Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 28

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

The Spirits’ Rewards

I went out of Youko’s room.


Mai and Mei were standing outside the room, and their faces were beet red. 

D, don’t tell me they saw me fluffing Youko’s tail in the corridor?

“A, Ahm, Halt-sama….”

“What might it be?”

“We also did our best today!”

‘So please, pat our head, too!’

I’m relieved.

Apparently, they didn’t see me bully Youko until she couldn’t stand. They probably saw laying her on the bed, and stroking her head.

Yeah, that must be the case. Yep, it must be.

Patting their heads is not a big deal.

“Miss Mai, Miss Mei, you did well today.”

With that, I rubbed Mai’s head with my right hand, and Mei with my left.


The two of them closed their eyes. They must have felt good. 

It was through my magical power that Mai and Mei were able to manifest in this world. I already gave them enough mana through their summoning circles for this purpose.

However, the so-called Spirit species continue to absorb the mana of their contractor little by little so they could continue manifesting themselves in this world. This was separate from the mana I mentioned before. The surplus mana that was absorbed might also be considered as the so-called bonus for the spirits’ growth.

In short, Spirits that continually manifested themselves gradually become stronger.

Also, direct contact increases the mana that was passed on compared to the usual amount. But it had nothing to do with me, since my stats were frozen.

I could feel them sucking my mana while I stroked their heads. Well, this is their reward for doing their best, after all.

Both of them told me that they fell for my pure mana.

Mai is a Fire Spirit, while Mei is a Water Spirit. They are attracted to mana that has high purity.

I converted the mana flowing from my right hand into one with the fire attribute. While doing so, I imagined a flame that was perfectly combusted. I did the same with the left hand, but changed it into the water attribute. I imagined water that had no impurities. 

Apparently, the quality of mana would reflect the ones I imagine. Nevertheless, the ability to imagine was important, and spirits happily treated my mana as premium quality.

With that reason, I continued transforming my mana’s quality and transferring it to Mai and Mei.


“H, Halt-sama!!”

The girls faces flushed.

It looked like it really felt good, so I paid them no heed and continued sending my mana over.

Service, service!

“N, no, please –“

‘M, my body’s hot. Halt-sama’s overflowing inside me!’

“N, no more, I can’t –“

‘No, no, no, no! No, please, don’t come any further!’

Mai and Mei fell towards me. I released their heads and caught them. We assumed a hugging position, and I continued giving them mana.

I’m covering more surface area, so the mana I transferred also increased.

Taking advantage of the situation, I checked the results of my mana meridian expansion training.

Mana, here I go! I released the innumerable mana I stored in my meridians all at once. Each mana was worth 10 points.



It sounded as if something broke into pieces.

Mai and Mei became limp, just like marionettes that had their threads cut, and they slumped in my arms.

It’s alright; they’re still breathing.

But I’m worried about something –

Somehow, it felt as if the status of their existence rose.

Mai and Mei’s aura were at par, or possibly above, that of Ifrit and Undine, the Spirit Kings.

Eh, don’t tell me I did that?

The spirits of this world would rise up in status if they accumulate mana beyond a certain level from their summoning contractors. 

Mai and Mei became high-ranking spirits because of their contract with me.

Apparently I made them evolve further.

Originally, a high ranking spirit would become a spirit king after it cleared the trials set by god, somewhat similar to what humans needed to do to obtain tertiary jobs.

However, they could not undergo the ordeals from god if the four spirit kings were in good health.

The only exception to that rule was to break through its own existence’s shell. In that case, it would not be necessary to clear the tribulations of god, and it would become one of the spirit kings.

That exception was the current Celestial Spirit King. 

I originally heard it from the Old Man himself. He tore through his previous status, and continued to accumulated mana from the stars, until he achieved his current standing as the Celestial Spirit King.

— In short, it seemed that I broke through Mai and Mei’s shell by forcing mana from external sources onto them.


Hmm, well, there’s nothing wrong with getting stronger, right? Besides, it was their reward from the start.

“Young ladies, congratulations on advancing to the level of Spirit Kings.”

There was no reply from Mai and Mei, of course.

I carried both of them under my arms, as I headed towards their room.

They are too light. Is it because they’re spirits taking on the appearance of humans? 

I gently lay them on their respective beds. Their condition had already stabilized.

Perhaps, their bodies were in the middle of restructuring after receiving a massive amount of mana.

Regrettably, though, my chao fan for them would have to wait.

They must rest their bodies, and eventually, they will become new Spirit Kings who can support me.

Alright, one more to go, huh.

I started to move towards Merdie’s room.

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  1. I think what these chapters needed was a bit more depth of detail. It seems like all we’re getting is like surface-level content. Adding more expressive details and physical presentation would boost these and make Halt seem like less of a flagrant womanizer.

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