When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 41

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Editor: Diya

Off the horse

The nightmare of Kong Qi’s childhood!


Speaking of this man’s deeds, there are really only three words to describe it: this is hell.

Before the age of seven or eight, Kong Qi’s life was beyond words. His biological parents were two generals and they died in battle for the Yeying rebellion. Because of his cuteness, he was honored to be adopted by the monarch.

There were already many good elder brothers before him, so his father had no requirements for him, but he was responsible for pretending to be cute and cuddly.

The question of why Kong Qi’s father accepted so many sons had always been a mystery. It was rumored that father practiced demonic cultivation excessively, was not human anymore, and thus could only adopt an heir. Moreover, he had not only adopted one or two, but twelve in a row.

All the lovely boys in Yeying were adopted by father, but that wasn’t within the scope of Kong Qi’s business – he was only responsible for being cute and enjoying his father’s love.

He was happy every day.

Until… the demon appeared.

The demon was said to be the newly-made soul puppet of his father, which was very different from other soul puppets. It was said to be a divine level puppet, so when he appeared, everyone looked at Kong Qi’s father with reverence.

At that time, Kong Qi had no way to truly understand the singularity that is a puppet of divinity- but he soon felt it.

It was a monster of the abyss!

When Kong Qi wanted to crawl onto his father’s lap, the puppet came out of nowhere and stopped him resolutely, saying that it was not in line with tradition.

When Kong Qi wanted to hug, the puppet first came out and hugged him instead, saying that the master was busy and they should not disturb him. 

When Kong Qi was disciplined by his father, the puppet didn’t stop anything this time- he stood looking at Kong Qi’s father with a smile on his face, and his eyes were full of stars.

If it was just the above, Kong Qi could just be disgusted with the puppet.

It wasn’t until the time that Kong Qi peeked in, seeing his father taking a bath, and was found by the puppet who was trembling with coldness.

The puppet devil pulled Kong Qi into the little black room and beat him up. The next day, he became Kong Qi’s martial arts teacher, and every time in class he beat up Kong Qi. 

Kong Qi hurt his bones and broke his head. He couldn’t bear it and went to his father to complain. Maybe his image at that time was too miserable so father was angry and summoned the puppet to question.

Faced with father’s anger, the puppet did not panic and explained in detail, “Kong Qi has blood of the dragon race. This blood vein needs to be stimulated in a special way. Once stimulated, don’t ask about rising a level in cultivation- it can go a thousand miles. If a man wants to be strong, what’s the hardship as long as you don’t die?”

His father nodded in agreement, “That’s right.”

Kong Qi: “…”

The puppet once again showed his idiotic smile to father, and then dragged Kong Qi away for more abuse, thoroughly implementing the phrase: as long as you don’t die.

Kong Qi’s hell continued for a full ten years, until one day the puppet suddenly disappeared.

Kong Qi heard second brother Kong Er say it was third brother Kong San’s doing. Kong Qi wanted to hold the third brother’s strong thigh and kiss his feet. How awesome!

As a result, today, Kong Qi chased his younger eleventh brother Kong Shiyi and came to Mingguang mainland only to actually meet the devil again.

How did the puppet appear? Has it been in Mingguang all these years?

Kong Qi sees Kongbao, and Kongbao (who has recovered his appearance) also sees Kong Qi.

After experiencing Kong Shiyi’s presence, Kongbao is no longer surprised by seeing old faces, but instead returns a shy smile.

Kong Qi shivers.

Kong Wuying finds his cub suddenly staring at him in horror…

Kong Wuying also glances back, and with that look, he can’t breathe. “Kongbao, why are you following me sneakily?!”

As soon as the words come out, he regrets it immediately. With all the recent scolding, it’s now become a habit to snap at Kongbao despite the occasion.

Kong Qi doesn’t know Kong Wuying, but knows the puppet baby! And looking at Kong Qi’s appearance just now, he has clearly recognized Kongbao! In case Kongbao rushes up to call for his master again, isn’t the facade all over? 

Kongbao seems to see the embarrassment of Kong Wuying’s, and when the beautiful thin lips are lifted, he starts to call out-

Kong Wuying cuts in with a: “Don’t follow me! If you bother me again, I will not agree with your marriage to grandmother!”

