When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 43

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Could you be…

Regardless of the internal defamation of the two silly sons, Kong Wuying briefly talks about the situation outside.

“Not much, that is the resource that Daqing traded to Yeying during this time, ah… Kong Qi, you should be able to do this?”

Kong Qi is shocked. “Trade those shabby resources with our Night Shadow Stone? Will Mingguang agree?”

As you can see, their Night Shadow Stones are so rich and powerful. If father didn’t want to play nice with Mongguang, they wouldn’t have exchanged the Night Shadow Stones in the first place.

Not only would Kong Qi promise, he’s so happy he could fly. 

Then Kong Wuying says, “Mingguang doesn’t make soul puppets, nor do they understand the technique of refining the Night Shadow Stone. For them, the Night Shadow Stone is just waste.”

This is the most overwhelming realisation ever made by Kong Wuying, so the thought still hurts. 

Kong Qi is unwilling to believe. “That’s the Night Shadow Stone. Even if you don’t know the refining technique, it’s good to keep for collection anyway since it’s so pretty.”

“Yeah, it’s still a bit useful, it’s all used for flooring,” Kong Wuying deadpans.

Kong Qi looks at the floor under his feet. “What?”

Kong Wuying continues, “This is the central city, so the flooring uses high quality goods like marble and granite. If you go to the countryside, you can see Night Shadow Stone.”

Kong Qi: “…” Then he explodes. “Mingguang is a group of dead things that don’t know anything! It’s a waste of father’s hard work, fuck it!”

Kong Shiyi echoes, “Yeah!”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Soon, Xuan Wang, who got the notice, hurries to discuss the new trade incident in detail with two current Yeying “high-level” ambassadors.

To be honest, Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi are the Yeying princes, although their status is not as prominent as some of the strongest princes, they are not something that the regent of a small empire can insult.

In Mingguang, if you want to talk with the Yeying princes on an equal footing, you must have at least seven patriarchal figures.

However, the talks went smoothly.

The two sides just hit it off, and for the first time, Xuan Wang has such a strong feeling for Yeying!

Too kind!

Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi are more and more disgusted with him. What on earth do Mingguang consider our Night Shadow Stone?

It will take some time for trade exchanges, and the two Highnesses will live secretly in the palace in the meantime.

When there are only two of them left, Kong Qi is staring at Kong Shiyi “Honestly explain that father’s body wasn’t hidden by you? Right now in front of me, acting innocent, I think the most cunning brother is you.”

Kong Shiyi is really innocent. “Qi-ge! I said no, I did nothing. The night when father passed, I was indeed the first to enter father’s tomb, but I just said goodbye to father, that’s it.” Of course, it’s not that simple, but don’t tell Qi-ge.

Kong Qi looks at Kong Shiyi’s fresh and sincere face, and he can’t help shaking. “If it’s not you, who is it?”

Kong Shiyi says, “I was the first one to go in. Since it wasn’t me, then it was the second one? Who is the second one?”

Kong Qi: “…It’s me.”

Kong Shiyi: “…!!!”

Kong Qi: “…”

Kong Shiyi: “Fuck! What a twist play, the thief cries out instead!”

Kong Qi self-justifies, “No, it’s not me. Father’s body was gone when I went in. Someone must have stolen father’s body after you and before me!”

“Who could do it?” Kong Shiyi groans, touching his chin.

“Anyway, it must be one of the twelve of us. Father’s body is old and useless. Only when we have that kind of thought, we want to have father’s body,” Kong Qi analyzes.

Kong Shiyi asks, “Is it only us twelve that like father?”

Kong Qi: “…!!!”

No way. How many more… who like father?

“In fact, I think the most likely is the third child Kong San, he always has an odd look in his eye.”

Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi both agree. 

“It’s the first time I’ve heard someone describe San-ge like this, but it’s quite appropriate!” Kong Qi admits.

“Third brother…” Kong Shiyi muses.

The two turn back together, staring at Kongbao who had actually been standing there the whole time. 

“You…” Kong Qi trails off. “How long were you standing there for?”

Kongbao still looks like Xiao Ling, but it doesn’t prevent the two from fearing him. Needless to say; childhood shadows. The wounds still hurt!

Kongbao bows his head and thinks. “From your honest account, you have hidden father’s body, is where I tuned in.”

Isn’t that right from the start?

Kong Qi steps back with a look of vigilance. “What the fuck do you want?”

Kongbao smiles. “I also want to join the discussion. I want to know everything about master.”

“But aren’t you already with that… the emperor?” Kong Qi wonders.

On hearing that, Kongbao smirks. It’s bright and dazzling under the moonlight, but what he says is very stubborn. “Xiao Zhao Ning is the present, Ah Kong Wuying is the past. I love both, no matter how much.”

The master wants to hide his identity, of course Kongbao has to follow the master to the end! 

Although this person is very unreliable, Kong Qi still acquiesced in him joining them, and continues, “The situation is what you heard just now. Now all of our brothers regard Kong Shiyi as the thief of father’s body. Everyone is searching with real urgency, so I can’t see who might be lying.”

Kongbao thinks about it and asserts, “I think it’s the third child.”


“Because I don’t like him.”

Two people: “…”

Can this reason be more willful?

At this time, someone asks, “What’s the use of stealing father’s body?”

The three say in unison: “Of course it’s play… uh…”

Three different voices stop at the same time, especially Kongbao.

Because he finds that his master is behind him, with a blank expression.

In the end, Kong Qi, the most dissatisfied with the tension, made a sound: “How come you all came out so silently, scary!”

Kong Wuying ignores him, but stares at Kongbao. “Play what? Keep talking.”

Kongbao: “Uh… it’s getting dark, I’ll go back to sleep first.” He turns away.

“Stand there,” Kong Wuying orders.

Kongbao immediately pauses obediently.

Kong Qi can’t help but bite his tongue. Is that still the lawless Kongbao? Sure enough, Kongbao has changed.

Looking at them, Kong Wuying announces, “Let’s go back to Yeying.”


Kong Wuying says indifferently, “I have to make sure that the remains are quietly settled in.”

That body has reached its limit, although it is a pity, it can no longer be used. Kong Wuying didn’t really care about what happened to the old body, but now it seems that these sons have some problems in their brains – and he needs to prevent someone from using the body to do things that cannot be described.

Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi have been out of Yeying for so long they should have gone back regardless. Kongbao naturally thinks what the owner says is good.

So it’s settled.

Go to Yeying.


Kong Qi looks at Kong Wuying, his eyes flashing with a certain color. “You said we were going back to Yeying, so you are also from Yeying?”

“What’s the problem?”

Kong Qi frowns. “I have always thought you were a little weird. It seems that you know everything about us. Even if you know that we are the princes, I still feel like you’re too rude but still care about our affairs. Kongbao’s unusual attitude towards you is also odd, I have never seen him so attentive to others. Now, you want to find father’s body, so you… must… be…”

Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow.

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