Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 21

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Shiro’s Day (4/4)

“Haaa..” (Yawn)

The setting sun was too bright, so I woke up.

…Oh, I overslept.


My body was stuck in something.

Ah, now that I think about it, I was sleeping on Youko’s legs.

I felt bad for imposing on her up until now.

I looked up to Youko while thinking about it.

“—-W, who are you?”

Youko was sitting with her legs crossed, and I definitely slept between those legs.

However, there was a woman I have never seen her before sitting on Youko’s place.

“Hmm… Shiro, you’re finally awake.”

The woman opened her eyes when she heard my voice. She called out to me, but it was Youko’s voice.

Now that I look closely, I can somehow see the resemblance.

“D, don’t tell me, are you Youko?”

“Of course I am. What a weird guy. On whose lap did you think you were sleeping?”

So it really is Youko.

H, how did this happen?


My mana was leaking profusely.

Apparently, Youko absorbed my mana, resulting in her progress to adulthood.

What the heck…I planned to vent to her for just a little bit, but I ended up giving mana continuously and for a few hours, at that.

“Y, Youko. How much mana did you accumulate?”

I can easily discern the amount of mana she amassed, but I was horribly scared to check it myself.

“Are you talking about the mana in my tails? Thanks to you, they’re already full!”


Youko cheerfully replied while grinning ear to ear.

Her mana was already full—- in other words, Youko already achieved the perfect form of the nine-tailed fox.

I regretted it deeply.

I was supposed to protect the world, but I ended up aiding the perfection of a demon that will wreak havoc, instead.

I immediately shifted away from her.

Youko could move now so she stretched her whole body.

I monitored all her movements.

I would not be surprised if she go on a rampage now.

“Hmmm, I overslept for a bit. So, what’s for dinner?”

Youko stood up while saying so.

Due to her growth, her kimono can no longer cover her up, and her seductive body was exposed.

“Oh, even my body grew a lot. Now I can pleasure Master* fully.”

Youko checked out her body.

She was extremely happy as she frolicked around.


Something’s wrong.

I don’t sense Youko going on a rampage.

I know nine-tailed foxes lose their consciousness as soon as they accumulate enough mana and their growth is completed. They will then go wild until their mana is depleted.

They were that kind of demons.

 However, Youko already possessed the perfect adult body, but she’s still calm.

W, what’s going on?

“…..Youko, won’t you go on a rampage?”

I ended up asking her casually.

“No, I think it’s thanks to you and Master. I’m filled with mana that is free from malicious magic, so I didn’t have the slightest inclination to go berserk.”

“I, is that so.”

Is there such a thing?

Wait, if I think about it, nine-tailed foxes were frequently born in war-stricken countries.

Perhaps, nine-tailed foxes go berserk because they absorbed mana filled with negative aura such as anger, miser and hatred in those countries?

I inspected her tails once again. Halt’s mana filled two tails, my mana filled six, and the remaining one was a myriad of mana mixed all together.

I can only feel traces of evil mana.

I can’t believe it. 

The nine-tailed fox believed to be an unstoppable calamity was in fact harmless when raised in a place with no malice.

It was a new discovery that even I, a Divine Beast, never knew.

“Youko, if you have to use your mana, you should absorb mine or Halt’s mana after. If you do that, there is no reason for you to become riotous.”

“I got it. I also wanted to request it from you. I don’t want to go on a rampage and cause trouble to Master.”

Youko also understood.

I’m relieved. 

We were able to remove a threat in this world.


“Youko, Shiro-sama, dinner is ready.”

Tina came while we were playing in the courtyard. 

“We’ll have curry today, since I received a lot of request for it. There’s plenty for everyone.”


What a surprise, today we’ll have Tina’s curry, my most favorite food!”

I don’t mind eating Tina’s curry every meal for a whole week. That’s how much I adore it.

I can’t stop my tail from wagging.

I glanced at Youko; her tails were swaying vigorously. 

“Oh my, Youko, it seems you’ve grown. Your kimono….”

Tina noticed Youko’s change.

The present Youko’s seductive appearance can bewitch any male human to lust after her voluptuous body.

“Yes, it’s all thanks to Shiro.”

“So that’s how it was. We have to fix your kimono, okay?”

“Can you help me?”

“Of course, leave it to me.”

Youko was led away by Tina, and they headed towards the mansion.

I parted with them, and I strode off to eat my dinner.


Tina’s curry was delicious today, as well

I ate a lot.

Tina made a lot since it was always wiped out almost immediately every time she makes it, but we still managed to polish everything off.

Everyone ate an enormous amount.

I’m also full to bursting.


I’m grateful I came to Halt’s home – I already thought about it numerous times today.

I have to protect the House of Ernol.

I swear on my name as Divine Beast that I will punish anyone who wants destroy this happiness.

That troublemaker must be someone who bears grudges against this world.

“I won’t let anyone destroy this place.”

I muttered as I sprawled on the fluffy sofa, and then I went to sleep.

Today has been a good day, too.


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  1. I feel like this chapter is most likely the high point of the series.

    If an author devotes four chapters to a pet’s POV that tells me he has probably run out of ideas.

    1. Or it’s the calm before the storm, and the author has something big planned. It could possibly be that he was busy, and this was something quick to put so that the readers wouldn’t get restless.

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