I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 127

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

A New Disclosure

I kneeled down next to the Black Knight and put my hand up against his neck to feel whether he was alive or not. When I put my hand against his neck I didn’t feel his breath at all.

I put up my hand and poured out some magic power.


The magic circle didn’t appear and nothing happened. 

‘Just as I expected…’ 

I carefully took off the Black Knight’s helmet. Underneath I saw a man in his mid 20-ties with bright red hair.

He had a handsome face however, no matter how I looked at him he didn’t seem Japanese… He wasn’t a monster with a magic core, he was a normal human.

Up until now I had killed numerous monsters, however I hadn’t killed a person before. Faced with this fact I was left with complicated emotions.

Why did the Black Knight try to make enemies out of us? Why did he try to destroy the world? Numerous questions like this spun in my head…

I put my hand on the Black Knight’s cheek.

Just as I did that the Black Knight’s skin began emitting light. His whole body turned in beads of light and flew up in the air, disappearing in a short span of time.

“What the!?”

A pillar of light suddenly formed in front of me.

In the centre of that pillar there was something spinning. I put out my hand to grab it, and just as I did so the pillar of light disappeared.

Looking at my hand I noticed that the thing I had grabbed just now was a Class Slate.

<Legendary Hero> UR

‘Legendary Hero… What is this supposed to mean?’


Turning around I saw Leo and the others coming towards me. I stood up and just as I was about to head towards them, I noticed that the Black Knight’s sword was lying on the ground.

‘It didn’t disappear!?’

I picked up the sword and appraised it…

“…So that’s how it is.”

[Excalibur] UR

A sword made from the metal with the highest hardness

High Purity Orichalcum.

It absorbs impact and turns it into energy, which can later be used to release a powerful attack.

‘So it’s the famous Holy Sword… But why exactly did the Black Knight have this?’

While I was thinking that, I felt a presence behind me so I turned to look around. Upon turning around, I saw a mass of darkness that was slowly spreading around the surroundings.


Leo: The Black Knight turned into beads of light just as Gojo kneeled next to him. We didn’t know what had happened, but even so all of us headed towards Gojo.

“Leo, it’s finally over. Hopefully the monsters around the world will start disappearing as well.” said Freya with a voice filled with joy and hope.

“I don’t know. In the end the only thing we did was defeat the Black Knight. I wish we could have gotten more information out of him…”

As we got closer to Gojo we saw that a crack in the space right behind him was beginning to form. The crack slowly became bigger and from within the darkness something began crawling out.

“What the!?”

A number of hands appeared from within the darkness, to grab a hold of the crack’s corners and begin widening the hole. A monster with blue skin, red eyes, and crescent shaped sword slowly began appearing…

“RAVANA! It’s still alive!?”

Ravana completely exited the hole and stood up to face Gojo. With the vajra in its left hand it brought down lightning, while with the crescent shaped sword in its right hand it prepared to attack.

The lightning fell on the crescent shaped sword, turning it into a Lightning Magic Sword which was about to fall upon Gojo. The several hands didn’t fall behind and began casting various kinds of magic, assaulting Gojo from all sides.

‘We must tell Gojo that, that monster is immortal!’

“Gojo! That thing is imm…”

Before I was able to finish my sentence Gojo lightly swung the sword he was holding. A black grid appeared which flew at Ravana, leaving behind it several after images. The first grid as well as all of its after images passed through Ravana’s body.

The so-called BOSS was then cut up into pieces, which pieces were cut up into even more pieces. In the end the only thing left of Ravana were numerous square shaped chunks of meat.

Following which Gojo pointed his hand towards the cut up Ravana.


A magic circle was created and the cut up pieces of meat began gathering in one place as if being sucked by some kind of vortex, turning into a black Magic Core.

The Magic Core that melted was sucked into the middle of the magic circle.

We saw Gojo pick up something that had just appeared in front of his feet and begin walking towards us…

‘He so easily defeated the BOSS that we had such a hard time with…’ 

A slight smile appeared on my lips.

“That’s cheating Gojo…”


‘So that was the thing Leo and the others fought against… I was able to take care of it surprisingly fast. Was it weakened because of fighting Leo and the others I wonder.

Still this sword really can cut.’ 

Excalibur was a joy to wield. It felt like it had become a part of my body. There was also…

“It really did drop.”

At the place where I had tamed the BOSS a Magic Core had dropped. I took the magic core and appraised it.

<God Slayer> UR

Allows the user to embed a weapon that has a high amount of durability, with the power to slay Divinities, Dragon Gods, Gods.

‘God Slayer… It probably means a power similar to Titan’s Giant Axe of Destruction that killed Vishnu or that of the Balmung sword which I used to kill Hydra.’

“Divinities, Dragon Gods, and …Gods…?”

As I was lost in thought Leo and the others came.

“Mr. Gojo!”

“Emily don’t cry! Just look at how strong you’ve gotten.”


It wasn’t just Emily, all of the kids were crying as well. Even Noah couldn’t help himself…

“Noah, I’m sorry I had you go through that.”

“It’s fine. As long as you’re fine Mr. Gojo.”

