Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 22

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Final Examinations and School Festival

The Ifrus Academy of Magic held the School Festival after the advancement examinations in the 10th month of the year.

By the way, admissions were scheduled in the first month of the year.

Glendale did not have four seasons.

Blizzard dragons occasionally fly in, so there were times we experienced snowfall, but generally, we have a warm climate the whole year round.

Therefore, new student admissions and change of grade levels are done in the first month, since it is a good break from the previous year.

We all passed our advancement examinations without a hitch.

The examinations were divided into two parts: first were the magical course examinations, and the second was the practical exam, in which students had to fight one-on –one with the teachers assigned as examiners. This was conducted to gauge the students’ progress.


Professor Tina was the only one who could execute the practical examinations at our level, so we were exempted. Class advisors cannot conduct the examinations with their own class to avoid dishonesty and unfairness.

On the other hand, the written examinations consisted of questions pulled out from all year levels, so the number of test questions was extraordinarily numerous.

Some of the test questions came from lessons not discussed in the lower grades, but a student had to score points on all the parts that were taught in class to be able to pass. It was that kind of exam.

Our class was taught by Tina, so nobody got scores that would warrant a re-examination.

Luna got full points in the written examination, so she was awarded as the top student of the academy.

It was the first time a first year student got a perfect score, so it was a spectacular feat that has never been seen since the founding of the academy.

Luna’s amazing.

By the way, I made a single mistake.

The Student President also got one mistake, so we got a tie.

I wrote wise man instead of sage

I realized then that it’s not enough to rely on my occupation’s memorization ability when I do revisions.

Well, at least we completed the exam successfully.

Our 3-day school festival starts today!

Normally, the school festival was exclusively held for the students of the academy, but this year was an exception. People from all over the kingdom would attend.

Everyone is excited to see what the students of this world’s premier magical academy have in store.

Students prepared stuff like theatre and stalls for their respective classes but since this is a magical academy, it was of a different caliber.

We also held school festivals in my previous world. Back then, we did a drama play portraying a hero defeating a dragon for our class assignment.

Of course, the dragon was made out of card boxes, and we fashioned the dragon flames from vinyl tapes.

However, this world’s theater was quite realistic.

They captured a demon called Lesser Dragon, and they performed subjugation right before the audience.

It was no longer a theatrical play.

A real battle of life and death unfolded right before their eyes.

In this academy, most Year 5 students can easily defeat Lesser Dragons alone. 

By the way, Lesser Dragons are not part of the dragon species, though they look similar, and they have the word ‘dragon’ in their name.

They were lizard-type of demons.

They possess wings, but it was mimicry; they cannot fly.

However, they are C-B ranked demons, and are feared among the public.

These demons use overwhelming fire magic to attack.

It’s only natural that people coming from all corners of the kingdom would get excited 

It’s not only the theatrical play that was different; the stalls were also superb.

They used magic to cultivate rare precious herbs, and they sold them in the stalls. High grade restorative medicines were on sale.

By the way, those restorative medicines were created by the students during their classes. They were used by the academy students to heal wounds, and their purity was high.

However, the adventurers who came to the festival happily bought the restorative medicines the students created.

 As for our class—

We decided to do a Maid and Butler Teahouse.

I just made a suggestion, and it was decided.

Maid cafés are a staple part of the school festivals in my previous world. It is rare in this world, however.

Tina, who possesses the ultimate level of maid skill, trained the class, and within a short time, all my classmates became competent, too.

It’s finally show time.

Leaffa, Youko, Mai, Mei and Merdie wore maid outfits.

Everyone except Youko is used to wearing maid outfits at my mansion every day, so they were quite comfortable doing it now.

Youko was already used to doing maid jobs, so her bearing was already on point.

— now, what a rare sight.

Ryuka and Luna looked quite embarrassed while dressed as maids.

Yup, it suits them well.

“Halt, aren’t the girls fine by themselves? I’ll go help at the back.”

It was Luke.

He was clad in a butler suit, and his hair was swept back.

“Did you look in the mirror? A lot of girls will come looking for you, so you can’t go there.”

Luke was dashingly handsome.

Everyone went out as soon as the festival started. We walked around advertising our Maid and Butler Café while wearing our costumes.

As a result, there was a long line of customers waiting in front of our class’s shop even before it opened.

I got a feeling that there were more girls somehow.

By the way, we reserved an actual tea house at the academy central as preparation.

I heard this tea house usually operates throughout the year, and they earn more than most.

When I heard about their revenue, I told them I would pay double for reservation. 

I paid them using excess money from my allowance.

By the way, our role was to serve the customers, and the food preparation, cooking and accounting will be done by the shop’s staff.

We didn’t have to do everything on our own even if it’s the school festival.

“Is everybody ready?”

“Yes.” (Tina)

“It’s okay!” (Youko)

“Let’s go!” (Mai and Mei)

“Yup meow.” (Merdie)

Looks like my maid team is ready as can be.

“It’s embarrassing but…we have to do this.

“I, I’ll do my best.”

Go for it, Ryuka and Luna.

“What should I do if I got a personal service request?”

“You’ll be fine, Luke. But I don’t want to be called. I’m afraid I’ll be too nervous and spill the drinks.”

When Luke went out earlier, all the girls in line cheered.

Ryuushin was afraid of committing mistakes, but he already mastered the butler job almost perfectly, thanks to Tina’s guidance until yesterday.

I know there won’t be any problems.

Tina was working behind-the-scenes, so she’d be ready should anything happen.

Alright, time to open shop.

Let’s enjoy the school festival!


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