Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 19

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Shiro’s Day (2/4)

I gobbled the food made by Tina until my stomach is full to bursting.


In the beginning, I was uneasy that I was woken up without god’s summoning.

In introspection, being able to consume Tina’s handmade dishes made me grateful that Halt roused me. I expressed my thanks to Tina, and then I went out of the mansion.


As an exercise after meal, I decided to take a stroll to Steel Forest near the Ifrus Academy of Magic.

This is my daily routine.

Halt and the rest were worried about me, but there’s no demon out there that can harm a Divine Beast like me, so I habitually took this excursion on my own.

The demons in this forest are relatively high leveled, and they also possess high intelligence.

For that reason, they already sensed my power, so there was not a single one who attempted to attack me.

Many of those demons flee from my path as soon as I enter the forest.

For that reason, I can leisurely amble around in the forest.

I do that while I’m in in this tiny form, by the way.

My true body is way more awesome, though I don’t know if it’s due to staying for a long while at Halt’s mansion, but now, I’m more accustomed to this.

That’s because I can get Tina and Leaffa to spoil me more when I’m looking like this.

I reached the heart of the forest.

There is only one spot in this dark forest where the sun shines through. In the midst of that ray of sunlight, a huge boulder sat there looking like a pedestal.

I lay down the pedestal.

It might not compare to the fluffy sofa in Halt’s mansion, but it’s quite comfortable.

The mellow sunshine toasts me up cozily.

This spot was formally the turf of the lord of this forest, a massive bear-type demon beast called King Bear.


I accidentally stumbled on this place around three days ago.

“Whoa, so there’s a place like this.”


The King Bear who was sprawled on the stone pedestal saw me, and he eyed me as if saying ‘what’s up with this guy?’

I released a little bit of aura.

And suddenly, with no rhyme or reason, the King Bear surrendered this place to me.

I absolutely did not rob him of this place.

The King Bear just noticed how noble I am, so he offered this place to me.

After that, I came here every day and sleep until noon; that became the routine of my stroll.

After some time, the demons of this forest, starting with the King Beast, began to bring me fruits and tree nuts.

I always eat them, but I already ate a lot of Tina’s dishes today so I’m already full.

“I don’t need them today. It would be good for you to eat them, instead.”

The King Bear and the rest thought their offerings were not to my taste, so they got flustered.

“Ah, no, I am already full. It’s not that I don’t like your offerings, so do not fret.”

King Bear communicated with me.

“….What’s that? Will I eat you, you ask? Fufu, fuhahahha. You are fortunate. I already tasted something far more palatable than you demons. I won’t prey on you now.”

With those words, the beasts felt reassured.

The demon beasts took back the fruits they gathered and disappeared to the depths of the forest.

I decided to take a nap.


“—–Ha! N, no way, I overslept!”

It was way past noon when I woke up. Supposedly, I was able to eat Tina’s food again for lunch.

What did I do…


A basket made out of wood sat on top of the stone pedestal I was sleeping on.

“T, this is!!”

The basket contained three rice balls and a few nicely grilled wieners.

They had an extremely appealing smell.

“You’re up, Shiro?”

“This, did Halt…?”

“Yeah, Tina made that meal. Shiro did not return, so I brought it here. It’s still warm, I reckon.”

Whoa, so this is truly Tina’s handiwork!

I will eat this with gratitude.

The meal Tina made is incredibly flavorsome.

It would have been better if there were more portions, though….

Speaking of, Halt came from the depths of the forest – does he have business here?

“Halt, what were you doing in the forest?”

“Yeah, my magic burned a portion of this forest before. So I came here to check on its recovery.”

I already knew from listening to the magical beasts that a part of the forest burned down a few months ago.

So it was Halt’s doing.

Incidentally, a lot of demons were hunted, and a few high-level demons were also killed, or so they said.

Well, it’s not like I’m the magical beasts’ ally, and the numbers of slain demons is none of my concern.

However, I don’t condone destroying nature.

I am a Divine Beast. It is also my duty to protect the creations of the Creator God who formed this world.

Naturally, nature falls under my jurisdiction.

“Did the forest recover? I also possess the ability to hasten the recovery of the trees more or less; do you want me to take a look?”

“No worries, this guy here helped me out.”

Halt shifted his body, and there stood a small white bearded old man.

“Are you…Gnome?”

“Indeed. I can see that you are the Divine Beast Fenrir. Well, that is quite a charming appearance you have now.”

The guy Halt brought along is none other than Nome, the Spirit King of the Earth.

I already met Gnome once, a long time ago.

Seems like Halt already completed the summoning contract.

And if Nome is serious, he can grow the trees in a blink of an eye, and reviving the forest is merely child’s play for him.

Halt you punk, you already got all the Spirit Kings completely.

By the way, we Divine Beasts and the Spirit Kings have the same status in this world.

I had a sense of foreboding.

“…I’m your Senpai.”


“I’ve been Halt’s subordinate earlier than you, so I’m your Senpai. Since I’m the Senpai, I should get more favorable treatment when it comes to food. Halt must also regard me higher!”

“W, what are you talking about?”

Halt was dumbfounded.

But this is a matter of life and death to me.

Halt already formed a contract with three of the Spirit Kings.

On the other hand, I am the only one among the Divine Beasts, so I don’t have much influence.

Right now, the Spirit Kings contracted earlier are scattered in various domains, so they will only come to Halt’s side when he summons them.

However, Undine and Sylph already expressed their desire to be with Halt all the time.

If that happens, Halt won’t take care of me anymore, being the newcomer that I am.

That’s too worrying.

Halt does not discriminate; whether it be a Spirit King or a Divine Beast, he still treats it as a friend.

That’s why it’s really comfortable being with Halt.

I don’t want to increase the number of rivals targeting this position, so I need to set Gnome in his place.

“Hohohohoho, rest assured, my dear Fenrir. It is true that Halt’s magic makes one at ease, but I also have work to do. I cannot be with Halt around at all times.”

Looks like Gnome perceived my inner musings.

So he’s a good guy, after all.

“Is that so, then I will be beside Halt to protect him.”

“Please do so, Senpai.”

“Umu, leave it to me.”

After that, he chatted with Halt before leaving towards the depths of the forest.


T/N: Shiro is such a drama king. And I like how cheeky Gnome is, I somehow like him the best among the Four Spirit Kings as of now, maybe because of the way he retorted “senpai” and how he sulked because he didn’t have a contract with Halt, it’s cute.  I’m picturing him as a jolly old fellow, the kind you see in the garden lawns (perhaps it’s in the name). 😀 But here’s a bunch of more suitable photos for our dear Gnome ☺By the way, I didn’t use Gnome, cause it’s already pretty obvious that he is one, but I just wanted a more unique name for him. 😀 I should tl with author in mind, so maybe Gnome is better in this case 🙂 already changed it 😀

I used the original senpai, meaning senior, since there really isn’t any other word suitable for the scene (Senior doesn’t really cut it). ☺

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