When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 44

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Speaking of this, Kong Qi stops for a moment, and secretly observes Kong Wuying’s face. Of course, Kong Qi doesn’t understand what he observes.

Kong Qi says his guess boldly. “You should also be my father’s… soul puppet.”

Kong Wuying blinks.

Kong Qi analyzes this. “You and Kongbao are both father’s soul puppets. Because your level is too high, so even after father died, you’re able to continue – but you should not be as high as Kongbao. This is obvious from your actions, for example; when you grounded Kong Shiyi, who was theoretically an enemy prince. You also held back when you got mad at us before and asked Kongbao instead, because you do not have that strength.”

Kong Qi nods. “So I guess you lost part of your ability when father died. This also explains why you know everything about us and even care about us. But we didn’t know your existence at all? I think father ordered you to protect us secretly. As for the relationship between you and Kongbao, as the same soul puppet kind, you naturally have many things in common, so it’s not surprising you’re together.”

Kong Wuying listens to this lengthy discourse and nods. “You analyze it very well.”

Kong Qi smiles smugly.

“But it’s wrong.”

Kong Qi loses the smile. “What part did I get wrong?” Kong Qi is sullen, but the perpetrator has already turned around and has no intention of answering questions.

“It’s late and it’s time to sleep,” Kong Wuying says.

After three days.

The two brothers, Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi, who have reached a preliminary cooperation with Xuan Wang, set off for Yeying.

Kong Wuying secretly – wait, how could the monarch of Mingguang be a sneaky man? Kong Wuying gracefully leaves the palace, while Xuan Wang doesn’t know, and enters the Yeying prince’s convoy together.

He doesn’t take Kongbao with him. 

Because before leaving, Kongbao solemnly finds Kong Wuying. “Master, I have some urgent matters at hand. It is better that you wait for me so we can go to Yeying together.”

In response to this, Kong Wuying’s answer is – showing him a pretty bird resting between his fingers.

Kongbao leans closer. 

Kong Wuying pinches the pretty face. “I’m your master, not your pet. Is it necessary to stick to you every day? I’ll go with those two boys first, and you’ll catch up when you’re done.”

The master’s tone is unquestionable, but Kongbao flattens his mouth. “No, the master is right. When you and I stick together every day, I am your soul puppet, you are my master, we are born to be in this together.”

Kongbao is upset – don’t ask him to throw his master to the two hungry stupid dogs, so Kongbao talked complete nonsense. 

“When you said that, I suddenly remembered that my relationship with you doesn’t seem to be so good, before in Shengdu-“

Kongbao immediately interrupts Kong Wuying’s words with a straight face. “Master, please take care on the trip, and I will follow up urgently. Bye, master, I will go back to sleep first.”

Kong Wuying stares at his disappearing figure, his mouth turned upwards.

The corner of the mouth hasn’t risen up to fifteen degrees, and Kongbao rushes in again.

Kongbao takes out a piece of jade. This piece of jade is carved into a dragon shape, the whole body is ice-blue with such a brilliant color, it is simply beautiful.

“Master, you are no longer the same Yeying lord as before. If you encounter any danger on the road, please crush this piece of jade.”

Kong Wuying waves dismissively. “I won’t need it.” But he reaches out and takes the sapphire.

Unexpectedly, Kongbao pulls the hand back before Kong Wuying can take it. Instead, Kongbao steps forward slightly and lowers his head, the tip of his nose touching Kong Wuying’s, breath fanning out over each other’s faces. Then Kongbao stretches out his hand, slowly pressing the jade into Kong Wuying’s hand.

His movements are deliberately slowed down. From the perspective of Kong Wuying, he can clearly see his exquisite and beautiful face without any flaws, shining brightly under the light.

Kongbao’s long eyelashes tremble slightly, hands holding Kong Wuying’s.

In fact, he’s about to laugh. Let the owner be tempted. √

Kong Wuying’s lips part. “Kongbao.”


