When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 47

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Editor: Diya

My future husband

Kong Shiyi and Mengmeng, a pair of silly master and servant, stand for a long while with small eyes and big eyes.

A golden light finally appears on the horizon, like a shooting star, but is actually a flying person. 

Very fast! Almost in the blink of an eye it’s in front of them. The golden light disperses, revealing the beauty of the silver-haired man. The expression on Kong Shiyi’s face solidifies from surprise to horror!

He has always loved Mengmeng, but at this moment he wants to kill it! Why, after the piece of jade is crushed, it’s not father but the devil!

Kongbao looks at Kong Shiyi and a monster rabbit in front of him, then looks around a few more times. Among the men and women on the rabbit behind Kong Shiyi, he can’t find his favorite figure.

Kongbao can’t help frown. “Where is Lord… Ning Zhao?”

He doesn’t know that his master has successfully dropped the ball, so although he’s anxious, he still uses the fake title.

This question is… Anyway, Kong Shiyi is too young to die. However, his silence does not mean that he is fine. He also has a pig teammate who is pulling at his ankles all the time.

“Who are you?” Mengmeng, who doesn’t recognize Kongbao, wonders. “Are you looking for the Lord of Yeying? We sailed halfway and got into an accident, the Lord…vwell, there was a mishap and it’s not impossible to say that he was lost by us!”

Kong Shiyi looks off into the distance and imprints the view of the sky so he can take it with him to the afterlife. 

Kongbao’s face is so cold. “Lost?” He sneers. “Xiao Shiyi, I haven’t seen you for many years, I don’t know how well you have cultivated? Uncle came to give you guidance, how about it? Old rules as always.”

Kong Shiyi winces.

Mengmeng tilts its giant head. “What?”

Then comes the screams.

Three hours later.

“I’ll leave it here for today,” Kongbao says. “I’m going to find master.”

Yuan Xiu, the soul puppet also known as Konghuan, returns to the captain’s room alone.

Kong Er looks up and frowns. “Where is my money?”

Well, the little soul puppet has become his money.

Yuan Xiu says blankly, “I gave it back to his master.”

“What!” Kong Er sits up. The baby of money in hand actually went back? “Are you crazy? Why pay him back! It’s payment!”

Yuan Xiu glances at him indifferently, and with a bad tone says, “I’m willing, can’t I?”

Kong Er: “…”

While holding the previously lost Kongjian, Kong Wuying eats and regains his strength after being abandoned for so long. The dying brain cells were also resurrected.

Kong Wuying immediately thinks of the idea of ​​punishing his bad son, and he goes to Kong Er. 

When Kong Er sees him, he says, “What are you doing?”

Kong Wuying grits his teeth, as if making a great sacrifice. “One hundred million, I can’t get it now, but I can share a secret with you in exchange for this debt.”

“Secret?” Kong Er sneers. “What valuable secret do you have?”

“I don’t know if you’ve heard it, the Lord of Yeying’s Treasure?”

Kong Er pauses, his eyes suddenly move to Kong Wuying’s face, and he fixes his eyes on the man. “What did you say?”

Kong Wuying frowns, repeating the words again. “Yeying’s lord, your father, I said I have a clue to his treasure.”

“Of course I know he’s my father. I mean… I have never heard of the treasure left by him.”

Kong Wuying shows a proud smile. “If everyone knows it, is it still called a secret? This secret was obtained by me for a great price. The lord dominated Yeying for thousands of years, how could there be no treasure left? If you like, I can work with you, and we will share the treasures!”

His bait has been thrown, but Kong Er doesn’t bite. He’s silent for a long time, a little hesitant. “My father, he is very poor.”

Kong Wuying wants to bite this brat! Who is the poor ghost?

“I heard that the treasure of Yeying’s lord is still hidden from his younger years, and the one who obtains the treasure wins the world!” Kong Wuying continues to pretend to be greedy.

Kong Er seems to finally pull his thoughts from his memories. “How do I believe what you say is true?”

Kong Wuying looks as if insulted. “My whole life is in your hands. Do I have to lie to you? Do you believe it?”

Kong Er looks at him and sneers. “No one in this world has ever been able to retreat after he lied to me. You had better be careful, if you misstep, I’ll throw you into the carnivorous grassland!”