Kongbao almost chokes on his own spit. 


The shadow guard following Kong Wuying are also stunned. Grandmother is Xuan Wang’s mother – eighty years old this year. Big brother, we didn’t see it before, but your tastes are so heavy!

Kong Qi is close enough to hear this as well. He didn’t expect to see this puppet again so many years down the line, and somehow Kongbao became like this?

Didn’t the puppet like… father?

Kongbao looks at his master and doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Kong Wuying, without looking at him, walks right past.

Kongbao doesn’t chase, but walks up to Kong Qi with a smile, and greets generously, “It’s been a long time, Xiao Qiqi.”

(^ doubling up a name = cutesy nickname.)

Xiao Qiqi …

As soon as he hears the name, Kong Qi’s face immediately darkens. Apparently recalling a bad past.

But he is no longer an eight-year-old child now, so he doesn’t hesitate to fight back. “Yeah, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I never thought your taste would become so strange now!”

Listening to this ridicule, Kongbao laughs.

An amazing smile appears on his face, and he shakes his head gently, inexplicably. “You don’t understand.”

Kong Qi: “…”

Kongbao turns away and leaves to chase after his master. Before leaving, he only tosses back a sentence: “The person you are looking for is in the Dongyuan palace’s miscellaneous service room.”

As a result, Kong Shiyi, in the sea of ​​questions and answers, finally ushers in the dawn of his hope! “Qi-ge? Why are you here? Is it just you?”

Seeing Kong Qi, Kong Shiyi is more surprised than fearful. Among the brothers, his relationship with Kong Qi is a bit more harmonious, not to mention whoever can take him away from here, is an angel!

“What are you doing?” Kong Qi looks around the small room, and picks up a nearby piece of paper off a precarious stack. He reads the first part and his eyes light up. “This topic is a bit interesting.”

Kong Qi picks up an ink brush almost unconsciously and with a quick sweep, the question is done.

Kong Shiyi is dumbfounded. “What are you doing? Hurry up, we won’t be able to leave after being found out!”

“What’s the matter?” Kong Qi is completely attracted by the charm of knowledge and can’t move his legs at all.

Kong Shiyi is so speechless that he has to throw out the killer sentence. “I’d tell you where the treasure is!”

Kong Qi straightens immediately, so fast that he knocks down a nearby stack of papers, scattering it all over the place in the process. “Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

In the palace.

Kong Wuying commands, “Xiao Ling, rub my legs.” 

Now his body is really dead, and after walking for a while everything is sore.

Xiao Ling looks at the beautifully shaped calf, quietly swallows, and gently sheds Kong Wuying’s shoes and socks for him. His warm palm presses on the delicate skin of Kong Wuying’s calf.

Kong Wuying doesn’t even notice he’s being eaten by someone’s eyes, and the  comfortable strength makes him a little sleepy.

But the moment he is about to fall asleep, the door is thrown open with a bang, making Kong Wuying jack upright. 

At the door, stands his two sons, and a guard lying on the ground.

“Qi-ge, that’s him!” Kong Shiyi points at Xiao Ling. “It was he who stole it!”

Kong Qi raises his eyebrows and yells out, “Give me the treasure!”

Xiao Ling is confused. “What treasure?!”

“It’s the treasure you snatched from me that night! Hurry up!” Kong Shiyi says.

Xiao Ling replies sharply, “It was burnt.”

“You’re looking for death!” Kong Qi roars and an icy cold blast of air explodes from him, sweeping across the room as he lets out his cultivation spirit, frosting over the room around him. 

Kong Wuying, even from across the room, feels a shocking cold. He can’t help asking, “What treasure did you take?”

“Your underwear,” Xiao Ling deadpans. 

The armrest under Kong Quying’s hands all crack under the pressure of his grip. He releases the pitiful armrests and commands, “Kongbao, grab them!”

Xiao Ling blinks innocently. “Who’s Kongbao?”

Kong Wuying doesn’t even look at his puppet. “Grab them and I’ll give you a kiss-”

Xiao Ling shoots forward like a gust of wind.

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