Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 41

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

It’s Okay

A devil and a human with devil’s blood would lose control of their magic. Verse said that.

Certainly, there were such legends. Since they had traits similar to those of demons, if they used strong magic, the magic would clash with the traits and cause them to lose control.

It was plausible, but I didn’t believe in such rumors. 

“It’s a myth that devils and mixed races will lose control of magic.”

“But the Imperial Church taught that officially and the Imperial School of Magic doesn’t accept devils as students.”

Verse argued without a change to her expression. So it was like that, the empire’s higher-ups didn’t want to teach magic to devils and the mixed races.

Perhaps, the empire was scared if the enslaved devils and the poor mixed races started rebelling. Many devils and mixed races have high aptitudes for magic. Therefore if they mastered magic, they would have considerable power.

That was why the empire took away their opportunity to use magic. The empire’s border, where I came from, was a region with only a little hostility towards the devils. And this kind of belief was not believed as much. But it was different in the Imperial Capital.

I looked at Princess Philia. She looked back at me worriedly.

I happened to teach her magic four years ago. After that, why did no one try teaching her magic? 

It was because Philia was a devil’s daughter. Everyone believed in the myth and avoided teaching magic to her, the devil’s daughter.

I laughed at Verse.

“It’s unreasonable. I’ve never seen demons or mixed-races lose control of magic. And there’s no well-supported scientific evidence. In the neighboring country, the Republic of Armenian Fallen, there should be no norm having to avoid teaching magic to devils and mixed-races.”

“Oh my, Solon-san. You’re very knowledgeable.”

“You know about that. Right, Verse?”

Verse was a well-informed merchant and she was also a devil. She should’ve known the saying that a devil would lose control of magic was a myth.

I wondered why she brought up such an old myth and opposed me teaching Philia magic. Professor Lucy of the Imperial Magic School encouraged me to teach magic to Philia in the first place, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Verse nodded.

“That’s right. I also think it’s a myth, but the core of the problem isn’t whether devils or mixed races would actually lose magic control.”

“What do you mean?”

“There are many people in the empire who believed in such myths. What would people think of a magician with ‘dirty blood’?”

I understood what Verse meant.

Demons and mixed races called “dirty blood” were subjects to discrimination and contempt in the first place. In addition, if there were such prejudice that the magician would lose control of magic, that person would face persecution even more.

“Solon-san, do you intend to let this girl walk such a thorny path?” Verse said in a beautifully melancholic voice. She was right. She turned to Philia and told her.

“You’re Leah, right? I didn’t know if that was your real name. But with only a slight difference between pure-breed devils and mixed races, I know you’re similar to us. Leah, have you ever seen a demon?”

Philia nodded a little and muttered, “It was scary.” 

The other day, Philia saw a demon for the first time in the mansion’s basement. The demon I defeated was the six-legged kind. It was a giant, spider-like demon with a black muddy torso, a translucent body, overall an ugly appearance who preyed on and killed people. 

Verse said, “You and I have the same traits in our blood. Frankly, isn’t it normal for us to be discriminated against?”

“I… don’t know.”

Philia looked down and shook her head.

I was an ordinary human. So I couldn’t begin to understand all of their worries. But it was scary to think if I had the same blood as those grotesque demons.

“I didn’t think you should walk a thorny path which will lead you to even more persecution. There are many paths to take, not only one to become a magician.”

When Verse finished saying that, the place was enveloped in silence. Certainly, Verse’s argument made sense. Philia and Lucy told me that I was going to teach Philia for her to become a magician. But I didn’t know if that was the best decision for her.

After a while, Philia raised her face and said in a clear voice.

“It’s my own wish that Solon teaches me magic. So even if I was met with difficulties along the way, I wouldn’t regret it.”

“The result of your will won’t always be a happy one. Regret always comes later.”

“Even if I were scared and couldn’t move forward, I don’t want to be a helpless girl who could only tremble. I want to be a magic swordsman like Solon, who could pave his own path. What’s more…”


“Even if the path forward were difficult, Solon would guide me, as my instructor. So I’m sure I would be okay,” Philia said matter-of-factly and stared at me. I nodded. It was just as she said.

There wasn’t any reason for Philia to give up what she wanted because of some myth. If she faced difficulties, I would protect her. That was my role.

Verse stared at me and Philia alternately, and then sighed.

“It seems like you have a firm determination.”

“It’s settled, then let’s choose a wand now. I want you to gauge this girl’s skills, so we could get her the best wand.”

I told Verse to choose a wand of first-class quality without worrying about the price, since using high-quality tools could improve Philia’s magic drastically. However, next to me, Philia looked surprised.

“Solon… I couldn’t buy such an expensive wand.”

Since Princess Philia left the Imperial Palace, the empire cut Philia’s budget considerably. Philia’s living expenses were barely secured, so she could hardly afford buying expensive things.

I smiled.

“This is a gift from your instructor. It’s a little bit early for a birthday gift, but I will pay for it, so please don’t worry.”

“That’s not good. I couldn’t even pay Solon’s salary.”

“It’s fine. As an instructor, I am happy just seeing my disciple grow.”

I gently stroked Philia’s head, her face turned red. She nodded a little, letting me pat her head.

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