I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 129

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Maze of No Return

The inside of the dungeon was surprisingly bright. The dungeon was made up of bare rocks, as well as some rock pillars that seemed like they had gone under some kind of crystallization.

I decided to go back to the Dungeon’s entrance in order to check whether I could go in and out.

“As expected, it won’t let me.”

It seemed like that was some kind of invisible wall in front of the entrance, that didn’t allow me to leave. I thought of using teleportation to get out, so I raised my hand in order to open an entrance to the space region.

“No luck here as well huh…”

Not even the slightest change occurred in the space around me. 

‘Is it really impossible to go out?’

I picked up a stone from the ground and threw it. After throwing it I tried stopping time. Without stopping, the stone continued flying through the air drawing a curved line, after which it fell to the ground.

‘It seems like I can’t use Time and Space Manipulation here.’

It was a great idea to take out all of my equipment before coming into the Dungeon. Due to that I didn’t feel that the current situation was inconvenient.

And the equipment that I took out, well about that I have to go back a couple of days――


“Mr. Gojo, this is from us.”

said Noah after handing me quite a big box. Thinking what it could be I opened it up only to be greeted with a full set of equipment.

“This is…”

“You’re always fighting in your everyday clothes so we thought that this might come in handy.”

At first glance all of the items inside the box looked quite spectacular.

“Wasn’t it hard to prepare all of these?”

“I, Rafael and Gabriel took care of the production, while everyone else helped gather the materials. It wasn’t easy however, we believe that this is currently the best we can make.” said Noah proudly, while handing me over the equipment. 

To be honest I was just happy to receive anything, so when I actually appraised the items I was left dumbfounded.

[Star Iron Breastplate] SSR

Physical Resistance (Evolving)

Magic Resistance (Evolving)


・Evolving’s rank is based on the wearer’s Magic Power.

[Hercules’ Hand Guards] SSR

Strength Increase (Evolving)

Physical Resistance (Evolving)


・Evolving’s rank is based on the wearer’s Magic Power.

[Wind God’s Leggings] SR

Agility Increase (Evolving・High)

Physical Resistance (Evolving・Middle)

Magic Resistance (Evolving・Middle)

[Sun Mantle] SR

Physical Resistance (Evolving・Middle)

Magic Resistance (Evolving・Middle)

Cold and Heat Resistance (Evolving・Middle)

Mind Defense (Evolving・Middle)

All of the items looked like they would be useful. In particular the part that says the stats increase based on the wearer’s magic power is a perfect match for me.

“Mr. Gojo, there’s also this…”

“This is?”

Noah handed over a pair of black leather gloves to me.

“It was on the very last page of the Magic Library. We didn’t manage to gather all of the materials so it’s still incomplete… The last ingredient is Pyroxene, if you happen to find it please use them.”

“Got it. I’ll make good use of them.”


Currently I was wearing all of the items that I had gotten from my students. There was also Excalibur that I had hanging around my waist.

Even if I couldn’t use Time and Space Manipulation I didn’t believe that there would be anything that I wouldn’t be able to deal with.

I carefully began walking through the dungeons, while at the same time trying to see if any of my other skills worked. 

‘It seems like I can’t use Summoning Magic as well.’

After all, in order for Summoning Magic to work it had to first bring out the monster’s core from another space region… 

‘I guess all spells that involve Time or Space don’t work here.’

I continued walking forward, heading deeper into the Dungeon. I walked for quite some time however, the only thing that I saw around me were those rainbow colored crystals.

After some more time passed I reached a dead end, where there were some stairs that seemingly led downwards.

“Down huh… I wonder how deep it goes.”

[Isn’t it interesting.]

I immediately turned around after hearing some unknown voice behind me. I hadn’t felt anything at all.

Standing behind me was a man, wearing a white robe and glasses, both of which had a design that was completely alien to me. The difference in our cultures was evident.

I carefully walked back, while trying to appraise him.

However, nothing came up.

‘Can I not use Appraisal in this place as well? Or is it that I just can’t use Appraisal on this person?’ 

While I was still shocked by the man’s sudden appearance he began talking…

[There’s no need to be so cautious. I’m not your enemy.]

The man had long white hair, however his features didn’t resemble that of an old man… Rather it seemed like he had had that white hair since birth.

With a smile the man began walking towards me.

I still didn’t know for certain whether he was an enemy or not so I couldn’t let down my guard. In order to stop him from moving I used a skill.

“Gravity Press!”

I held back a bit and only increased his gravity tenfold. 

‘Any normal person shouldn’t be able to move…’ Is what I naturally thought.

However, the man just continued walking as if nothing had happened. 

‘It’s not working!?’

[It seems like you’re able to use your abilities well. I’m glad to see it.]

He was directly transmitting his words to my mind using Telepathy… Which in turn meant that this person was an ability user as well.


I pulled out my sword and used Coercion. Upon using Coercion any normal person would usually pass out.

However, the man standing before me once again looked like nothing had happened at all.

“Who exactly are you!?  What are you doing here!”

At my question the man responded in a friendly manner, as if he was talking to a friend.

[I was waiting. For you to come that is.]

“For me!?”

[That’s right. The one who led you here was me after all.]

“What do you mean?”

[It took a while, but I finally managed to complete my goal.]

I couldn’t understand the man’s words at all. He clearly saw that I was having some trouble so he decided to explain himself…

[Oh… I guess that was a little bit hard to understand. Hm… If I were to explain it in an easier to understand manner it would go something like this…]

The man put his finger against his chin as if he was lost in thought.

[The gacha that you used, I was the one who made it… Does this make more sense?]



…..Up above, way beyond the clouds, an enormous black battleship was lying in wait. On board that ship, an elderly man dressed in a black robe was kneeling before a man sitting in a place covered in darkness.

“Four of the Divine Generals have already advanced. We’re expecting good news from them any time soon.”

“….Is Hubris really dead?”

“Y-yes… I was told that he was killed by an ability user here on Earth…”

“There goes my favorite toy… Oh well, it already happened. Where is that ability user right now?”

“That is… According to the reports he has entered the Dimensional Maze.”

“The Dimensional Maze?”

As if having remembered something, the man sitting within the darkness let out a slight smile.

“If it isn’t the place where the Alchemist that was accompanying Hubris fled to.”

“We don’t know the reason why he entered, but it is known that once one enters that place, they do not leave, so we believe that there is no point in worrying about it.”

“Is that so…And here I wanted to meet with that ability user at least once… Don’t you feel the same Oceanus?”

“As you command…”

The elderly man stood up and left the room.

After he left he sounded his khakkhara and two knights immediately appeared.

“This is the King’s imperial command. Head for the Dimensional Maze and bring back the ability user who killed Hubris. As long as he’s alive I don’t care in what state you bring him here.”

Both of the knights took off their helmets and kneeled in front of Oceanus. One of the knights had blond hair and a muscular body.

While the other was a tall woman, with black hair, underneath which a bewitching face could be seen.

“Leave it to us Master Oceanus.”

Divine General Hyperion

Demon Lv 3776

“The Dimensional Maze… Sounds interesting.”

Divine General Themis

Demon Lv 4011

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  1. so It an alchemist not a god? so Hubris was mind-control I suppose by this dialogue, well we see it coming after that last line of his. and they are really demons too. I guess the plot thicken huh. but I still got question how do the gacha work? how did the candy, class slate work too? like why do candy drop after all big fight? why didn’t the alchemist use it for himself? I hope there not a hole in that part and will be explain next chapter.

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  2. wait a second … IS THIS INSPIRED BY THE BLACK ROAD?!?
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