood’ to be an important tool for the empire’s strongest adventurer.”

Indeed, Princess Philia might not have been needed by anyone at the Imperial Palace. Her existence was ignored by the emperor who was her father, she had already lost her mother. The guards and servants of the Imperial Palace were distancing themselves from Philia.

But it was different right now.

“You’re wrong, Arte. She’ll be a great magician and she’s also my precious disciple. Besides, I need her too.”

“Heh,” Arte laughed happily.

“I’m looking forward to not only finding a substitute for the ‘tool’, but also to take away Senpai’s treasured things. I will display her remodeling right in front of Senpai. I really want to see you tortured to the point of screaming. But by that time, I’m sure Senpai would’ve been unable to speak anymore.”

“You can’t do that. That girl is The 18th Princess of the Empire, Philia. You can’t do anything to her,” I showed her the trump card. I didn’t want to bring out the fact that Philia was a princess.

It was risky to tell Philia’s name because then she’d be known as a devil’s daughter. But it was best to use the authority of a princess to prevent Sophia from being brought back and to protect Philia herself.

But Arte dismissed my words.

“You know, I knew that she’s Princess Philia. Even I know Senpai became Her Royal Highness Princess Philia’s instructor and that you’re living with the princess, the maid, and Sophia in this place. It’s all in the investigation.”

“In other words, you know that you’re turning against the princess?”

“I won’t be caught. If the mixed-race princess goes missing, the empire’s government won’t be so desperately looking for her. And The Knights had been given certain authority by the empire, it’s easy to hide one law violation.”

I looked into Laylen Remilia’s pained face. Her face was distorted due to severe wounds.

How would Arte and others hide the fact that they assaulted Laylen Remilia? It wasn’t easy to hide the assault of an aristocrat’s daughter like Laylen Remilia, I thought it was more difficult to hide the kidnapping of a princess.

It was hard to believe that the new vice-captain, Cleon, agreed with such stupidity. But Sage Arte seemed to be full of confidence.

“Our new supporters are the people and organizations that hold power at the heart of the empire. So don’t worry about it, Senpai. Do rest assured… and let us kill you!”

Saying that, Arte pointed her willow wand straight at me. Almost at the same time, Saint Sophia appeared.

TN: Now I’m asking, where has the cute and simple story gone off to?! Didn’t it just become more and more complicated, though I like it more this way. It’s quite unexpected from what I first read, but I hope it has become more interesting.

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  1. Welp thanks for the chapters so far, with the slice of life sitting. I guess its time for the story to really go dark and overrun the begging of the theme. Im guessing Sophia and the princess will kill themselves instead of falling into enemy hands, Arte will be pissed but will continue with the conquering plan of the dungeon and she will kill the prog. Cleon will most likely use Arte in some way to revive that one girl he lost, but will most likely fail along with the whole clan failing and dying and going down in history as the worst party after the Prog was kicked out.

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