Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 47

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Demon King’s Descendant

I stared straight at Arte. She said she wanted to get Saint Sophia out of the mansion here. It was proof that Arte and others have understood the mansion’s mechanism. I had no choice other than to nod. Laylen Remilia was on the verge of death. There was no choice other than to use Sophia’s recovery magic.

I looked back at Princess Philia. It was dangerous for her to stay here.

“I’m sorry, please tell Sophia to come here.”

“Ye-yeah. Solon.”

“And please never leave the building. This is a promise you must keep,” I said. Philia nodded and looked at me anxiously.

She whispered in a small voice as if she was praying.

“Solon… Please bring us victory.”

“I’ll surely win,” I answered briefly, Philia nodded and ran to the entrance of the building.

After seeing her off, I pulled out the treasure sword Tetracorde, but it wasn’t for fighting.

“Please heal this person,” I murmured and aimed my sword towards Laylen Remilia. Practically, I could use recovery magic. But for serious injuries, I could only give momentary relief. Still, it was better than not doing anything.

Laylen Remilia groaned faintly.

Looking at it, Arte didn’t seem to want to start a fight until Sophia came out. She came here to take Sophia back and it was best to wait for Sophia to come out of the building for that. While I was using magic to heal Laylen Remilia, looking back at Arte, she had a triumphant look on her face.

“When Sophia-sama comes here, the building’s barriers won’t be of any use.”

“What are you talking about?”

I was hiding it, but turned out it was useless. Arte said cheerfully, looking down at me.

“There are many powerful magic barriers attached to this building. As expected, if they’re Saint Sophia’s barriers, we couldn’t break them. So if you all had stayed inside the mansion, we couldn’t touch you at all.”

“There are barriers at the entrance of the mansion and the garden,” I said to test them.

“I’ve broken down all of those. No matter how wonderful Sophia-sama is, her magic is still limited. So I believe she couldn’t make that many barriers, even she has a limit.”

“That’s completely true. The barriers I’ve set up have no use.”

“Not true. Senpai’s barriers are too weak, so intruders would become careless. If the intruders entered the building recklessly afterwards, they would be trapped inside Sophia-sama’s barriers and couldn’t come out. So Senpai’s barriers are useful as a trap.”

“I’m happy for your acknowledgement, Arte. But I’d be happier if you weren’t careful.”

“Do you understand it was sarcasm, not a compliment? Because Senpai is only second-rate, you couldn’t make such great barriers.”

Arte replied to my nonsense with a disgusted face. 

I laughed awkwardly and thought, if it were purely combat skills, Arte boasted outstanding ability among all the executives of The Knights of Saint Sophia. But she wasn’t sensitive enough to notice such tricky things.

I asked the dual-swordsman next to Arte, “It was Carly who noticed this, right?”

Carly didn’t say anything and only stared at me. Silence meant yes. Although she was a quiet girl, she was an excellent swordsman with good fighting skills.

I pushed it one more time, “If it were Arte, she would attack this building without noticing its barrier. If that had happened, we would have won, so that meant Arte would have been a third-rate knight, or less.”

“I’m a first-class magician and I’m the best, other than Sophia-sama. Besides, Solon-senpai is a fourth-rate magic swordsman. And that fourth-rate Senpai knows how to handle that silver-haired girl.”

I thought the silver-haired girl was Princess Philia. But what was Arte trying to say?

At any rate, Notora the summoner said that we shouldn’t let Philia meet with Arte. But that Notora was hurt and still on the ground.

Notora coughed and tried to speak something. However, before he could say anything, Arte said, “That silver-haired child is probably the descendant of the Seven Demon Kings.”

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  1. Thanks for the double chapters post, I shall gratefully enjoy this! Also that Arte is a a total B, I hope she meets a horrible death/punishment.

  2. This is about as bad as things can be. I’m sure they will succeed in stealing away the Saint, and then Solon will have to follow and rescue them all.

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