I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 130

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Fighting Spirit

‘He made the gacha!? The guy standing before me?’

It was true that everything seemed to be going according to someone’s plan, however I never expected that, that someone would appear before me like this.

[I guess I still haven’t introduced myself. The name’s Rhazes.]

The man called Rhazes then walked up to the stairs and went down them.

[I’ll tell you the details later. For now let’s just go.]

“Wa-wait!” I said while trying to grab him but…


My hand passed through Rhazes’ body as if there was no one there.

[This is not my true body you see.]

“You are…”

[Let’s talk after we reach my real body.] saying that Rhazes continued walking down the stairs. 

‘Was I not able to appraise him because this isn’t his true body?’

I immediately followed him down the stairs, where I reached the next floor.

After arriving there I couldn’t see him anywhere.

Similar to the first floor, this floor was also covered in crystallized rocks and rock pillars. The only difference was that on this floor there was an open area further ahead.

The area was made in the shape of a dome, as wide as an elementary school’s gymnasium.

The whole dome-shaped area was illuminated. Looking around I saw that Rhazes was standing in the middle of the open area and was seemingly waiting for me.

[Did you use the Class Slate?]

he said suddenly, which made me wonder which Class Slate he was talking about.  But then I realized that he was probably referring to the Class Slate that I got from the Black Knight.

Before coming here, I had already used the Legendary Hero Class Slate. Using it had been a bit different than the other Class Slates. When I had tapped on it the Class Slate shone with light which was then sucked into my body, filling me with tremendous power.

After that I had looked at my status, but in my status it was displayed as a normal Hero, so I thought that it wasn’t that different from before.

That is why I hadn’t given it another thought up until now.

“Were you the one who prepared that Class Slate as well?”

[That’s right]

“What effect does it have?  I couldn’t seem to find anything different about it.”

[Fufufu… You’ll find out soon. I have specifically prepared the thing you would need for that here.]

“Here? Is there something here?”

I asked, to which Rhazes didn’t respond but rather just pointed to a place. Looking at the place where his finger was pointed I saw that there was something buried in the rock wall.


‘A living creature. However, it doesn’t appear to be human. That hair around its body… A monkey?’

[We’ll talk again after you defeat that Oracle Beast] said Rhazes, after which he disappeared.

While I was still trying to figure out the situation, the monkey buried within the stone wall began making strange noises. I turned my head towards it, only to see that stones were beginning to fall from the wall.

In an instant the wall exploded, and from within a crimson monkey appeared.

After appearing the monkey didn’t move, which led me to think it was dead, but then it suddenly came back to life and kicked the ground, beginning to charge at me.

The thing that surprised me the most was its speed.

It accelerated instantaneously and before I could realize it, it was already right in front of me.

Including its legs, the monkey’s whole body was covered in Aura. 

‘No doubt, this is Chi Control.’ 

I crossed my arms before me, trying to block the monkey’s fist. However,…

My body flew back from the impact and I was sent flying into the distance.


‘This power and speed. Its power rivals that of Spriggan, while its speed that of Chimera!’

It then began accelerating, moving freely while kicking the ground. Whenever the monkey kicked the ground, it shook, while Aura poured out of its body.

I could somehow block its relentless storm of fists, however when the monkey hit the air it created frightening shock waves.

The wind pressure created from the shock waves made me lose my balance, which created an opportunity for the monkey to get close to me.

It raised its leg towards my chin, completely bypassing my guard and sending me flying. Using the momentum the monkey jumped backwards, creating some distance between us, after which it took a fighting pose, making it look like some martial arts master.

Without a second thought I retreated back.

My opponent was a monster with terrifying martial arts. Using this opportunity I appraised it…


Beastman Lv 3923

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■


Hanumān kicked the ground with force, enough to crack the earth and charged at me.

I adjusted to him and at the same time jumped backwards. 

‘Hanumān is an enemy that excels at close-range combat. If I’m able to maintain my distance I’ll be able to fight him.’

Is what I thought, but then Hanumān suddenly stopped in his tracks.

‘There’s distance between us, so I should be fine.’ ran through my mind but then…


My face was kicked in and I was sent flying. Hanumān had extended the Aura that was covering his leg, turning it into something like a whip that he then had aimed at me.

