I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 136

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


As I got close to Demon calling himself Hyperion he swung his sword a number of times, each swing producing a meteor like fireballs. However…


I dodged the fireballs and closed the distance between us in an instance, burying the back of my fist into Hyperion’s cheek.


Hyperion fell to the ground with a bang and blood flew from his mouth.

[Argh! Damn it!]

While he was still on the ground he lifted up his hand towards me creating a roaring flame that tried to burn me down.

I easily dodged it but I still felt that the flames Hyperion wielded were dangerous.

[His Unique Skill is known as Flame Emperor’s Favor. It drastically raises the power of his Fire Magic so be careful.]

‘So his flames really are dangerous. Still that’s just about it.’ 

Hyperion stood back up and swung with his flame covered sword.

After easily avoiding it I thrust my left fist at his stomach.


Hyperion anguished, falling on the ground.

[That man’s close-range combat type! Make some distance between you.] said the woman, while beginning to gather light in front of her chest. I might have been imagining things, but I felt a strange sensation, like the space in the region was beginning to twist.


A shock spread, however, I didn’t sustain damage. It happened just as I tried to punch the rising Hyperion in order to knock him out…

“Eh? What the!?”

My fist was blocked by something like an invisible barrier just in front of Hyperion. Without wasting his chance he immediately counterattacked with Fire Magic.

I avoided it and this time I tried cutting him with my sword, but once again as if there was an invisible wall, my sword didn’t reach him. I retreated back for the time being.

“Rhazes do you know what that is?”

[It’s the Unique Skill called Judgement. It can be used to decide the battle’s rules. Those rules transcend logic and no one can break them.]


[A Demon’s strength is dependent on their Unique Skills. It would be best if you didn’t judge them by just their levels or statuses.]

Hyperion stood up and took his fighting pose.

[I’ve decided the rules. The winner will be decided solely based on Magic. That sword or martial arts that you’re so proud of won’t work anymore.] said Themis.


Hyperion formed an enormous whirlpool of fire and attacked. I tried blocking it with the light shields created by Protection but…

“Ugh! This is a bit though.”

I used the gap after Hyperion’s attack, to launch an attack of my own.

“Combination Magic Annihilating Divine Flame Lightning!!”

A frightening lighting, covered in flames, fell down right on top of Hyperion. However it was blocked by the flames in the surrounding.

[Hmph! Is that all you’ve got?] said Hyperion with a smug laugh.

[Fire Magic won’t work against his Flame Emperor’s Favor. You must attack with another type of magic.]

‘You must be kidding me… On top of everything besides magic being sealed, now I can’t even use the magic that I’m best at… Aren’t all of these odds against me!?’

[Those two make a really good pair it seems.]

“Isn’t it kind of unfair?”

[Hey, hey! What’s wrong? I’m a Demon specialized in Magic. Don’t even think of winning against me using magic.] said Hyperion.

A downpour of flame magic began falling down throughout the whole floor, exploding each time it touched the floor.

“Guess I’ve got no choice. Light Magic: Shining Meteor!!”

Countless lights assaulted Hyperion, but faced with a strong magic barrier, as well as his helmet, they had almost no effect.

“Dark Magic: Dark Binding!!”

My shadow stretched, trying to grab Hyperion’s legs. However, my Dark Magic was cut up by Hyperion’s magic sword and disappeared.

“His flames really are powerful.”

I put my hands on the ground and began pouring out magic power. I was worried whether I’d be able to control the rocks in this Dungeon or not, but I was able to use them without a hunch.

I manipulated the rocks, creating an enormous rock dragon. I enhanced the rock dragon with Strengthening Magic, drastically increasing its toughness.

Furthermore, I created a lightning dragon using Lightning Magic, after which I gathered the moisture in the air to form a water dragon, which I then transformed into an ice dragon.

The three dragons charged at Hyperion.

“One of you, please work.”


‘What the… This guy… How many types of magic can he use!?  There shouldn’t be anyone besides the Demon Lord who can use all types of magic.

Can he maybe use close to all types? Or maybe even all of them…’

The three dragons that that guy created charged at me. The dragon made from this Dungeon’s crystals opened its mouth, trying to bite at me.

I tried intercepting it with Fire Magic, however due to it having Strengthening Magic cast on it I couldn’t destroy it. Just as I tried to dodge the crystal dragon by jumping in the air,

The lightning dragon, while moving at 90 degree angles, was charging at me with high speed.

