When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 45

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Another son

Kong Qi frowns. “What are you talking about? This isn’t father…” He trails off, turning to look at Kong Wuying.

Kong Wuying is silent. He seems to have forgotten something.

The ordinary soul puppets cannot see the essence of a person through the surface. But in front of this girl, who has been renamed as Dai Dai, it’s different. This girl was originally Kong Wuying’s, and was called Kong Qi Qi before she was renamed Dai Dai. 

Therefore, she can sense the soul of her master, who is actually Kong Wuying.

Each soul puppet master can only make one soul puppet in their life, but how can Kong Wuying be an ordinary soul puppet master? He refined these things to do everything, sometimes would let them out to play. 

Kong Wuying has too many and he can’t remember who is who.

On the day of the maturity ceremony of each of his sons, Kong Wuying gave one soul puppet to each, because no matter how they refined one, the quality of the soul puppet could not be better than the one Kong Wuying gave.

As for the reasons why the third Kong San and eleven Kong Shiyi refused… the Kong San child was purely confident and believed that the soul puppet he will refine in the future will be better, while Kong Shiyi was … he prefered his own soul puppet.

Thinking of this, Kong Wuying glances over again and sees a pink rabbit in Kong Shiyi’s arms. The thing looks like it’s a master. The Shiyi rabbit – no, this soul puppet is obviously a sixth-level soul puppet. It can already change into human form, but instead has always maintained the image of a rabbit.

Why? Because it’s cute.

That’s it. The key is that this rabbit is already at level six. As with Kong Shiyi, it is not used a little bit. The biggest feature is selling cuteness. 

At this moment the rabbit is also staring at Kong Wuying with red eyes.

This is awkward.

Kong Wuying licks his lips and is thinking about how to word himself. Now that he has been discovered, he doesn’t intend to keep hiding.

How can he explain to his sons the complex things of resurrection? Not to mention that they are not happy with each other these days, and it is embarrassing to state his identity rashly.

Kong Wuying is mentally ready and is about to confess to his sons.

Kong Qi looks at Qi Qi with a serious face, with a tremor and imperceptible entreaty in his voice. “You’re speaking nonsense… right?”

When Kong Wuying hears this tone, there’s no mood in his eyes. What is nonsense? Your father is resurrected and you don’t want to know, do you?

When Kong Qi sees Kong Wuying twisting his eyebrows, the image of the young man in front of him instantly coalesced with the Yeying Lord in his memory. Kong Qi shrugs his shoulders twice, then turns his head, and next second… he runs and dives into the ice ocean!

Looking at the stunned people, Dai Dai explains embarrassedly, “My master is over-frightened and needs some space. I also have to go…” She reluctantly looks at Kong Wuying. “Master, people are so reluctant to bear you.”

But it’s not good to stay here, after all, Kong Qi is now her master and he is leaving swiftly. She can only follow her master impatiently.

So after leaving a wink, Dai Dai’s figure also disappears.

There is nothing left to say.

Kong Qi is of the Frost Dragon’s bloodline, he can easily dive into the ice ocean. In fact, as such a strong cultivator, he could probably swim all the way to Yeying so Morey was a bit mistaken in calling this a ‘trap’. 

But Morey’s rage ended so quickly and left this mess behind. 

As soon as Kong Wuying turns around, there is someone who can’t figure out the situation and a soul puppet who has cute floppy ears and also can’t figure out the situation.

“What’s going on here?” Kong Shiyi can’t figure it out. “What father?”

“Nothing. Kong Qi is gone. We have to think about leaving ourselves.”

When Kong Wuying says this, Kong Shiyi’s  attention is immediately diverted, and he asks worryingly, “What then?”

The rabbit blinks. “Soul puppets can have flying abilities.” Mengmeng says, “Oh, I can’t help though. Rabbits can’t fly.”

Kong Wuying smiles at the hopeless rabbit. “You can upgrade.”

“Upgrade?” Kong Shiyi echoes. “It is very difficult to upgrade soul puppets, or upgrade from realm to realm, even father couldn’t do it!”

Suddenly, a knife appears out of nowhere. “It’s very simple, as long as you’re hard-hearted enough to do it to yourself!”

Then Kong Shiyi feels like he’s being stabbed in the chest. 

Because he did, in fact, get stabbed.