Afterwards he used his fist to strike the air, melding the Aura around his fist into an enormous snake that charged at me.

It took everything I had to dodge, so it was impossible for me to counterattack. 

‘To think that Aura could be used like this…’

I pulled out my sword and raised it. I went in with the intent of slashing off Hanumān’s arm. However, just as my sword landed on his body it was blocked by Hanumān’s aura, preventing it from reaching his arm.

‘How tough is this thing’s Aura! To think that there were still monsters as strong as him!’

Hanumān proceeded to strike the air, creating unbelievable shock waves. It was an attack that I couldn’t possibly block. I was blown off and somehow managed to get up on my feet.

The thing just now was probably an Aura attack. It was a way of controlling Aura that neither I nor Wan could exhibit. Was this what happened when one mastered Chi Control completely, or just some other kind of skill I did not know.

[He’s quite strong isn’t he?]

said Rhazes, that had suddenly appeared right next to us. Due to this not being his true body but rather something similar to a hologram, he was in no danger and could appear wherever he wanted.

“Hey! What in the world is this monster? Why must I fight it!! I demand an explanation, an explanation I say!”

[Are you sure you should be complaining right now?]


The whip like Aura once again stretched and executed a leg sweep. 

“Ouch!” I screamed, while at the same time my blood was beginning to boil.

Unlike normal attacks, Aura attacks caused direct damage to the inside of the body.

I couldn’t bear to take many more of these kinds of attacks.

I engulfed my sword in flames and went in. Hanumān jumped into the air, which meant that he probably wouldn’t be able to dodge my attack.

I went to the place where I was expecting him to fall and waited for his descent.

‘After all he can’t be floating in the air forever, right?’ is what I thought but then…

Hanumān kicked the air and moved. He then repeatedly began kicking the air, allowing him to move freely in mid-air at high speed. Every time he kicked the air, firework like explosions of light appeared.

‘Is that another one of Aura’s effects!?’ 

While being stupefied at the scene uncovering before me, with a frighteningly fast kick, Hanumān kicked off my sword from my hands.

At his relentless bombardment of attacks, the only thing I could do was guard. Even though I had my whole body covered in Aura as well, my Aura couldn’t match up to that of Hanumān’s.

‘And here I thought it would be easy because his level wasn’t even above 4000…’

[It’s not wise to judge your opponent just based on their level you know. After all you don’t know what skills or techniques they might have.]

It was just as Rhazes said. I had let my guard down because I thought that I had gotten a bit stronger. I gathered Aura in my right hand.

Hanumān’s fists appeared right before me, with speed rivalling that of Chimera’s.

Using God Eyes, I somehow managed to dodge and afterwards I buried my fist, covered in a frightening amount of Aura, into Hanumān’s abdomen. Hanumān’s body bent in two and he spit out a large mouthful of blood.

And just like that Hanumān was sent flying away, crashing into the rock wall behind him.

The rocks shattered into tiny pieces and Hanumān didn’t move any more.

“Phew… That really took a toll on me.”

Rhazes looked at me joyfully.

[You really are strong. The monster that you defeated just now is called an Oracle Beast.]

“An Oracle Beast?”

[They are living things that possess some kind of special power. We have worshiped them since ancient times.]

“Worshiped them… To me they just look like enemies to humanity…”

[That is understandable considering they are under the control of the Evil Deities right now] said Rhazes sounding a bit sad. However, it only took him a moment for a smile to once again appear on his face.

[And Hanumān over there isn’t a real Oracle Beast. It’s a monster that I created after numerous experiments.]

“You created it?”

[Fufufu… Let’s leave that story for later. Won’t you go ahead and tame him?]

After being urged I raised my hand and cast Tame at Hanumān. Afterwards I took a look at my Tame List…


Divinity Vishnu SSS

Dragon God Hydra SSS

Rock Giants Titan SSS

Flaming Dragon King Shiva SS

Rakshasa Ravana SS

Beastman Hanumān S

Fairy Spriggan AAA

Beast Chimera AAA

Spirit Phoenix AA

Metal Giant Gigas A

Dragon Flying Dragon B

Metal Giant (Middle Rank) B

His name was written there as expected.

[Well then, let’s go to the next floor. After me.]

“Hey! W-wait a bit!”

I hurriedly went after Rhazes.

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