“Gojo did you defeat the Black Knight? In the end who was that guy?” asked Leo with a curious look on his face however, I had no clear answer as to who the Black Knight was.

“I don’t know as well. However, if we manage to find that out I believe that we’ll be able to figure out what’s happening to our world as well.”

I once again look at my sword.

“Is that the Black Knight’s sword…? It gives off a feeling of tremendous power. It might as well be a perfect weapon for you.” said Leo. 

It really did seem like the Black Knight had left it for me to use. There was definitely some kind of meaning behind the Class Slate as well as the God Slayer skill.

“We should go back for now. The English Embassy in Thailand is still safe, so we should go there and rest up a bit. We’ll talk about what to do when morning comes.” suggested Leo and everyone was happy with the idea. 

We began walking while congratulating ourselves on a job well done.

While walking I wiped off the magic core with my clothes and ate it.

I still didn’t quite understand how the ability worked, but I guessed I’d just have to apply it to Excalibur.

When I finished eating the Magic Core I looked at Excalibur.

“What?… It’s already applied!”

After gaining the skill and looking at the sword, I understood that it already had the ability applied to it. 

‘Does this mean that this sword was already used to fight against the Gods?’

There were countless things that I still didn’t know. I decided to put all of that aside and look at my status first.

Great Sage Lv 99

HP 81,010/81,010

MP ∞/∞

Strength 172,140

Defense 106,590

Magic Defense 50,568

Agility 97,680

Dexterity 10,025

Wisdom 163,507

Luck 748,125

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: “Magician King”

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank S

Mapping Rank SSS Title: “Cavern King”

Magic Library Rank A

Swordsmanship Rank SSS Title: “Sword Saint”

Martial Arts Rank SSS Title: “Martial God”

Generate Rank C

Dismantle Rank A

Plunder Rank SS

Archery Rank B

Tame Rank SSS Title: “Monster Overlord”

Alchemy Rank A

Archive Rank B

Chi Control Rank S

Magic Sword Rank S

Protection Rank S

Light Protection Rank A

Darkness’ Protection Rank A

Assassination Rank A

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation / Ultra Recovery / Dragon King’s Coffin /

Infinite Magic Power / Peerless Strength / Dragon Blast /

Gravity Manipulation / God Eyes / Life’s Cradle /

Complete Status Immunity / Immortality / God Slayer /

Goddess’s Blessing / Armor of Sin /

Barrier / God Speed

[Skills] [Magic]

Appraisal (XVII)     Wind Magic (XIX)

Detection (XXVII)   Earth Magic (XVIII)

Strength Increase (XXX)     Fire Magic (XIX)

Clairvoyance (XIII) Light Magic (XXIV)

SP Increase (XIII)         Summoning Magic (XXX)

Cold and Heat Resistance (XVI)         Lightning Magic (XXV)

Physical Resistance (XIV) Water Magic (XX)

Magic Resistance (XV) Dark Magic (XXVI)

Magic Aptitude (XV)       Strengthening Magic (XXI)

Growth Speed (XV)           Healing Magic (XIX)

Stealth (XVIII)

Agility (XXX)

Precise Repair (XI)

Coercion (X)

Thought Acceleration (X)

Telepathy (XI)

Hostility Detection (XVII)

Imitation (XXV)

Mind Defense (XI)

Divine Protection (XV)


Divinity Vishnu SSS

Dragon God Hydra SSS

Rock Giant Titan SSS

Flame Dragon King Shiva SS

Rakshasa Ravana SS

Fairy Spriggan AAA

Beast Chimera AAA

Spirit Phoenix AA

Metal Titan Gigas A

Dragon Flying Dragon B

Metal Giant (Middle Rank) B

Rock Giant (Middle Rank) B

Before fighting the Black Knight, I used the Great Sage Class Slate. For starters I only had two of the Great Sage Class Slates, so this was my last one.

“So the Archive skill’s rank went up to B huh… Wait what?”

My eyes stopped on the [Class Skills] tab. My Swordsmanship skill had reached rank SSS and I even had a title attached.

‘Why did it rise?’ 

Is what I thought however, then it struck me that it was probably because I had copied the Black Knight’s Swordsmanship with Imitation. 

‘So I can raise the Class Skill ranks like this as well huh…’

I left that thought for later and opened up the Great Sage’s Archive.

A light board appeared in front of my eyes, and on it the information about Antarctica could now be seen.

Canada Rank B / America Rank S

Bolivia Rank C / Greenland Rank D

Russia Rank A / China Rank A

Japan Rank B / India Rank C

Georgia Rank D / France Rank SS

The United Kingdom Rank S / Libya Rank D

Angola Rank C / Australia Rank B

Antarctica Rank SSS

‘So Antarctica’s rank is SSS huh…’ I had expected it however, having it displayed in front of me like this still mind-boggled me.

On top of that on the light board in front of me I could see that there was one additional page.

Looking at it, I saw that it had a detailed map of Antarctica displayed on it. Right in the middle of the map there was a shining dot that looked like some kind of mark.

“I guess I’ll have to go to Antarctica…”

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