Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 26

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Chao Fan and Apology

I changed into the butler suit that I brought home, set my hair, and headed to the kitchen.

I told everyone to wait inside their respective rooms until I finished preparing.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

Sasha might come soon, so I must get over with this as soon as possible.

I often made chao fan back in my previous world.

I started making it when my younger sister told me that she liked chao fan.

When I entered the academy of magic, I also made it for Tina a few times.

In the end, it became popular.

I didn’t have the opportunity to cook back when I was at my parental house, since Tina and the maids absolutely didn’t allow me to enter the kitchen.

When I said that it would be practice for when I lived independently, Tina blocked it by saying that she’ll always be with me, so there was no need for that.

Also, chao fan was not really a mainstream thing in this world.

There was a recipe that was handed down by a reincarnated Hero, and there was a restaurant that used that recipe as the basis for the chao fan they’re selling, but it was somewhat mushy, so it was unpopular.

I was also curious so I ate it, but it wasn’t delicious.

Soon after I entered the academy, I started to crave for my previous world’s chao fan.

The desire to eat was a great motivator.

I looked first for rice that was suitable for chao fan.

During our day-off, Tina and I visited different countries through flight magic.

Finally, we found rice that was close enough to Japanese rice in a far eastern island country.

Apparently, it was Youko’s home country.

The culture was very similar to Japan, so I was hit by nostalgia, but since our purpose was to make chao fan, we only bought rice then we went home.

I already created a teleportation marking, so I could go there anytime.

I occasionally visited that country to buy rice, and I had Tina cook it for me.

Tina and the others were fascinated at the white rice at first, but now it has become our staple food.

Really, rice is still the best!

By the way, the other ingredients were available at the academy’s marketplace. They were relatively similar to the ones we had in my previous world.

I made chao fan when Tina was not in the mansion. When she returned, she was shocked that I cooked, and was shocked further when I let her taste it.

From then on, Tina requested me to make it for her occasionally. I also made it from time to time since Youko, Mai, Mei, and Leaffa came.

Merdie was the happiest.

Alright, I have to hurry up and cook chao fan.


“Tina, are you there?”

I went to Tina’s room and knocked on the door.

I wasn’t doing my butler act, yet.

The door opened.

“What is it, Halt-sama—“

Tina was stupefied upon seeing my appearance.

I activated my mind reading skill to become the perfect butler.

Butler mode on.

“Miss, thank you for waiting. Dinner is ready, so I am here to call you.”

“H, Halt-sama, that appearance—“

 ‘Too handsome!!’

Hmm, this is embarrassing.

But I have to keep my cool since I’m currently Tina’s butler.

“Please accept this as my apology for the bracelet incident. It is also my expression of gratitude for your support in the management of the shop. Miss, this is your reward. Is there something you would like me to do?”

“Please kiss me!”

‘Oh no! I shouldn’t pester Halt-sama!’


“Eh? Ah, no, that’s not what I meant…”

I was surprised. I didn’t see it coming.

She forcefully demanded it, as usual.

But can’t help it, since it’s a request.

“Miss, please excuse me.”

I stroked her cheek, then lifted her chin with my finger. I drew closer.

I kissed Tina.



Tina froze. She also blanked out.

Tina’s body suddenly lost strength.

I hurriedly caught her body that slumped forward.

“Tina, are you alright?”

“P, pardon me…”

‘I was so over the moon that my energy left me. Halt-sama’s so sly.’

“Can you stand?”

“Y, yes, somehow…”

‘It would be nice if he carried me princess-style towards the bed…but it’s impossible, right?’

Okay, leave it to me!

“Eh, H, Halt-sama!?”

I carried Tina in my arms and brought her to the bed. I properly train, so carrying Tina was a piece of cake.

I gently lowered her down on the bed.

And then I kissed her once more.

“Miss, that’s all for today. Can you come and have dinner with us?”


Her mind was in a jumble, so I stopped mind reading.

“Then I’ll call the rest. Please wait for a while in the dining room.”

After saying that, I left Tina’s room.

Five more.

Being a butler is quite hard.

Next, I strode towards Leaffa’s room.

“Leaffa, is it okay to enter?”

“Yes, I’ll open it now.”

The door opened, and Leaffa emerged.

And she also froze, just like Tina.

Alright, butler mode on. Mind-reading is on, too, of course.

“Dinner is ready, so could you please come down to the dining room?”

“Eh!? Ah, yes.”

‘W, why is Halt wearing his butler suit!?’

“Speaking of which, this appearance is my apology for the bracelet incident, and also my reward for Miss’s hard work in serving the guests at the shop. How is it?”

“It’s lovely! You’re so handsome!”

‘S, saying it’s an apology…’

“Eh…. T, Thank you very much.”

I wonder why, when my wife praised me, I forgot what I’m supposed to say?

Really, I’m becoming bashful just by being praised directly by my cute wife. 

Alright, time to switch over.

“Is there anything you would like to request from me?”


‘I want you to kiss me, though…If possible, a little forcefully, perhaps? As if I can say that!’

“I understand.”


I gripped Leaffa’s shoulder, and lightly pushed her to the wall.

“A, ahm, H, Halt?”

Leaffa was surprised, but she didn’t resist.

I placed my hand on the wall and blocked Leaffa’s escape. In short, I did a kabedon.

To think that the day would come when I’d do this.

And just like that, I kissed Leaffa a bit forcefully.

“Pardon me, Miss is too cute, so I couldn’t help myself.”

Let’s go with that setting.

“… How did you know that I wanted a kiss?”

“I’m Miss’s butler, after all.”


‘You’re so cunning…’

Afterward, we flirted for a while longer, and then I left Leaffa’s room.

Four more to go….

Won’t the chao fan go cold?

I thought about it as I walked towards Youko’s room.


T/N: I have mixed feelings again. I frequently have those while tling this novel, sorry, hahaha. I’m happy for the girls, since Halt is “doing his best” to fulfil their wishes, but I’m disappointed at how Halt treated all this stuff. Like, ‘I’m done with her, so who’s next?’ Too casual, like a real womanizer lol. And I don’t really feel his sincerity? Like, ‘count down: one done, five to go, butler stuff is hard.’ Meh, lol. (dear readers, please don’t stake me for my ramblings, it’s just my otome heart acting up hehe).

And here are the ways to escape from the famous kabedon if you don’t like your partner lol!:D but if not, then please, by all means, enjoy! ☺ ctto google images ☺

Edit: Man, it’s been a long time since I read this lol, I already forgot about this note. Even though he’s a womanizer, I can’t deny his skills as a Sage and as a magician are pretty impressive, and his perseverance in looking for ways to improve himself is quite admirable 😀

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  1. To be fair, he only managed to reach 17 before he reincarnated. Plus, regardless of the… aging discrepancy, he still hasn’t finished developing mentally. Also, he does have like 6 different rooms to hit and schmooze before the dinner gets too cold. But that’s always been the issue with how most of these stories write harems, anyway. Sure you’re surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous ladies, but you just don’t get that much quality time with each. =/

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