Kong Wuying slowly adds, “The master’s blood can help him temporarily upgrade.”


After an hour.

Kong Wuying and the servants are watching as the rabbit swells a hundred times, and the rabbit grows wings. Next to Kong Wuying lies Kong Shiyi, and there’s too much blood loss and his face is pale.

Kong Shiyi says weakly, “There is actually… this method. Mengmeng, are you alright?”

Mengmeng’s voice is as strong as a thunder, “Relax, master, I’m fine.”

Kong Shiyi: “… how do you …” His petite and sweet bunny…

Kong Wuying comforts him, “Relax, this is only temporary.” Then he turns to the rabbit, “Watch out, there’s going to be a whirlwind when you finally reach the peak.”

The rabbit twitches his nose. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it all!”

Three hours later, Kong Wuying is standing alone on the ice and panting after being thrown aside by a whirlwind. That rabbit of Kong Shiyi’s is really… even less reliable than his master!

Where is this? Kong Wuying looks around and thinks about calling out one of his soul puppets, but after thinking about it, it’s fine.

Spider-Kong has just arrived at the human level, so it can’t be used. But what else are soul puppets for? He touches his neck subconsciously. He seems to have a soul puppet that can help.

But when Kong Wuying reaches for a bond, he only touches the system.

The system cries out, “Host, don’t touch, it tickles.”

Kong Wuying bows his head. Alas, what about his jade?

At the same time, Kong Shiyi standing on the winged rabbit: “Well… what about father?”

Yes, father.

Kong Shiyi is a bit inflexible, but not missing parts of his brain either. Everyone said it so clearly, how could he not recognize it yet!?

It is embarrassing not to recognize his own father. It’s really nice that father wasn’t dead! 

But also, father is often very upset. His father really wanted to strangle Kong Shiyi before at that time. When Kong Shiyi himself admitted in front of his father that he had stolen Kong Wuying’s underwear!

It’s over! Kong Shiyi is going to be killed. Pretend not to know.

The above are all the psychological musings of Kong Shiyi. But when he realised that he had lost his father in this icy place, his whole person felt a little bit broken!

“Master, it doesn’t matter,” the rabbit’s thick, thunderous voice sounded. “Fortunately, I’m resourceful. I just took this from the Lord’s upper neck.” The rabbit spits out a piece of ice-blue jade.

Kong Shiyi picks up the jade and looks at it. “It’s my father’s jade, but… what’s the use?”

Rabbit: “…”

Kong Shiyi: “…”

Everyone else huddled on the back of the giant rabbit: “…”

Because of the blessings of the silly son and the silly son’s rabbit, Kong Wuying spent three days alone on the ice, with nothing nearby.

The ice ocean is too cold, no fish, only some large sea beasts. These sea beasts are too large, so it is better not to provoke them because of his current cultivation level.

He’s hungry for three days and still finds no way out.

Kong Wuying asks the system with one millionth of hope, “Is there any way? For example, flying pills, swimming pills and the like.”

The system replies, “Yes, yes, but… there is no use. Host, you have no medicinal herbs now.”

“What else can you do?”

After thinking for a while, the system honestly says, “I can shine? Does that count?”

Kong Wuying sighs. “Never mind. Please glow.”

The light emitted by the system is not red light, but blue light. It is really inconspicuous in this icy blue landscape.

After another two days like this, Kong Wuying finally has a savior.

A huge search ship -white, majestic, and roughly estimated could hold a thousand people- coats over Kong Wuying.

The ship finds nothing, stops, and a rescue boat is actively sent towards Kong Wuying.

After reaching him, a man in white smiles at him with an unwilling smile. “Little brother, our leader is waiting for you in the captain’s room.”

Kong Wuying is led to the captain’s room without any doubt, to meet the so-called leader.

The leader is a tall young man with brilliant blond hair. The dark eyes are bright and the blond hair is elegant. The bridge of the nose is tall and the features are three-dimensional like a knife.

Wearing a black suit, the fabric is dark, but the hems are embroidered with exquisite patterns in low-key luxury.

He supports his cheek with one hand, and sees Kong Wuying enter. He smiles brightly, full of kindness and friendliness.

Kong Wuying’s eyebrow twitches a bit. 

Isn’t that the bastard that created that first ballad – the Lord of Yeying has a big fat head? 

Kong Wuying will remember that forever!

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