The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 23

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Is Astonished by the Gods’ Schemes

The townhouses in the royal capital are smaller than the mansions in the territory. However, it is still much larger than other noblemen’s townhouses.

“This is my first time in this life. Or should I say for the first time since my previous life?”

I was looking at my room in the townhouse where I had lived since I was ten years old in my previous life. This was where I went to the royal palace to receive my education as a queen. There were far too many bad memories to be nostalgic.

“Miss. Would you like me to redecorate your room? Or would you like to change your room?”

Marie thoughtfully made a suggestion. Was I looking too downhearted? 

“It’s okay, Marie. Even though I have had many bad memories, they are not all bad. I have some good memories, too.”

I made my first friend when I was ten years old. She complimented me on how pretty my room was. We used to play together in this room. She was my best friend outside of my family who believed in me until the end. I wonder what happened to her after I was executed.

“Don’t you think you should ask her to change rooms, Rio? You don’t look happy.”

Leon puts his paw on my knee. A gesture that cats make when they want to be petted.

“Thank you, Leon. But I’m really okay.”

I stroke his head, to which he narrows his eyes.

“We should change the curtains on the windows and the canopy of the bed. Laura-san left them with me as a gift for our studious young lady.”

Marie took the curtains out of her luggage. The windows’ curtains were a pastel pink with rose lace sewn around the edges, the same lace used for dresses. For the canopy, the curtains were white organza with rose lace trim.

“Laura gave this to me? Rose lace is not a cheap item, is it?”

“Milady liked the lace so much that she asked me to use it.”

“How did she manage to find out the correct measurements, then? Laura wouldn’t know the size of a townhouse window frame or bed.”

“My father told me, and I passed the information to Laura-san.”

So it was the head butler. As expected, he knows the layout of the townhouse and the size of the window frames.

“Even so, it’s very nice. If we sell interior goods, we’ll be flooded with orders from all over the place.”

I unfolded the curtains and checked their texture. Both are good products. Seeing new items always excites me, making all the bad memories disappear. I am grateful for Laura’s thoughtfulness.

“I’ll have to get her a souvenir.” 

“You’re just planning to sneak off to go on another shopping spree again, aren’t you? Rio.”

Leon stared at me with his stern eyes. If you look like that, you only come off as cute.

“Of course you guys will accompany me, won’t you, Leon and Marie?”

“Of course.”


The three of us will have a date in the capital. Fufufu. I’m looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is the day of Brother’s magic attribute test. And after that was the tea party hosted by the Crown Prince. Ah, how depressing…

That night, Flare-sama and Daaku-sama came to the townhouse for a visit.

“Is this Rio’s room? It’s so cute!”

“Marie, gimme a snack.”

“What are you guys doing here? Go home.”

Marie brought macaroons and tea and served them to Flare-sama and Daaku-sama, who sat unceremoniously on the sofa. I asked her to make me an herbal tea. Eating sweet things at night is strictly forbidden.

Laura would be very disappointed if I didn’t get to wear my new dress tomorrow. The dress was made a week before I left for the royal capital. It was just the right size at the last fitting, and I had been stretching at night to keep it in shape.

The worst that can happen is that I might have to use a corset to tighten it up just enough, but that’s my backup plan. I don’t like corsets because they are painful. I don’t think there’s a lady in the world who likes them…

“Tomorrow is the tea party. I’m here to give Rio a pep talk.”

” Rio, will you be all right? Do you want me to sneak up behind Marie and follow you? I’m sure the sweets at the palace will be delicious.”

I appreciate the sentiment, but your real intention is to sneak behind Marie’s back for the pastries, isn’t it? Daaku-sama…

“It’s all right, Daaku-sama. I will protect the Young Lady. If that trash Crown Prince tries anything, I won’t keep quiet.”

“I do not need your help as I will accompany them out of sight.”

Marie’s smile seems to have darkened somehow.

“Marie. I don’t believe you to do so, but you’re not going to put laxatives in the Crown Prince’s tea, right?”