The carnivorous grassland is the three major evil places of Yeying, and it is dedicated to prisoners who have committed unforgivable felonies.

Carnivorous grasslands, where everyone lives on meat, but the grasslands have grass, fruits, and leaves, and there is no meat. When you enter there, you can either eat people or be eaten.

Kong Wuying is sneering inside. Threatening dad? When dad was sweeping up the carnivorous grasslands, you were still wetting the bed.

Kong Wuying nods slowly. “Before you cooperate, you have to give me back everything I had before.”

Kong Er nods and doesn’t hesitate to throw the system over. The system is taken back by Kong Wuying, quiet and probably sick from being tossed.

Kong Er says impatiently, “Go ahead, tell me where the treasure is.”

Kong Wuying raises his head and says earnestly, “It’s not over yet, you also took my pile of materials and resources, as well as three kinds of jewelry, five items for laundry and six underwear.”

Kong Er: “…”

After returning everything to him, including his underwear, Kong Er says impatiently, “You can say it now.”

Kong Wuying shakes his head. “How can I tell you directly? In case you are trouble, I can only tell you that the treasure is near the City of the King. As for the rest, let’s talk about it later.”

“The City of the King? Isn’t that the domain of the fourth child Kong Si?” Kong Er looks at him suspiciously, “Are you lying to me?”

Everyone knows that the fourth brother and the second are the two most at odds with each other.

Helplessly, Kong Wuying says, “Are you paranoid? I suspect you’ll lie to me if you’re fine.”

Kong Er snorts, “You better not be playing me.”

The giant ship then changes course.

Kong Wuying returns to his room, takes out the system again, and detects it with his mental strength. The second child is quite fierce, leaving his spiritual imprint on the stone. If it’s not resolved in time, the system will be countered by him and under Kong Er’s control.

Solving this kind of thing is naturally a piece of cake for Kong Wuying. Kong Wuying reaches out to help rescue the system.

The resuscitated system looks like it was dying. “This person… is so cruel… host, how can you give me to him because of the money… I ran out of energy… I’m going to sleep for a while. You say this… what to do!”

Kong Wuying says sincerely, “Sorry, but… Is there any difference between you being awake and asleep?”

System: “…!!”

Host, how can you talk like that? The most important thing is that I actually think he is right!

The system completely quiets down, maybe because the energy is exhausted or it was stunned by the host.

Days pass like this.

Seven days later, standing on the deck, looking at the nearby City of the King, a smile appeared on Kong Wuying’s face.

As soon as he turns his head, he sees that Kong Er is directing his men to unload the goods on the ship and sell them in the City of the King.

Seeing him crossing the ice ocean a few miles away, his cargo is likely to be out of sight, and more likely to be the Night Shadow Stone from Mingguang.

Prince Kong Er from Yeying turned into a smuggler. Why does Kong Wuying feel that Kong Er is a little bit free and degraded? Although not as bad as Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi.

Kong Wuying walks and suddenly asks, “You are so rich, why are you still working so hard to get more money?”

Kong Er doesn’t answer. 

Kong Wuying doesn’t mind the lack of reply and starts to walk past. 

At this time, Kong Er’s low voice comes from behind. “I made a little money, but it’s not enough. I once promised a person to use the most expensive Snow Shadow Ice to build a kingdom of ice and snow for him!”

Kong Wuying’s memory has always been very bad. But after hearing this sentence, he can’t help recalling a scene.

The blond boy sat on his father’s knees and asked cutely, “Father, why are you so unhappy?”

Young Kong Wuying frowned. “Your father is poor. Even as Lord of Yeying, I’m still poor, you must be bored.”

The little blond boy reached out his chubby hands and touched young Kong Wuying’s face softly. “Don’t be sad, wait until I grow up and make a lot of money, and build a snow and ice kingdom that stretches for thousands of miles! Let you sleep every day counting money!”

Kong Wuying remembers this and there is a feeling of warmth bubbling up in his chest. The second child is still… a good boy.

Maybe… Kong Wuying was biased against him before.

Then Kong Er says, “Do you know who that person is? That person is my future husband!”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Killed all the emotions.

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