I tried to block it with fire, but it easily pierced through the flames, colliding with the magic barrier. Due to the tremendous shock my body was thrown off.

[Damn it!]

I recovered my balance and was just about to attack the bastard when I saw the ice dragon coming at me from straight above.

‘Ice should be weak to fire.’ 

Thinking that I fired a number of fireballs. While being enveloped in flames the ice dragon shot off its ice scales.

I tried attacking the spear like scales with Fire Magic, but one of them managed to sneak by and collided with the magic barrier, passing through it and grazing my cheek.

Blood ran down and I began to sweat.

I could see the ice dragon, that I should have just melted, return to its original form, reuniting with the other two dragons to have them three stand in front of me once more.

[Who in the world is this bastard!?]

‘There’s no way that I can be overpowered… Way back there were some rumors going around that Hubris was able to wound the Demon Lord. However, there was no one who believed them.

It was only natural. It was impossible for there to be a human that could wound the almighty Demon Lord. However, if those rumors really were true then that would mean that Hubris’ strength was the real deal.

And this man right here managed to defeat that Hubris. Could this mean that he is stronger than us, the Divine Generals…?’

[Get a grip Hyperion! I cannot aid you while using my ability. Finish this piece of shit already!]

[Shut up! This guy can’t be taken care of that…]

‘What the!? Something is wrapping around my body… It’s red and thin… A thread?’

[What’s this?]

While I looked around the surroundings it seemed like Themis had noticed the change as well.

[What the!? It’s all over my body!]

I tried cutting the threads, but they wouldn’t come off. The thread had suddenly appeared from the space around us, and was making its way inside our bodies.

[What’s this creepy thing!? Is this some sort of attack!? I’ll burn it all down!!]

I let out flames into the area trying to burn down everything. The flames raged, creating a fire pillar that began to suck in the threads.

[How’d you like that!]

The flames settled down, and even more of those threads appeared, without even the slightest scratch, and began burying themselves in my body. And unknown fear was gripping at my heart.


“What are those guys doing?”

It seemed like they were fighting against something I couldn’t see… Looking closely I still couldn’t quite see because of the red mist, but I somehow managed to see that there was something red around their bodies.

‘What’s that!?’

[Damn it! Are you behind this!]

“No, I haven’t done anything.”


Capillary like things began filling the space around the Demons. Both of their faces became pale and it seemed like they were being drained of their blood.

Their faces and arms were slowly starting to dry up, becoming unable to move.

[Ahhh… Delicious…]

‘What the!?’ For an instant I heard something.

Both Demons were already dead and looked elderly. Their bodies crumbled and even their armor turned into dust, which disappeared inside the red fog.

[My first meal in a while…]

I was now certain that I was hearing a voice. There was definitely someone here, but I couldn’t see him. I retreated and looked at the surroundings.

“Rhazes! There’s someone here. Do you happen to know how those Demons died?”

Looking back, I could see that Rhazes had a serious look on his face.

[I was afraid this would happen…]

“What do you mean?”

[Demons were originally human. With the help of the Demon Lord they evolved and gained power surpassing that of human imagination. However, because they weren’t originally magic beasts they do not have Magic Cores. Which in turn means that they cannot be tamed.]

I couldn’t see what Rhazes was getting at.

[However, there’s only one case where not a human but a magic beast was turned into a Demon. That Demon is said to be the strongest of all Demons and is only inferior to the Demon Lord.]

“What are you talking about!?”

Without paying any heed to my question Rhazes continued speaking.

[That Demon eventually grew arrogant and believed that he should be the one to stand at the top. So he decided to challenge the Demon Lord.]

Within the cave that was supposed to have been rid of all wind, the air suddenly began flowing and the red mist began moving.

[The Demon Lord defeated the arrogant Demon, but he wasn’t able to kill him, so the only thing he could do was trap him in this Dimensional Maze.]

The red mist inside the cave rode on the wind and began gathering at a single spot, forming something similar to a vortex.

[Just now you asked me where the last magic beast was. What you didn’t know was that you were looking at it from the very start.]

“It can’t be… Could it be this red fog!?”

My Hostility Detection suddenly activated and I could feel an enormous amount of magic power.


The red fog began taking a shape.

Looking closely, I could see a human face being formed, which then slowly turned into the upper body. I decided to appraise the creepy thing…


Vampire・Demon Lv 8876

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

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