I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 128

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

One Month


[Hubris was defeated….]

[Hubris was defeated you say!? Impossible! He’s the sole hero that managed to wound the King you know!]

[However, that doesn’t change the fact that he lost. The human that Hubris killed once, somehow managed to revive himself and then defeated both Hubris and Ravana.]

[I cannot believe this… Does a human really have such power?]

[To think that he even managed to defeat Ravana, the Oracle Beast that’s said to have 10 lives…]

[At any rate, we cannot continue with our original plan. If anything were to befall our King then we’d have a serious problem on our hands.]

[Do you suggest that we scrap the idea of invading the human world?]

[At the very least, we must do something about that human.]

[Where is that human now?]

[I’m certain that he headed for the Dimensional Maze.]

[The Dimensional Maze? Isn’t that the place that appeared irregularly? What is he doing th… It can’t be that he’s planning on entering?]

[He probably thinks that it’s an entrance to our world…]

[If that’s the case, then perfect. He’ll be taken care of without us having to do anything.]

[Whether or not he decides to enter the Dimensional Maze, we should still continue keeping an eye on him.]


[Japan・Gifu Airbase]

“Gojo this is great! Most of the countries are considering awarding you with their respective medals. There’s the Order of the Garter from the United Kingdom, the Legion of Honour from France, the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, as well as the Order of St. Sylvester coming from the Pope.”

“Japan is also certain to award you with our most prestigious medal, the Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum. There’s also the People’s Honour Award… And the one that’s completely certain is the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Sakamoto and Shimizu were joyfully reading through the newspaper articles and letting me know what was written in them…

“I’m glad to hear all of that, however I plan on refusing all of them. It’s not like peace is upon us just yet.”

“Aren’t just a few of them fine!  I think it’s great that they’re acknowledging you.  You should just accept their kindness.” said Shimizu, getting a bit angry at my response. 

I was glad to hear him say that but still…

“Did you already go to Antarctica?” asked Sakamoto.

“I did.”

I told both of them that there was definitely something in Antarctica so I had gone over to check.

“So did you manage to find something?”

“I did but…”

After the fight with the Black Knight, after Leo and the others had returned to their respective countries, I had immediately headed for Antarctica.

Arriving at the marked place on the map I found a cave, whose entrance was covered with a rainbow colored membrane. I decided to touch it, however upon doing I got a really bad hunch.

I abandoned the idea of entering for now, and decided that I would enter after taking care of a number of things which is why I had come here to the Gifu Airbase.

After all, after entering the cave, who knows how long it would take before I could come back out.

I told both of them about my journey, and suggested that we take some measures in order to strengthen the Self-Defense Forces.

“You’re right, it would be scary not having you around.”

“Is there really not an option for you not to go?” asked Sakamoto with a worried expression, however I felt that no matter what I definitely had to go to Antarctica. 

And if we just stood here and protected ourselves, the problem wouldn’t be solved.

Hearing that Sakamoto agreed.

“Still how should we go about strengthening the Self-Defense Force?”

“Don’t worry I have an idea.”

After parting ways with Sakamoto and Shimizu I used teleportation in order to go to France.

“Mr. Gojo!”

Noah and the others came running. When we met in Bangkok we weren’t able to talk, so now I managed to spare some time to enjoy a pleasant chat with all of them.

Besides the chat there was also another reason for my coming here.

“I need to talk to Rafael and Gabriel.”

“With us?”

“What is it Mr. Gojo?”

I proceeded to take out a Class Slate from my space region. It was of course the Blacksmith one.

Using Appraisal on both of the twins I had gathered that both of them had maxed out the Blacksmith Class and had its Class Skill at rank B.

Due to both of them having that Unique Skill of their, they’re able to create some really powerful weapons using Generate, that is why I believed that if they managed to raise their Blacksmith’s Class Skill even more, they’d be able to create even more, and even more powerful weapons.

“Can you try tapping on this slate?”

This was my first time giving another person one of the Class Slates.

I didn’t know what would happen, however the kids looked at the slate excitedly and Rafael stretched out his hand to tap on it.


Light shone from the slate, and just as it seemed that the light would engulf Rafael’s whole body, the slate turned into beads of light and disappeared.

It had a completely different response to when I used them, but in the end it seemed to have worked.

Appraising him afterwards I could see that Rafael’s level had gone back down to 1. Following that I handed a Blacksmith Class Slate to Gabriel as well.

Even without defeating any monsters Blacksmiths can level up using their Generate, so both of them would be able to level up without a problem. As long as I managed to get their help I’d be able to realize my plan.

“Mr. Gojo is there something wrong?” asked Noah, a bit worried. 

To his question I told them my plan of going to Antarctica, and that I might not be back for a while. Afterwards, I told them about the request that I had for them.

Without any disputes, all of them agreed to my request. Which in turn made me really happy.

After that I went to meet Leo and the others.

“Do your thing.”

I received Durandal from Leo and ignited my magic power. Numerous small magic circles began appearing all throughout the sword, starting from the top and reaching down all the way to its handle, after which they all suddenly disappeared.

The application of God Slayer was a success. After that I proceeded to apply it to the weapons of the rest of The Sanctuary Knights’ members. It drained quite a considerable amount of MP, but due to me having infinite MP it didn’t bother me all that much.

And then…

“To think the day would come when we would cross sword Gojo.”

Standing in front of me was Leo, who was beginning to cover Durandal with Wind Magic.

“I’m not holding back.” said Leo excitedly.

“I expected no less.”

Our swords collided, creating a powerful wind that almost blew off The Sanctuary Knights’ members that were watching on the sides.

It wasn’t just Leo, afterwards I also fought Freya and Carlo, teaching them to the full extent of my ability.

Even though they were professionals when it came to fighting, there were things that only I could teach, so I decided it would be a great idea to give them a couple of pointers while fighting.

I also went to China, where I once again applied God Slayer to the weapons that Suzaku had borrowed from Saruman, and fought with a couple of the members.

However, during my fight with Wan…

“Gojo are you going to Antarctica alone? I can come with you, you know. I believe that I won’t be a hindrance…”

“Thank you, however I’d rather you not. Antarctica is probably going to be the most dangerous place of them all. I don’t want to put you in danger.”

“I see…” said Wan with a disheartened expression, however she still accepted my decision.

After finishing things up in China I went ahead to meet up with members from the Japanese Government, and leaders of various countries, to notify them that I was leaving for Antarctica. After all panic would occur if the people found out that I was gone.

A number of leaders tried to convince me to stay, however upon hearing my standing they agreed in the end.

And with that I managed to complete all of the preparations I had set out to do.

And then one month later…

With all of my preparations taken care of I came to Antarctica.

It took a bit of time, however I believed that everything would be fine even if I wasn’t there for a bit. Up until now, the times where I had to fight alone were quite the common sight however, now I had friends to whom I could entrust the world’s safety.

I stood in front of the cave and put my hand through the rainbow colored membrane… After my hand passed through the membrane I didn’t feel anything strange in particular so I proceeded onward.


The day after Gojo went to Antarctica, a change occurred in the world.

The small number of monsters that were roaming around the world suddenly disappeared. The people around the world were left with numerous questions when a sudden announcement shook the whole world.

The sky above Mongolia twisted and opened up. From the crack in the sky a jet black fleet appeared.

The fleet’s numbers were close to 100,000.

Faced with the unprecedented circumstance, the countries around the world immediately dispatched their armies.

The armies of the world, as well as Suzaku and The Sanctuary Knights gathered in Mongolia.

The final war between the earth’s forces and the invaders from the other world, was about to unfold.

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