“Your cologne is twice as rich today as usual. Don’t use it next time, it’s a bit smoky.”

Kongbao: “…”

Entering Yeying after a year away on a convoy of flying beasts, it is necessary to return to this familiar and yet unfamiliar land again.

Along the way, Kong Wuying loses himself in the land, homesick. 

Kong Qi looks at his meditating silhouette, and he thinks Kong Wuying is very beautiful.

Kong Qi swallows, and in order to cover up his embarrassment, he calls out to the man outside the carriage who is guiding the flying beast. “Morey, hurry up!”

Morey is the middle-aged man he met in Mingguang’s dungeon.

For the fact that Kong Qi had inserted Kong Shiyi’s confidant beside himself as a spy, Kong Shiyi is still upset.

Kong Shiyi had cried, “This is too much bullying! How many of your spies are in this group!?”

Kong Qi: “All of them.”

Kong Shiyi: “…”

Outside, there is a hearty laughter from the middle-aged man Morey. “His Royal Highness has arrived.”

“Is this too fast?” Kong Qi frowns, feeling something wrong.

Crossing an ocean, even if they have the best flying beasts, they will fly for at least half a month.

Kong Qi lifts the curtains and heads out. “Here… where?”

As far as can be seen, there is a thick layer of ice. Only the area where flying beasts soar over is black land. An island of less than five hundred square meters.

Morey smiles mysteriously at him, and suddenly waves his hand. Kong Qi’s face blanks and then scowls, the air turning into a stream of ice, and rushes towards Morey, but it’s too late …

The flying beasts in the convoy scream! The pair of powerful wings softens, and they fall, the claws skitter across the ground weakly. The whole body collapses to the ground, and all the people sitting inside tumble out.

“Morey, what are you doing!?” Kong Qi is startled and furious.

By this time, Morey had been frozen hard by the ice Kong Qi summoned, but he’s still laughing.

“Hahahahahahahahaha, Prince Kong Qi, sorry for hahahahahaha. I lurked by your side for a long time, and finally I caught this opportunity. Do you know why my surname is Mo? That is because my ancestor’s surname is Mo, the famous King Mossa!”

Kong Qi is startled: “Rebel Mossa!”

Morey groans with dissatisfaction. “Rebel? My ancestors were heroes of great fear and wisdom! They were defeated by your father’s vanity and defeated my family, but I escaped! I can’t kill your father so I’ll kill his two sons as interest!”

Morey grins widely. “Do you like it here? No one will pass here. In the middle of the vast ocean, without flying beasts, you will not be able to walk. You can only stay here to die. Oh, but you have hundreds of people here with you. If you are idle, you can have more, maybe develop into a tribe ha ha ha ha ha.”

Kong Qi frowns. “You can’t leave either.”

Morey doesn’t care. “So what? I can kill two princes of Yeying, I have no regrets in this life. The two princes of Yeying actually died in the hands of a nameless pawn. Yeying will be a laughing stock!”

After Morey says this, he shudders and then explodes! Turns into pieces of ice, dancing in the air, and even scatters over people in range. 

No one has time to care about the issue of hygiene. It is a matter of life and death. Everyone’s face is blank as they try to keep calm but are still worried.

The Yeying servants all could not help but set their sights on the main backbone of this place – Kong Qi.

Kong Qi frowns, calling out his soul puppet. “Dai Dai!”

His soul puppet, Dai Dai, is a tall beauty with long dark red hair. She has a beautiful and radiant appearance. After she’s summoned, she first glances at her host with all kinds of charms.

Rather resentful actually.

Then her eyes fall on Kong Wuying and her eyes brighten. She quickly runs to Kong Wuying and falls to one knee, red lips kissing his fingertips, her voice is shaking with excitement. “It is indeed a pleasure for Dai Dai to see the Lord here.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kong Shiyi: “…”

Kong Qi: “…”


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