When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 46

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There was no expectation that Kong Wuying would one day be blackmailed by his son.

“What did you say?” Kong Wuying almost doubted his ears.

The blond young man next to him smiles kindly, and the smile is extremely horrible.

“The cost of sending a search and rescue boat is 30 million gold coins – Yeying coins that is. If you want to pay with Mingguang gold coins, the exchange rate is 1.5 to 1. Also, it takes seven days for the ship to sail to the nearest terminal of Yeying. If you want to stay on the boat here, one day is 10 million gold coins, Yeying gold coins. A total of 100 million gold coins, please pay up.”

Kong Wuying, gutted; “Did the ship come from your money?”

The blond young man, second son Kong Er, smiles even wider. “It seems you have heard of me. This is indeed one of my ways of making money. Please pay for it.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

This jerk! Of all his sons, Kong Er is the one who will make the most money. He doesn’t care about politics and only thinks about how to make money every day. No one knows how much money he really has. It is said that he has more than his father’s treasury.

But Kong Er is still unsatisfied and wants to make more money in various ways. Extremely greedy for money, no one knows where his money goes. 

For all Kong Er’s outrageous deeds, Kong Wuying has always laughed it off. But he really didn’t think, one day the kid would actually extort Kong Wuying himself!

One hundred million gold coins, Kong Er really dares?

Since the rebirth, Kong Wuying has been extremely poor, and even if he happens to be an emperor, he is still utterly impoverished.

So Kong Wuying broke the jar and says, “I have no money.”

“Then there is nothing to talk about.” Kong Er’s face has deep regret. “Come here, throw him off the boat.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

A single order and several crew members come over. Kong Wuying has encountered this kind of experience for the first time since rebirth. He can not help but stare at this second son of his.

“Wait a minute…” Seeing a few cow-tall crew members approaching him, Kong Wuying’s eyes close and his heart flutters, “Actually I… can pay an IOU.” After saying this, Kong Wuying only feels that he has lost all his life and his face.

Second child, you better not fall into my hands!

Kong Er waves his hand, and the crew stops immediately. He looks at Kong Wuying with interest and raises an eyebrow gently. “Oh? IOU? Just you? You have to take something as a guarantee, otherwise with how much money, how can I rest assured?”

Now that his face has been lost, Kong Wuying no longer cares about discipline. He thinks about it, there are still some valuable things on his body, but he’s afraid it’s difficult to convince Kong Er of value, and the only thing to use as a guarantee is…

He does not hesitate to release the stone from his neck and throws it to Kong Er. “Look at it.”

The system just sent away: “… !!!”

It almost collapses and keeps clamoring in Kong Wuying’s mind: “How can you do this! How can you do this to me? Do I not help you? If you have no money, take out a loan!”

Kong Wuying: “Is there anything wrong?”

Kong Er scans the weird stone in his hand with his spiritual energy and a smile arises on the corner of his lips. “This thing is a bit interesting, but… it’s not enough. That’s worth 30 million.”

System: Your mother, who dares say I’m worth only 30 million!?

This System the big brother of the former Mingguang Pill Emperor Chu Liying! Now the reincarnation of the devil’s portable system is just a cute 30 mil? Your sister is only worth 30 million!

Kong Wuying is also sceptical that the system is only worth this price. Without any doubt, Kong Wuying argues reasonably, “You look at it again.”

“Don’t have to look.” Kong Er’s flexible fingers turn around and the system is put away. Kong Er has clearly felt the system is dumb, and it seems that Kong Er is  covered with mental strength.

Kong Er collects the system and continues, “This thing can pay for the cost of your rescue but not the trip back. I will send someone to take you to the nearby ice. I hope you can wait for the next rescuer.”

Kong Wuying almost coughs blood. His hand shakes but he pulls out something else. “Here.”

He doesn’t give it willingly this time. Waiting for Kong Er to look at it, Kong Wuying squeezes the small doll about the size of his palm and the little doll quickly turns into a three-year-old chubby little boy.

Round eyes stare at Kong Er and with a sweet voice, calls out to Kong Wuying: “Master!” The little boy hugs Kong Wuying’s hand happily.

It’s Kongjian, the golden toad, after the upgrade.

