Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 25

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Role Reversal of Master and Servant

The opening day of the school festival ended smoothly.

Our shop was a huge success.

The profit was more than enough to cover the total of the teahouse rental fee and cost of two days’ worth of ingredients.

We had more customers than I expected. We also sold a lot of cookies and other souvenirs that had a high profit margin.

The high-grade tea used by the House of Count Silveray was unpopular. Although we didn’t sell it for profit, still, nobody bought it.

Even though it had a great aroma…

I have been drinking this tea since I was a kid so I’m fond of it, but it seems like it didn’t suit the taste of the general public.

Even if it was a nonprofit item, maybe we shouldn’t have sold it at a high price.

And so, high margin goods were sold, and the ones with no profit were not, thus we ended up being in the black.

I decided to bring back the unpopular tea. I won’t take it out tomorrow.

By the way, tomorrow’s the last day of our Maid and Butler Teahouse. We planned to spend the third day of the festival roaming around with everyone in our class.

We did not include the labor expenses, so basically we were working without pay.

We decided to divide today and tomorrow’s profits with everyone, and use it as funds so we can play in the festival on the third day.

Luke worked the hardest today, being the no1. in service request popularity, so I’ll try to give him a bigger share.

Everyone dispersed after tidying up and thanking the owner and staff of the teahouse.

I did say dispersed, but the majority of my class went back to my mansion…


“I have a visitor today.” 

After we entered the mansion, I told everyone that Sasha’s coming.

“Is it the person Halt-sama was whispering to?”

Apparently, Tina was watching my conversation with Sasha.


“Is she an acquaintance? She did request your service for two times.”

Leaffa also saw us.

“That person was staring at Halt-sama the whole time!”

“Indeed, and she was blushing while gawking at Master, too.”

Mai, Mei, and Youko also joined in.

Hey, aren’t you monitoring me too much!?

“That person is the younger sister of this country’s king.”

“Eh, was that Sasha-sama!?”

Seems like Tina only knew Sasha by name, too.

“Yup. She was ill before so she couldn’t appear in public, but she already recovered thanks to the Leaves of Yggdrasil sent by Alheim.”

“It was good that Sasha-sama dropped by, but why did you hand her a bracelet?”


Tina seemed to be displeased.

“I thought that it was an exclusive property of the House of Ernol.”

“It was a special item that Master created to protect us. I was really happy when I received mine. And yet it was –”

Leaffa and Youko’s tone was stricter than usual.

“We also did not like it.”

Mai and Mei were also sulking.

It was the first time I saw the two of them like that, so I was perplexed.

“Everyone was ecstatic when they got the bracelet from Halt, meow. I was also over the moon when I got mine, and yet, you easily gave it away to an outsider, meow. That was foul, meow.” 

I was scolded by Merdie.

Oh, I got it now. Speaking of, it was the first time that everyone wore the same thing.

“Sorry, guys.”

I had to fix their mood, somehow.

I know it’s cheating, but I did some mind-reading to see how they can forgive me.

“It was imprudent of me. I didn’t know you all treasured that bracelet that much. As an apology, I’ll grant each of you a wish.”

“I, I didn’t intend for Halt-sama to make-it up to us!”

‘Ahh, I’m such an idiot! It’s a once in a blue moon opportunity, so I could’ve asked him to serve us in his butler suit…’

Got it, so Tina’s wish was for me to serve her while I’m wearing my butler suit.

“Seems like Halt sincerely reflected on it, so I’ve already forgiven you.”

‘But it would be nice if Halt called me ‘Miss’ in his butler costume…as if.’

So Leaffa’s wish was also butler mode.

“We would never dream of ordering Halt-samaI! It would be too discourteous!”

‘He was so handsome as a butler! How we wish we could have been his partners while donning that…’

So Mai and Mei, too…

“Hmm let me see. A kiss on the cheek –“

“Youko!!” (girls)

“— no, I don’t want anything.”

‘Hmpf, yes, that’s right. Only Tina and Leaffa can ask a kiss from Master, since they’re wedded to him. It would have been nice if he could do that to me, too, but…I want a pat on the head, at least.’

It seems like a rule has been set in my house without me knowing about it.

So I’m free to kiss anyone, but only Tina and Leaffa can demand a kiss.

Alright, so Youko’s wish was for me to stroke her head.

“I want to eat Halt’s chǎo fàn!”

‘Chao Fan, Chao Fan, Chao Fan, Chao Fan’

Yeah, this guy’s okay with chao fan.

“Okay! I’ll make tonight’s dinner as an apology. Is chao fan alright?”

“Hooray meow!”

Merdie was happy, but the rest of them had a subtle expression.

‘Halt-sama’s chao-fan is really delicious and I love it but… what a waste. I should’ve made a proper request.’

‘It should have been my chance for Halt to call me “Miss’ but I…’

‘If possible, please do it in your butler suit! – but that’s impossible, right.’

‘M, my pat on the head became chao fan instead…’


I began to prepare dinner while listening to everyone’s true thoughts.


Bonus Character Convo

Merdie: “Why is Halt’s chao fan so delicious?”

Halt: “I’m using Shang tang.”

Merdie: “Shang??”

Halt: “I cook the rice with water that is slightly less than normal, or else, I use left-over rice from the previous day.”

Merdie: “Hmm, hmm.”

Halt: “The key is to fry it in a little bit more oil than usual.”

Merdie: “I’m getting hungry just by listening to you meow! Hurry and make it now meow!”

Halt:” Yeah, yeah.”


Author-sama’s note:

※  Shàngtāng is a top-grade Chinese soup stock. Halt collaborated with Tina to create a condiment for Chao fan, thereby reproducing the flavors of his previous world.


T/N: chǎofàn (Chao Fan): Chinese-style fried rice. 

Merdie’s so adorable! As for the other girls, they could’ve just asked. But then, we won’t get to see Halt’s mighty display of privacy invasion if they had been honest enough. 😀 I saw a very appropriate meme of Anton Lesser, but I dunno what movie this is… Hehe.. ctto

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