The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 30


—Fort Arkroy

The kingdom’s forces occupied Camelot’s remains after the undead attack. From there, they would launch a large-scale invasion onto the empire.

However, since General Ete only had a small number of elite forces, there weren’t actually a lot of soldiers stationed in Camelot.

Arkroy, on the other hand, easily had over ten times the number of soldiers and was the cornerstone to the anti-empire campaign.

In a cylindrical conference room, all the officers in-charge of Fort Arkroy’s defenses lined up.


Nobody said a word and could only let their lips tremble.

The heads of several officers were neatly lined on the table.

The head of General Ete, who would have taken command of the anti-empire campaign starting in Camelot, was no exception.

“Ete, you must have been vexed,” said a man with a crushed nose, round eyes, and pieces of cheek hanging off his face as he cradled the ape-like man’s head and trembled.

“General Blu…… you have my sympathies,” said one general with a face full of regret.

“Hmph, that can’t be right,” thought one high-ranking general, the mage, Wimp, as he sent a chilly glare at the young, ignorant general.

Blu and Ete were political opponents and their relationship was like cats and dogs, to the point where one would even rejoice over another’s death. There’s no way they’d grieve.

True, Blu used to be the kind of guy to charge the enemy by himself and take the rear so his soldiers could escape, but people will change. He might have grieved in the past, but he wouldn’t be grieving over the death of every political opponent.

As expected, his face loosened up, and he crazily laughed, saying, “However! You guys let Camelot be taken! By mere savages, nonetheless! You’re all so incompetent you might as well die!!”

And to the surprise of everyone excluding Wimp, he then started punching General Ete’s head before suddenly stopping.

“This sudden shift in personality always gives me the creep,” thought Wimp.

He felt unsettled, as if there was a wolf in sheepskin in front of him. In direct contrast to before, Blu tossed Ete’s head onto the table as if he were tossing out the garbage and sad back down.

“Read it aloud,” he said, resting his chin on his hands.

Someone scrambled about before opening the scroll and began to read it aloud.

“To all from The Amrzs Kingdom.

You have trampled our lands and stolen from us like bandits. These heads are an expression of our rage. We would normally enact our just retaliation, but we’ve decided to give you mercy.

Capitulate Fort Arkroy and leave these lands. If you do so, we will let you go.

The deadline is two weeks from now at 8 am. We hope you make the wise decision.

Radol Supreme Commander Theo Grune”

“Who do these savages think they are!?” one officer shouted.

“These inferior beings are trying to give us mercy!? Their arrogance knows no bounds!”

“General Blu, this’ll set a bad example at this rate. We should immediately send soldiers to Camelot.”

Blu closed his eyes and groaned for a while before forcefully standing up and raising his right hand.

“Wimp, take command of 7000 soldiers and take Camelot.”

“7000 soldiers?”

Bringing 7000 soldiers to suppress some savages on the brink of death was just too cautious and bringing that many soldiers would leave this fort short of hands.

“Hm? Is there a problem?”

It wasn’t a good idea to get on this crazy guy’s bad side. Plenty of times he has ordered someone who had angered him into a bloody battlefield.

“Not at all. I’ll make sure to suppress them.”

“Alright then.”

Blu nodded in satisfaction and exited the room.

Alright. These sturdy walls would hold against an attacker for a while, and Wimp would lead an army far larger than he had imagined. This would be fun; he’d be hunting down savages after all.

Now, how would he strangle them to death? Wimp trembled with excitement as he dreamed of the pleasure that would be soon to come.  



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