I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 132

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Sword of Reminiscence (Part 1)

I went down with Rhazes to a floor that was made up of green crystals.

There was a stone pillar in the middle of the room, to which we headed. Close to the stone pillar there were numerous human-like Golems that were just quietly standing there.

Their heights ranged from 1 to 2 meters.

Rhazes suddenly stopped and looked up towards a crystal that had a person hidden inside of it. That person had his eyes closed and his expression was one of calm.

“Is that your body?”

[Correct. I made it so that I’ll be able to live forever. My real body can neither move, nor leave… forever that is.]

‘Does this mean he’s been all alone here this whole time…’

“Why did you come here? Is there some reason for it?”

[There is… However, where should I start first I wonder.]

After thinking for a while Rhazes looked me in the eyes and began talking.

[I’ll first tell you about my friend… The person that you guys called the Black Knight.]

“You know about the Black Knight?”

[I know him quite well. Do you happen to know his real name?]

‘The Black Knight’s real name…? Now that I think about it, it did come up when I appraised him… I think it was…’

“Isn’t it Hubris?”

[No, that is not his true name. The Disrespectful One, that is what the name Hubris signifies. The Demons gave him that name, as a way to mock him.] said Rhazes with a poker face, however, rage could be seen lurking in the back of his eyes.

[His name was Aias. He was the hero of our world.] saying that Rhazes got close to me and looked at Excalibur that was hanging at my waist. He looked at it with kind eyes.

[He went into countless battles alongside that sword… It’s quite the long story, are you willing to listen?]



“A parent and a child were killed at the plaza… The Demons were behind it again. It seems like no one was able to say anything against it.”

“Those bastards.”

…..Long ago, the world where I originally came from was under the rule of an existence known as the Demons. The Demons were known for their extraordinary strength and were deemed to be a race superior to us humans.

The one who reigned over all of the Demons was the Demon Lord.

He was the Lord of the world, as well as a God. A lowly human like me couldn’t even wish to get a glimpse of him. I had only heard about him from the rumors that were being spread around.

The thing that I knew for certain was that he had countless abilities and that he was the only one that had the power to turn humans into Demons.

I lived alongside him in that world.

“What’s up with that long face of yours?”

“Hey Aias.”

As I was sitting outside the research facility, on a bench that was covered by the shade of a large tree, my friend Aias suddenly appeared and spoke to me in a cheerful tone.

At the time I was working as an Alchemist at a research facility in a town called Agartha, while Alchemist was a Magic Knight working for the military. Both of us were working under facilities that were under the rule of the Demons.

“Is your research not going well?”

“Just the usual. However, I can’t help myself from feeling bummed out.”

Ever since we were kids me and Aias would always get excited about our conversations and would try to cheer up one another.

It was a world under a tyrannical regime, however, even so we both would always talk about our dreams. My dream was to get recognized by the research facility and make discoveries that would improve people’s lives.

Aias’ dream was to get turned into a Demon, receive territory and provide good lives for the people living in his territory.

“If it’s you Aias, you’ll be able to do it. After all there is no one that’s better than you when it comes to the sword.”

“What are you saying? You, yourself are a genius Rhazes. The only reason you still haven’t gotten recognized is because your superior is a blind man. You’ve already made a number of significant discoveries.”

Aias was the one who praised me more than anyone else.

“Thank you. I’m glad to hear you say that. It seems like you’re blessed with a good superior aren’t you Aias?”

“Even though my superior is a Demon, he still recognizes my power, despite me being human. However, he says that we mustn’t be that open about it.”

“I see…”

The ability that Aias had was special. As long as he wished for it, he could seal the Unique Skills of anyone.

Rather than being an ability that would help him become a Demon, it seemed like an ability made for killing them.

Usually, due to people with Unique Skills being hard to find, one would need to be open about them in order to get them recognized, however, Aias couldn’t do that.

“It’s fine! After all, I’ve got my sword. When I become a Demon and receive land and a town, I’ll drag you there alongside me Rhazes.”

I was always cheered up by Aias’ optimistic way of thinking.

“I’m looking forward to it then.”

To others it might have sounded like an absurd dream. However, the us at that time believed that we could make it happen.

That was until that accident happened.

Some members of the Demon clan got drunk in a pub and wounded several humans there. Even within the Demon clan, those Demons had a pretty high standing.

They were part of the town’s administration and were blatantly displaying their authority.

To top it, all of the display of power within Agartha was pretty terrible.

“Stop it!”

“Huh? A soldier?”

Three of the town’s soldiers, including Aias, had rushed to the scene. In this world the role of the police was carried out by the town’s soldiers.

What they saw there was a mess, with even a kid covered in blood lying on the ground. The 5 Demons had apparently been drinking in this pub since noon.

“We’re taking you with us.”

“Hey! Aias stop that.”

“He’s right. That Demon’s father is the town’s ruler. It’d be better not to get ourselves involved here.”

The other soldiers that had accompanied Aias were scared of the Demons’ wrath, so they were trying to persuade Aias to let them go. However, Aias…

“Their actions are clearly breaking the country’s law. I cannot turn a blind eye to this.”

The earnest Aias couldn’t just forgive the Demons who had laid a hand upon the civilians and even worse a kid.

“Whoa, so scary. Guys, it seems like we’re gonna get arrested.”