‘Well, Young Miss. If I did that, the servants of the royal palace would be punished.”

I felt relieved.

“That’s right. There’s no way Marie would do such a thing, right?”

“The only thing she would do is to put him to sleep for three days with a tasteless and odorless poison that leaves no evidence.”

“You’re harassing the Crown Prince? Interesting. How about I grab the Crown Prince by the leg and send him tumbling from the shadows?”

“I’ll take the form of a bird and drop walnuts on the Crown Prince’s head!”

Please don’t do anything rash, everyone! Stop! The Crown Prince is just a child. The Crown Prince is just a child. After nine years, if he’s somehow… Stop! What are you thinking, me!?

“Leon! Don’t just stand there, get everyone to stop!”

“Why? I think they are all interesting suggestions. What punishment should I mete out to the Crown Prince’s kid?”

Leon, in his cute beast form, grinned wickedly with the corner of his mouth hanging up.

“No, you can’t! Absolutely not! You all must not do anything to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!”

The gods were not happy with my desperate attempt to stop them, but they eventually agreed not to do anything. I’m glad that they’re supporting me, but right now, the Crown Prince hasn’t done anything to me yet.

* * * * * 

The following day, the townhouse was in a frenzy since morning. In order to prepare for Brother’s magic attribute test and the tea party that followed, the servants at the townhouse were all busy running around since early morning. Of course, Marie was no exception.

“Everyone seems to be busy. Is there anything I can do to help?”

I held Leon in my arms as I watched from the stairwell landing.

“What are you talking about? Rio, you have got to get ready.”

Mother’s voice echoed. I turned around and saw her standing there.

“What? I will only be attending the tea ceremony, so why don’t I just go to the palace later?”

“Of course, you are going with me to attend the magic attribute test. I can’t let you go to the palace alone.”

Eh!? How come I never heard about it? I thought I could just be there for the tea party.

“Go back to your room and get ready. I’ll send Marie to help you.”

“…Yes, Mother.”

I slipped away and went back to my room.

When I returned to my room, Marie was already there waiting for me with my dress prepared.

“I didn’t think that you’d have to accompany your brother in judging his magical attributes.”

“Well, that’s true. However, only authorized individuals are allowed to visit the royal palace. Young Miss hasn’t made her social debut yet, nor has she had an audience with royalty.”

“Oh, that’s right. This is the first time I’ve been to the royal palace in this lifetime, I’d forgotten.”

“I’m not sure what to do, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. Hah. I wonder if Leon, who is now invisible, will get caught in the gates of the Magic Academy?”

The Magic Academy has a gate at the entrance that checks for items that are tinged with magical power. But it does not react to the magic that people are born with.

“Don’t worry. That gate is a human-made magical tool, isn’t it? We gods are immune to such things.”

“And this bracelet that Flare-sama gave me?”

I pointed to the bracelet on my wrist.

“Of course. It’s a divine tool, not a magic tool. It contains the divine energy of the gods.”

Leon’s confident words reassured me. I wanted to wear a bracelet that had the same effect as the appraising eye. I’ll be taking a magic attribute test in about two and a half years. I want to check the accuracy of the magical tools used to determine magical attributes.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Young Miss. You’re ready to go. Please take a look in the mirror.”

When I moved to the mirror that revealed my entire body, I saw someone else! She was wearing a pretty dress made of blue fabric with lots of rose lace. With her hair pulled up in a half-updo, the girl stood there wearing a hairpiece that matched the dress.

“Is this me? Marie’s skills are amazing. You made me look so pretty.”

“Young Lady is pretty, to begin with.”

I smiled and twirled around in front of the mirror. Yes. It’s not too much. I looked at Leon and found him staring at me.

“Well? Leon?”

“Ummm… You look beautiful, Rio. I thought you were some kind of princess.”

“I’m the daughter of a nobleman, after all.”

Now, off we go! I clapped my cheeks, trying to get pumped up.

“Let’s go! I’m ready for battle!”

“We’re not going to war.”

Leon’s comment went unanswered. For me, it’s like going to war.


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