When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 42

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Who is Kong Qi?

The seventh son of the Lord of Yeying.

The seventh prince of Yeying. 

When the lord of Yeying was ruler, Kong Qi’s reputation was not obvious – at most he only showed a little fancy towards being a good prince.

However, the lord passed away, and Yeying’s disputes continued. Prince Kong Qi unexpectedly emerged, occupying a piece of land as fast as a thunderstrike, and his army was invincible. This is akin to the existence of the first six sons.

Kong Qi practiced for many years, and with the blood of the Frost Dragon in his body, he had been cultivated for a long time.

Even for Kongbao dressed up as Xiao Ling, it’s only…

The main difference is motivation. 

Kongbao got the promise of his master, and so he worked very hard. He knocked the two Kong sons down with a few strikes. 

After all, he is a soul puppet of divinity, born against the rules of the heavens, and has immense powers. 

Even if Kong Qi did win hundreds of battles in the years that Yeying was in dispute, his power is a part of Yeying. He would have to force it here in Mingguang. He dare not say that he is better than Kongbao.

Kong Qi was slapped around again and again, along with Kong Shiyi. Very beautiful memories of the days that he once fell into the hands of Kongbao come to mind.

Kong Shiyi couldn’t take it anymore, screaming out, “You’re psychotic! I have nothing to do with this! Let me go!”

The child seems to have completely forgotten the murderous energies directed at Kong Wuying and Xiao Ling when he heard that “The Treasure” was burned.

Kong Wuying looks at Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi -who have their heads covered and curled up in panic- without any distress but grits his teeth. “A pair of underpants are said to be a treasure. I… feel shame for your father!”

As soon as Kong Wuying mentions father, Kong Qi is furious. “What kind of thing are you! You’re not worth enough to mention my father!”

Kong Shiyi next to him was beaten black and blue and says with emotion, “He is psychotic, otherwise why would I be asked to do math problems when I was caught trying to assassinate him?”

Even at this time, Kong Qi doesn’t forget to turn back to Kong Shiyi and say, “What about the math problems? I think it’s good.”

Kong Wuying only feels angry and tells Kongbao, “Let them up first.”

Kongbao stops obediently. 

Kong Wuying walks up to Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi and sighs. “You are still young, put away those unrealistic ideas. Being a better person is better than anything.”

Kong Shiyi grits his teeth. “Who the fuck are you to lecture us?”

Why… even if this man made Kong Shiyi like this, why does Kong Shiyi still feel that the man isn’t hostile?

Kong Qi says instead, “Wait… actually, what underwear? Why did underwear get brought up?”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kongbao: “…”

Kong Shiyi looks over and whispers, “You chased me all this way, didn’t you just want this?”

“What the hell!” Kong Qi looks incredulous. “Why underwear? What we want is… that!”

Silly child Kong Shiyi: “Which one?”

Kong Qi is sullen. “Don’t tell me you don’t have it, only you went to father’s bedroom that day!”

Kong Shiyi still doesn’t understand. “What day? What did I take?”

Kong Qi: “…You didn’t take it?”

Kong Shiyi shakes his head. “You have to tell me what it is! I don’t know if I took it.”

Kong Qi: “…It’s that.”

Not wanting to listen to these two idiots, Kong Wuying turns to Kongbao. “Let’s go.”

Kongbao nods and slyly takes the initiative to hold the master’s hand. They walk away. 

They happen to miss the most critical sentence in the dialogue between the two idiot sons. Kong Qi is annoyed to anger by Kong Shi and says directly, “Of course, it’s our father’s body!”

Kong Wuying pulls Kongbao out of the gate of the palace and pauses in shock. 

One party is shouting to the other, “You shitty Yeying nightstalkers, as soon as your men release His Highness, we’ll send your corpses back to Yeying.”

The other side says, “Oh, our Mingguang brothers, put down your weapons. We have something to say – everyone is family, right? Us Yeying are timid, if we accidentally hurt your fragile Majesty, that would not be good. Ha ha ha ha.”