Kong Er looks at Kongjian and nods with a smile. “Human-level soul puppet, the market price is 50 million, and you still have 20 million.”

The system expresses dissatisfaction! How could Kongjian be more expensive than it?!

Kong Wuying looks at his Kongjian, emphasising, “I just loaned it to you temporarily, and I will redeem him in a few days.”

Kong Er: “Naturally.”

After that, seeing that Kong Er can no longer squeeze oil and water from this man, Kong Er says mercifully, “That’s all you need. If you don’t give enough money, deduct it from your meals. There are only two meals a day.”

Kong Wuying’s teeth are hurting. Do you know what your dad is like? No, your father knows what you are like now.

Kong Er stows the good stuff away and asks two crew members to take Kong Wuying to his room and to give him food.

As soon as they’re gone, a young man enters the captain’s room. This young man’s complexion is pale all year round, but his facial features are extremely delicate. His expression is always cold, without a touch of liveliness.

He is the vice-leader of this ship, the second deputy of Kong Er, Yuan Xiu.

Yuan Xiu looks at him, looks at his little soul puppet, and chuckles. “This time the harvest is good.”

“Yeah.” Kong Er looks proud. “This man looked as poor as a ghost, I didn’t expect so much. Although this soul puppet is only human-level, it is the best in all aspects and has great potential for upgrades…”

“Even if the soul is lost, I am afraid that person will cry.” Yuan Xiu chuckles, then bends down, and a gentle smile appears on the cold face as he says to the little boy, “What’s your name? Brother will take you to play.”

Kongjian pokes his fingers together and mumbles, “My name is Kongjian, brother, I want to find my master.”

“You just said… what’s your name?” The youth’s expression blanks.

“Kongjian.” The answer comes from Kong Er, who says, “Well, that ghost’s name is so ugly. From now on, you will be called Yuanbao.”

(^ Yuanbao = money baby lol)

The youth’s face is a little blue, and he suddenly picks up Kongjian and strides outside.

Kong Wuying is in his room, having dinner. There is enough space in Kong Er’s ship for a full buffet for every passenger but all Kong Wuying has is white bread.

With the swaying white bread in hand, Kong Wuying hears a soft call: 


Then Kong Wuying is hugged by the little bun.

“Kongjian? Why are you here?” Kong Wuying has already prepared to leave the puppet for a while. As soon as he thinks of it, he looks up and sees a young man standing at the door.

The young man’s face is pale, and especially after seeing him, becomes even paler. “Master… no, I mean, it’s the Lord.”

“You are…” Kong Wuying recalls, “It’s the soul puppet I gave to Kong Er. You’re called Kong…”

Huan? Kong something, surely…

The young man at the door smiles slightly, a bit bitter, and his eyes are red. “I know that you are not only ruthless, but also have a bad memory. I am Konghuan!”

Kong Wuying: “…”

On the embarrassment of coming up with names.

Kong Shiyi, riding a rabbit, looks for his dad all over the icy wasteland. Where did dad go?

However, he searches and searches, but can’t find a hint of his father.

Mengmeng is exhausted and says with a dumb voice, “Master, my upgrade is time-bound, and I’m about to shrink. Let’s go back to Yeying first, before we all die here.”

“But I haven’t found my father yet!” Kong Shiyi is also worried.

“This place is so big,” Mengmeng sighs.

Originally Mengmeng sighed, but now it’s voice is so thick that it could break the ice below. 

However, Mengmeng suddenly lights up. “Yes, master, didn’t we get the jade on the Lord before? I think this jade seems to be the direction of the Lord? We might as well crush the jade, maybe we can find the trace on the Lord!”

Mengmeng raises a little tadpole of an idea.

“Good idea!” Kong Shiyi brightens and takes out the ice-blue jade that he had received from his father.

This jade, he does not know what kind of material it is made of, but it feels cool to the touch. It seems that the texture is very delicate, and the red golden halo flowing in it is faint.

Kong Shiyi works hard and crushes the jade.

Sapphire shatters into powder, and a golden light bursts into the sky, emitting a dazzling light, extremely beautiful.

Kong Wuying and Mengmeng wait blankly for a while, but find no change.

Isn’t this… a distress beacon?

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