Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 43

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The One You Hold Is The Sword Of Justice

TN note : I couldn’t write an old way of speaking like Notora used, btw the chapter name in Japanese is this ‘貴殿が握るのは正義の剣だ!’

Notora, an executive of the Knights, came to this mansion. There was only one possible reason.

Probably he came to bring Saint Sophia back to the knight order.

I didn’t know if there was someone, who heard our conversation with Marquis Gorgias in the Imperial Palace, informed the knight order, or Georgias himself said that to the knight order. Anyway, the knight order has known that Saint Sophia was with me.

If Notora purpose was to bring back Saint Sophia, he wouldn’t be welcomed. 

But at least Notora has taken the trouble to visit here. If he wanted to bring back Saint Sophia. he should have used force to bring her back. If it was The sage Arte, she would do that. 

It may because Sophia became the princess’s servant, but anyway, Notora was trying to talk.

Then, it was better to hear the story first.

I said to Claris.

“Claris-san. Please guide Notora to the guest room.”


Claris nodded vigorously and immediately left the room. Anyway, it was better for Sophia to stay in the bedroom, and it was better not to let Philia meet Notora either.

“Philia-sama, please wait in the bedroom with Sophia.”


“Notora is not an ally. And it’s possible that he is an enemy. If it is like that then it would be dangerous for Philia-sama to meet Notora.”

I didn’t think it is, but it’s possible that Notora, for example, would take Princess Philia as hostage and demand to give back Saint Sophia.

Another problem is that Notora was a summoner. A summoner used demons as attack forces. Therefore, a summoner was familiar with the nature of a demon and creatures with a demon’s trait.

In other words, he might know that Philia is a devil’s daughter. 

It was okay if the other person was a reliable person like Verse, but I didn’t want to show any weakness to Notora.

After I explained that, Philia nodded. For a moment, I thought that Philia would be curious and eavesdrops conversation between Notora and me, but she seemed not doing that.

I brewed tea in the kitchen. Then I went into the guest room with two cups of tea. I asked Claris to explain the situation to Sophia after she guided Notora, so I could quickly brew tea.

The guest room was a fairly nice room, with a low table and couch on both sides. On the backside, there was a young man with a buzz cut sitting.

He was Notora the summoner.

When he noticed me, he smiled and stood up. It’s has been a long time, and Notora seemed to be thinner. Behind his thick glasses, I could see dark circles under his eyes.

“It’s has been a long time, Solon-dono.”

Notora said in a high-pitched voice. Due to his unique atmosphere, Notora was quite known in the knight order. But I think he was an understanding person.

“It’s has been a long time, I wonder if you came to bring Sophia back?”

“That’s one of the business, because Cleon the holy knight was asking me to bring back Sophia, even by force.”

Notora affirmed that he was trying to bring Sophia back. Saint Sophia was indispensable to the knights, in terms of uniting the members, as the knight order public figure, and in terms of pure combat power. 

As expected, The knight order didn’t allow Sophia to leave and seemed to be desperate to bring Sophia back.

Anyway, I urged him to sit down and giving him tea. He took the time to drink it and opened his mouth. 

“Its using good tea leaves. It’s also brewed carefully. I’m fortunate to have the vice leader of the Knight of Saint Sophia brewed tea for me.”

“I’m a former vice-leader, because I was exiled by you guys.”

“I have something to say about that.”


When I asked, Notora took an unexpected action. He bowed deeply enough to push his forehead against the table. Notora told me, who was exiled.

“I’m sorry. Now, I thought that it was foolish to exile Solon. I’m ashamed of my stupidity.”

After that, Notora told me the trouble of the knight order.

It seemed that the Knight order didn’t do well after I was exiled. All miscellaneous tasks were delayed, negotiations with the people, and the capture of the ruins have been unsuccessful.

I already heard from Sophia that ten members of the knight order for reconnaissance died at the ruins, and I really thought that it was a terrible story.

When I was there, I was doing it with safety first, and I had never made such a big casualty.

“Everything was the responsibility of the vice-leader Arte, who repleaced Solon-dono position.”

“Arte, huh.”

The sage Arte was a knight executive, who especially tried to expel me.