“Bwahahaha, try it if you dare.”

One of the drunk Demons pointed his sword at Aias.

“I’ll allow you the chance to apologize.” said the Demon

“There is nothing I need to apologize about.” responded Aias.

“You imbecile!” yelled out the Demon, swinging his sword towards Aias.

Aias easily dodged the sword slash, and his opponent’s face with the back of his fist. The Demon lost several of his teeth and was sent flying, colliding with the wall behind him.

The remaining two Demons felt their anger rise up and they as well charged at Aias. However, Aias managed to overpower them as well, after which he brought all of them to the town’s detention facility.

Aias had only done his job, however, the whole case escalated into a huge problem.

This was the first time that members of the Demon clan had been arrested. Due to carrying out the deed Aias was stripped of his position and was sentenced to house arrest.

“I thought that you’d be down, but you seem to be doing fine.”

I had gone to the soldier’s dorms to visit Aias’ room, only to find him lying on the bed, reading a book.

“Oh Rhazes! There’s nothing to be down about. I just obeyed the country’s laws.”

“If you’re not careful, next time they might even kick you out of the military you know.”

“You know how I am. Even if there was the danger of being kicked out of the military I still wouldn’t be able to turn a blind eye.”

I thought that maybe Aias would be able to get off with just a slight punishment, however, things didn’t go that way.

After coming back from visiting the imperial capital, the Demon that was in charge of Agartha heard of the matter that had occurred and was furious. Not even considering a lighter punishment, he immediately sentenced Aias to be executed.

The execution was to even be made public as a way to show the others and sow fear.

Within the Demon clan there were of course ranks. The highest one being the Divine Generals, while the lower rank Demons were below them. There were Demons amongst the lower ranks who were appointed to governing positions.

And most of them ruled in a terrifying manner. However, even amongst them, the ruler of Agartha was particularly cruel.

Aias told me that he didn’t regret the thing that he had done, however, I couldn’t accept it.

The day of Aias’ execution was decided and I devised a plan to save him. There was no other way than to save him on the day of the execution.

Aias was walking up to the scaffold with his hands chained behind his back. On top of the scaffold the executioner was already awaiting him there, with axe in hand.

A great number of people had gathered and even the said Demon with his son had come for the execution.

They were filled with smiles, as if watching some kind of event. I made my way through the crowd, to a place where I could clearly see the scaffold.

Aias, while having his eyes covered, had kneeled on top of the scaffold and was quietly waiting for the time of his death.

I threw the insect type magic tools that I had made using a magic crystal, towards the scaffold.

The insects began flying, landing on the executioner as well on the soldiers that were guarding the scaffold. Afterwards the insects exploded, creating a smokescreen. I had previously restrained their power, so that they wouldn’t hurt anyone, but only serve to create the said smokescreen.

After the explosion occurred a great panic ensued and the surrounding was covered in white smoke.

Using that change I rushed in to remove Aias’ handcuffs.

“Rhazes what are you doing!”

“I cannot let you just die like this!”

“If you do this, then you won’t get off unscathed as well! You know this, don’t you!?”

It’s true that I would lose my job and my current lifestyle. If I were to be captured I’d probably get executed as well. However, that being said I still couldn’t just sit and watch my friend be killed.

“Let’s run away together Aias!”

We both stood up and just as we were about to run away a shock ran through my back. I suddenly stopped and fell on my knees.


It appeared that I had been cut from behind.

And judging by Aias’ reaction it was a pretty deep wound. However, I had already made up my mind, so I had no regrets.

With my consciousness fading I could faintly hear Aias talking. It appeared that the one who had cut me had been the town’s ruler Molech, who had come to the execution.

“Do you think you’ll be able to escape? You criminal scum!”


Aias picked up the sword that I was carrying and pointed it at Molech.

“I wouldn’t care if it had been just me. I didn’t even care about the unjust punishment. However, I’ll never forgive you for laying a hand on my friend!”

“You won’t forgive me?  You lowly human, you dare bare your fangs at me, the Steel Demon? Don’t make me laugh!”

Molech moved his giant body in an attempt to slash at Aias.

Seeing that Aias lightly slashed as well.

And with just that Molech’s arms, that were just now clenching to the sword, were suddenly sent flying in mid-air. It took a bit for Molech to understand what had just occurred.

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Wh-!? What just happened? WHERE ARE MY HANDS!!”

Blood oozed from his severed hands, forcing Molech to step back.

“Why? There’s no way you should be able to cut through my steel body with your sword… WHO IN THE WORLD ARE YOU!?”

“There is no way for a big shot like you to know about this run of the mill, soldier’s ability.”

Aias slowly got close to Molech and thrust his sword.

“Wa-wait! If you kill me, you’ll…”

“Dimensional Slash!!”

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Aias severed the Demon. And with that our lifelong dreams disappeared alongside Molech. However, at the same time we found a new purpose. 

A world without Demons…

In order to fulfil that purpose we left Agartha.

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  1. Thanks. I kinda like the fact that the demons had already conquered the world over there, as opposed to the usual ‘the humans are at war with the demon and losing’

  2. It all started with a guy simply spending all of paychecks at gacha and being fascinated with abilities he gained from them for 20 or so chapters, and now the story has developed so much since then. There are many stories that get worse as time goes on, but this one just keeps on getting better and better.

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