Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 42

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Magic Training and The Visitor

The performance of a magic wand depended on what material used to make the main body and the ore that used to make its core. For example, the wand that was used by Arte, one of the executives of the knight of Saint Sophia, was being made from a willow tree and has a large diamond on the top of the wand.

Both willow trees and diamonds were difficult to handle, but if the maker(Is there any name for a wandmaker? if you have you could change it) could master the handing, it would be exceptional, especially when using offensive black magic. (TN wait, what? black magic?)

In fact, the reason why Arte gained fame as a genius of magic attack was that she could control magic with the wand skillfully.

With Verse’s help, I chose a Sakura’s wand for Princess Philia. Silver was used for the main body of the wand. (TN probably what the Sakura’s wand is a wand which main body using Sakura’s tree.)

Both were high-quality materials, and the wand was made for a beginner.

Philia was hugging the reddish-colored cane with great care.

We came back to the mansion after we purchased the came.

On the first floor of the mansion, there was a magic training room, and we were in that room.

It was a little bit afternoon, so I decided to start teaching magic to Philia from today. 

“What do you think about your first wand?”

I smiled and asked Philia.

“Yeah! It’s nice, but….”

“Do you have any dissatisfaction?”

“It’s a wand that Solon has prepared for me, so I don’t have any dissatisfaction, but I wanted to use a magic sword like Solon.”

After saying that, Philia glanced at the treasure sword Tetracord that hanging on my waist.

Even if you didn’t have a wand, you still could use weak magic, and there were also alternatives to wands. Among them were special swords called magic swords or holy swords. 

But I shook my head.

“Originally, deploying a magic with a magic sword is a bad idea, it’s just a substitute for a wand.”

The sword handle as the core and the blade of the sword was being used as the body, so it could utilize magic as a pseudo-wand.

Bismuth was used as the core of the treasure sword Tertracord, which was a pseudo-cane.

It has quite excellent performance as a pure sword, and at the same time, the sword itself could utilize special magic.

Thanks to that, I could fight many demons alone. It was also possible to cast magic with a certain power without chanting.

However, in terms of magic training, magic swords are harder to use than ordinary wands. What’s more, if you relied on the magic power of the sword itself, your magic skill wouldn’t rise.

“Magic swords is a combat tool(find other words than a combat tools). When I was being taught magic by professor Lucy, I used a wand normally.”

When I used the magic sword, my instructor Lucy made a bitter face.

Lucy said it like a habit,”it’s a bad idea to use a magic sword, so please follow my instructions and concentrate on studying magic.”

But I wasn’t a genius like Lucy-sensei.

I wasn’t talented enough to play an active role by only using magic. That was why I chose to be a magic swordsman.

Philia spoke to me happily.

“Then, if I became a magic swordsman like Solon and become an adventurer, I can use a magic sword, right?”

“That’s right…”

Philia said that she wanted to be a magic swordsman like me. But I didn’t think that was the best answer. 

I thought that there was a better way to Philia.

For example, a white magician who has strengths in church-style recovers magic, such as Saint Sophia. (TN again white magician)

Or a black magician who specializes in attack magic like the sage Arte.

Philia seemed to have a high level of magic power, so I didn’t think she should become a half-assed magician like a magic swordsman.

But that was what Philia decided.

Of course, I also would advise Philia.

But for now, I should prioritize teaching Philia the basics of magic. When I first met Philia, I only taught her really simple magic that could be used without a wand. 

“From now on, Solon will teach me magic.”


“I feel like we’ve finally become an instructor and disciple.”

Philia smiled and brightened her face.

When I saw her like that, It also made me happy.

Philia and I looked at each other and giggled. Well, let’s training right away.

“Firstly, I should teach you a simple floating magic. Please hold your wand.”


Philia grabbed the Sakura wand with her right hand and held it forward. There was no problem with her posture.

After that, if Philia said float’, she should be slightly lifted from the floor.

But when Philia chanted ‘float’ nothing happened. Philia titled her head.

“Probably you are not passed enough magic through the wand.”

“What should I do?”

“I’ll help you. May you give me your hand?”


Philia smiled and extended her right hand while holding the cane. I put my hand on that white hand.

“Somehow, it feels tickling.”

“I’m sorry. Please be patient.”

“Yeah. You know I want to stay like this all the time?”

Philia said with a beautiful voice and dyed her cheeks a little red. I felt her little cold hands and became a little embarrassed.

By the way, when I learned difficult magic, I asked Lucy-sensei to put her and my hands together and used the magic together.

At that time, Lucy-sense was embarrassed, but this time I was in her position.

“Please chant at the same time with me.”

“Yeah, one-two.”

Philia called out, and I matched with her.


Philia and I floated. It succeeded. Once you can pass magical power through the wand, you will be able to grasp the feeling and use the same magic again without any problems.

“Then, please slowly weaken the magic output….”

Suddenly we fell to the floor. Philia stopped the magic too early. It wasn’t very high, so I was able to regain my posture without any problems, but Philia was different.

I hugged Phiiia in a hurry.

“Are you okay Philia-sama.”

“Ye, yeah. I’m sorry, Solon.”

After that Philia turned her face bright red. Philia was hugged by me from the front, and our faces were close enough to the point we were almost kissing. I hurriedly separated away from Philia.

“I’m sorry.”

“It is okay if you kiss me at that time.”

“You shouldn’t tell such joke.”

“You’ve kissed the back of my hand and my cheeks, so next is my lips, right?”

Philia looked at me with an upwards glance.

When I was going to duel with Jullian, the vice-captain of the imperial palace guard, I kissed the back of Philia’s hand. I was doing it because it was a duel for Philia.

As for kissing her cheek, it was when Philia made fun of me and made me plying “father and daughter” with her. Both of them were embarrassing, but well, I wasn’t anything more than affection.

But kissing wasn’t something you could do in ceremonies or jokes. If we were kissing, it wouldn’t be a relationship between a master and a disciple anymore. 

“Now, let’s use another magic to be more familiar with the wand.”

“Ah, so changing the story.”

“No, that’s not the case…”

“It’s not good, if you don’t answer properly.”

I was confused when Philia stared straight at me. How should I answer it?

But I didn’t have to worry about it now. This was because Clarice opened the door of the room and came in. 

Claris was in a maid outfit and seemed to be in a hurry. When she entered the room, her legs slipped then fell.

“Uu, it hurts…”

“Are you okay? Claris-san?”

“Hmm. If Solon-sama hugs me, I feel like I’ll be fine…”

“You seem okay.”

I listened to Claris’s joke and reached out to Claris. For a second, Claris looked a little disappointed, then she SMiled and took my hand.

“What happened for you to be such in a hurry?”

“A visitor has come!”

“A visitor? In this mansion?”

“Yes. What’s more, I’m sure he Is someone important.”

Claris told us the name of the visitor. The name of the visitor is Notora, the summoner. He was one of the thirteen executives of the knights of Saint Sophia and my former companion.

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  1. >(TN wait, what? black magic?)

    Black Magic is not as bad as you think, TL~

    Actually, it’s more useful than light magic~
    But the usefulness gets abused then gets banned~

    The problem is the people who abuses it not the magic itself~

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