Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 44

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Two Choices

One of the ways to solve this was to return to the knight order and stop the reckless plan of conquering Necropolis. As Notora said, if we managed to persuade them, some of the knight executives would be on our side. The executives would know that conquering the Necropolis would cost a lot and they would be disappointed with Arte.

For example, one of the executives, the mechanic Laylen Remilia, was a woman with a strong sense of justice and she wouldn’t let Arte have her way of doing things. She would say she was in favor of my return.

On the contrary, however, confrontation with Sage Arte who was the main leader of conquering Necropolis, Garrels who hated me, and the new vice-captain Cleon who kicked me out, was inevitable.

There were also quite many executives and members who would be on Arte’s side. It would be nice if we could peacefully persuade them, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if we had to proceed with the confrontation using strength.

The people who would be on our side were Notora the summoner, Saint Sophia, and me. Even if we included the mechanic Laylen Remilia as an ally, I doubted we could win the fight with Arte and others. Furthermore, Sophia said she wanted to leave the knight order, but she’d have to get involved again. 

The other way was pretending not knowing anything. We would just ignore it and let the casualties fall due to Arte’s plan of conquering Necropolis. And if the knight order tried to get Saint Sophia, they would be held back.

At least, as far as I was concerned, I’ve been kicked out from the knight order and therefore had no obligation towards them. So I wouldn’t be held responsible for not taking risks and stopping Arte.

This way, I could continue to be Philia’s instructor and keep my promise with her. 

But was it alright?

The members, other than the executives, were also people whom I have assembled together. 

It was heartbreaking to let them be killed.

“Let me think about it a little.”

In the end, I couldn’t decide and ask Notora to wait for an answer. Notora nodded, saying, “It couldn’t be helped.”

“I don’t have much time. Please make a decision by tomorrow.”

The plan to conquer Necropolis was just around the corner, and many members, including Arte and other executives, were already heading towards the Imperial Capital. But it seemed that Cleon wasn’t included.

“Hey, Notora. Why do you think Cleon didn’t oppose this strategy?”

“Well, I don’t know. Since Solon’s disappearance, that person has changed.”

If it were the previous Cleon, he wouldn’t allow for them to conquer the ruins with the method of using brute force. But it was said that Cleon went ahead with the plan of the conquest and overworked the members. Cleon was a gentle person with a good sense of judgement. How could that Cleon do this?

It might be a good idea to talk directly with him once.

As for the problem of Sophia wanting to leave the knight order, it should be easy to resolve as long as Cleon approved of it. 

I guided Notora to the front door. It seemed that Notora would visit this mansion again tomorrow. At that time, I’d tell him what I would do.

Notora said to me as if he suddenly remembered, “By the way, Solon-dono. It’s said that this region was famous for its wine.”

“That’s right. Do you want one?”

“I would like to ask you that, by all means. My fellow, good wine is something I always have on my mind.” 

Notora’s eyes shined. Being quite a liquor lover, he was especially knowledgeable about wine.

This was a rare chance for him, so I decided to take him to the mansion’s wine storage. It would be nice for him to choose the wine while looking at some of the brands. When I opened the door connecting the corridor to the storage, something unexpected happened. There was Princess Philia.

“So-Solon. I’m sorry,” Philia smiled, looking troubled, glancing at Notora and me.

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