Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 27

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Rewards (?)

I strode toward Youko’s room.

Just as I was nearing her door—

“Master, I sensed that you’re on your way to my room!”

Youko rushed out of the room in her kimono.

I was a bit shocked.

Is it because of the master-slave contract? It’s a wonder she knew I was near.

“Ah, Master, that appearance –“

Youko was stunned when she saw my butler guise.

It’s a bit different from planned, but time to turn butler mode on.

“Miss, the preparations for dinner has been completed.”

“M, Miss!? What happened to you, Master?”

“This is my apology for the bracelet incident, and also your reward for serving the customers to the best of your abilities, despite being unaccustomed to wearing a maid outfit.”

On ordinary days, Youko wore a kimono as she did her chores in our home. Since the theme of our shop was Maid Teahouse, she had to wear an appropriate costume, but she expressed her dislike for the breezy skirts. Despite that, she received her customers as a proper maid when the shop opened.

“Reward, you said!? T, then—“

‘It’s my chance to bear Master’s offspring!’

Stop it! Youko said something so absurd. It was no joke.

Her growth accelerated thanks to the mana she absorbed from Shiro, and her allure amped.

“As long as it is not related to amorous activities, then any request is acceptable, as long as it is within my power to grant.”

In short, making love is strictly prohibited.

“H, Hmpf…”

‘I was already rejected even before asking. Hmm, so anything except that, huh. What should  I wish—Ah!’

Seemed like Youko thought about something.

“I want to kiss Master – but would that be alright?”

“On the lips?”

“That’s right.”

Speaking of, I’ve never kissed Youko before. Youko did kiss me on the back of my hand when we formed the master-slave contract, though.

I thought kissing should be under the category of amorous activities, but –

“…It should be fine, if it is only to that extent.”

“Y, you’re fine with it? Then please, by all means!”

‘I already matured and got the perfect body. I will give my all in casting the seductive spell! I shall let him drink my body fluids, which is a super powerful aphrodisiac, through the kiss! Then Master will surely attack me then! I can’t do anything to Master since I’m under the contract, but if Master makes the first move, then there’s no problem with that!”

No, you realize it’s nothing but trouble, right?

“Then please.”

‘Receive all my seduction techniques!’

After saying that, Youko closed her eyes, and puckered her lips towards me. I saw a pink aura overflowing from her body through my magic vision.

This is probably the so-called seduction magic.

I had a feeling Youko became slightly cuter when the pink aura touched me. Apparently, I could also become affected to a certain extent if it’s not an effect that was displayed in the status board.

Thanks to Youko’s seduction magic, I really did think Youko was becoming prettier. But that was it.

I didn’t feel horny, nor did it make me want to jump on her.

In that case, even if we kissed and somehow I received that aphrodisiac from her saliva, I might still remain unaffected?

With that thought–

I kissed Youko.


The moment our lips met, Youko pushed her tongue inside my mouth.

“H, Hey!!!”

I hastily distanced myself from Youko.

I was nervous since it was our first kiss, so I unconsciously stopped reading her mind at the moment of our kiss.

“Fufufu, please pardon me. It was also my first time doing a deep kiss…..So, how was it?”

‘My heart was pounding, but with this, Master certainly swallowed my body fluids! Any moment now and Master will surely attack me!’

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I won’t!

However, I don’t intend to forgive you for pulling a fast one on me.


“Y, yes!”

‘T, this is it! Master will take my hand and—‘

“Take your tails out.”

“E, eh? Tails?”

‘Oh no! This is an [Order]! I can’t avoid this!’

Youko revealed all of her nine tails.

I took two of those tails and –

Fluffed them with all my might.


Because her sensitive tails were grasped tightly, Youko lost her strength and fell towards me.

I continued massaging her tails while supporting her body.

“W, why!? Nnnggg! Why –“

‘Why didn’t he attack me! I’m the only one who’s getting pleasured!’

“This is your reward. Doesn’t it feel good?”


‘Master’s clear-headed…S, so this means he didn’t drink my fluids – Ahhnnn!? N, no, not there!’

Heh, so it’s this place.


I continued massaging the spots Youko wanted for a few more minutes.

Because of that, Youko fell twitching on the floor.

It would probably take a while before she woke up.

I placed her on the bed for the meantime.

“Miss, please come and have dinner when you wake up.”

I stroked Youko’s head while saying so.

She did want to have a pat on the head as her reward. Since I fulfilled that, there should be no problems.

Alright, three more to go.


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