Seeing people coming out, the Yeying leader huffs. “Our master is out, let him tell you a few words!” Then he turns his head and finally registers Kong Wuying. He stiffens. “Your Highness?”

How come the hostages came out? Did Prince Kong Qi lose?

Kong Wuying smiles indifferently. “Don’t bother the two fools, they’re still busy. You can, of course, stay behind.”

The Yeying middle-aged man from before answers, “Y-yes.” 

But as soon as he’s about to move, his feet are stiff! What kind of guy is this emperor? Listen to this tone! The most important thing is that the middle-aged man doesn’t know which muscle is wrong, but he is obedient.

When Kong Wuying appears, the Mingguang men are excited.

“Your Majesty, are you okay?!”

“Sir, come here, it’s dangerous there.”

“Your Majesty…”

These people are obviously Xuan Wang’s confidants, and it is more important to see Kong Wuying than to see their own lives.

Kong Wuying says lightly, “It’s all right, let’s all go.”

The Mingguang commander doesn’t move at all, and frowns. “Your Majesty, these Yeying…”

Kong Wuying explains, “Inside it is Prince Kong Qi and Prince Kong Shiyi. This visit by the two noble guests actually involves a transaction with me. They want to give us the resources we agreed on before in exchange for Night Shadow Stones, and I’ve agreed.”

His words immediately cause a sensation in the gathered crowd. Everyone’s eyes staring towards the Yeying are incredulous. Trade resources for rotten stones? Is Yeying stupid?

And the Yeying’s vision of Kong Wuying isn’t right either. The emperor is very generous, and exchanges their precious Night Shadow Stones with simple resources!

Inside, the two brothers, who have initially reached a friendly cooperation agreement, are whispering to discuss their true identity.

“Have you heard that he just called that person Kongbao? Now that you know Kongbao is here, he shouldn’t have been sent by our other brothers, because no one can deal with Kongbao. But who is he? How did the Mingguang emperor and Kongbao get acquainted? Why do I feel that the emperor cares a little for us?”

“Kongbao?” Kong Shiyi is surprised.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that person to be Kongbao, but divine level soul puppets aren’t exactly normal,” says Kong Qi.

“I just want to ask… who is Kongbao?”

Kong Qi: “…you don’t even know who Kongbao is? Do you suppress the memories out of trauma? Father’s divine level soul puppet!”

“Ah… oh, you mean the big devil!” Kong Shiyi shudders and quickly retreats into Kong Qi’s arms. “Brother, I’m afraid!”

“Get off!” Kong Qi loves beauty, but Xiao Shiyi is not his favorite, totally ugly!

Because this matter is so important, the commander of the current Yeying guards does not dare to take charge, so he sends someone to notify Xuan Wang.

Taking advantage of the time, Kongbao asks the master for compensation. “Master… promised something.”

Kongbao is full of expectations – where can I kiss? Lips? Clavicle? Or navel?

Just as he’s full of anticipation and full of fantasies, all his illusions are interrupted/

“Do you know there is a word called ‘lying’?” Kong Wuying asks.

Kongbao: “…I don’t know.”

“Oh, you know now.” 

Give him kisses? Impossible!

Kongbao’s lips twitch twice, and he can’t even think of what to say. “Master, you are…”

Kong Wuying hums. “What’s wrong?”

No morals? No lower limit?

Would a Yeying lord have such useless things?

“You’re so cute!” Kongbao croons with a happy smile.

Kong Wuying is getting goosebumps so he ignores the baby and instead turns towards the palace to look for the two unwieldy cubs. It’s been so long, so the private talk must be over.

But as soon as Kong Wuying enters the door, he sees his two cubs hugging each other!

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kong Qi throws away Kong Shiyi and strongly defends himself, “Don’t get me wrong! It’s not what you think!”

Kong Wuying turns his head away and says lightly, “I don’t care, as long as you don’t like me.”

Kong Qi: “…”

Kong Shiyi: “…”

What a big face this man has!

(^ again, face = pride/confidence/arrogance)

Like him? He doesn’t look in the mirror! 

This man is tens of thousands of times worse than their father!

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