Besides, although Arte was an excellent magician, she didn’t seem to be suitable for running the knight order. I thought that Arte became the vice-leader due to the political power within the Knight order, but it was hard to say that she was good in that position.

“There is only one way to solve all those problems. Please come back to us, Solon-dono.”

Notora exaggeratedly opened his arm and affirmed.

This was unexpected.

So he wasn’t only going to take back Saint Sophia, but also me. I remembered my question and said. 

“Notora, I think your true purpose is to bring back Saint Sophia. You are only using that as an execuse. If I was going back to the knight order, Sophia would also come back to the knight order.”

Maybe, the knight order knew that Sophia left the knight order and followed me. Perhaps it was the order from Marquis Georgias.

Notora stared straight into my eyes.

“It’s wonderful that you are thinking about each others. Even for me, I didn’t want to hinder Solon-dono’s and Sophia-sama’s future. But it was also fact that the knight order need Sophia-sama.”

“In other words, you are coming to bring Saint Sophia back?”

“Solon-dono, you may no believe in me, but I was already planning to bring you back even before Sophia-sama’s absence. I think you are as necessary as Sophia-sama for the knight order! Even in the executive meeting, I had suggested that Solon-dono should be back.”

“The result?”

“It was a four-to-six vote. But all the executives are unsettled. But if Solon, himself gets back into the Knight headquarters and persuades the executives, the result will change, without a doubt.”

I thought about it.

Is it a trap? For example, after Sophia and I returned to the knight headquarters, the knight executives could forcibly capture her. After that, there was also the possibility of killing me in the dark, so I wouldn’t hinder them anymore.

It was an extreme story, but I thought that Arte the sage could do that much. But, there wasn’t any merit for Notora to do so. Notora wasn’t on good terms with Arte. On the contrary, even though he didn’t oppose my expulsion, he has a relatively good relationship with me.

If he brought me back and made me as vice-leader again, he can defeat Arte and strengthen Notora’s position. It can be seen that Notora’s proposal itself was probably not a lie.

Notora brought out more persuasive material to convince me.

“Arte has a ridiculous plan. It’s a plan to capture the dead city Necropolis.”

I gasped.

The dead city Necropolis was a ruin near the Imperial Capital.

It was one of the most difficult ruins where many legendary adventurers had tried to capture it, but no one succeeded.

It has been said that there were dazzling treasures on the bottom floors of the Necropolis, there was also a huge amount of resources in there. It was also near the Imperial Capital the economic center, so if it was captured it would certainly bring enormous profits.

Then The knight order and Arte would gain unprecedented fame. 

However, how much sacrifice should be made for that? Although I had considered the strategy to conquer Necropolis once, I couldn’t say that my strategy was realistic.

But if Arte intended to sacrifice a large number of the knight order, that would be a different story. And if it was Arte, who had already thrown away the lives of the knights, she might not hesitate to repeat the same thing.

Arte would tell the members that it could be captured with an expressionless face. The deceived members would die because of that.

“Cleon wasn’t against this plan. The plan to capture Necropolis will be moving. Only one person could stop this plan, only Solon the magic swordsman could do it. If you returned to the knight order, many lives would be saved.”

I lose my words.

Certainly, if Sophia and I return to the knight order and persuade the executives, this plan could be stopped. That way, we could stop that reckless plan that will make a large number of people died.

But, I was Princess Philia’s instructor. Philia staring at me and relying on me came to my mind. If I returned to the knight order, who would protect her? Who will be her instructor? I have promised to stay with Philia.

I wondered what to do. Notora opened his eyes and urged me to make a decision. 

“Now, Solon-dono. Together, we will bring back the knight order to what it should be. What you are holding are the sword of justice.”

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  1. I kinda feel bad for this guy, but Solon has already moved on and is working as bodyguard and instructor to a princess. That isn’t something that can be stopped on a whim, even if he feels like he has to try and stop their plan out of responsibility as their former superior. As for Sophia, that is not even his call to make. Regardless of what Cleon wants, Sophia is her own person and will make her own decisions. She seems easy to sway under pressure, something she herself knows, but her determination to be with Solon is strong.

  2. If Solon does go back, you can bet Cleon and Arte will assassinate him and carry on with the attack on Necropolis anyway, damn the casualties.

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