Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 18

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Shiro’s Day (1/4)

I am the Divine Beast Fenrir.

Presently, I had been given a name by the human Halt, and thus I am known by everyone as Shiro*.

At first, I thought it was a name fit for a dog, but recently I’m starting to think it’s not that bad to be called that way.

It’s a name that reflects the characteristic of my snow white body pretty well.

It’s simple, but not unsatisfactory.

Well, it’s already morning.

My mornings are late in the day.

Today, I woke up just before being roused.

Normally, at this hour, I’ll still be asleep at the soft, fluffy sofa in the drawing room until I’m awakened my retainer, the Beastkin Merdie.

This particular drawing room sofa is the fluffiest in Halt’s mansion, so I am fond of it.

Merdie, that cat form Beastkin, is also quite a splendid person.

When she’s waking me, she will do so with a gentle voice, and she patiently waits until I arise.

If it’s Halt, he will tap me repeatedly; it’s a bit unpleasant.

Since Merdie wakes me gently, I told them I prefer her, so from then on, it became her job.

“Good morning, Shiro-sama.”

Right on time, Merdie came to rouse me.

“Morning… Merdie”

I’m weak in the mornings.

It’s already way past sunrise, but I still want to slumber.

“Breakfast is ready, meow. Tina is in charge for today’s cooking.”

Whoa! So it means Tina made today’s breakfast!”

My excitement spiked up.

At Halt’s mansion, there is a daily household chore rotation among Tina, Leaffa, Youko, Mai, Mei and Merdie for cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping.

I adore Tina’s handmade dishes.

So I’m really glad when it’s Tina’s turn to cook.

Merdie and Leaffa’s dishes are also nice.

Mai and Mei also progressed.

Youko, stop secretly handing me the burnt food you make.

I’m the Divine Beast Fenrir, you know.

Did you think I won’t notice that you give Halt the hamburger that’s not burnt, then sneaking the burnt one to me?

Well, it’s made with Tina’s training recipe, so even if it’s charred it still tasted good.

I’m looking forward to today, since it’s Tina is the cook on duty.

I followed Merdie.

Merdie’s tail was straight up as she strode in front of me.

Merdie is also eagerly anticipating Tina’s dishes. I suddenly realized that I’m wagging my tail vigorously.

Oops, this is not good.

Aren’t I acting like some common pet dog, being like this. Even if I’m highly strung, I should be able to control my body perfectly.

….M, my tail won’t stop…

Aren’t you great, Tina; to think that you can keep me on my toes with your handmade dishes.

Hahaha, it would be good for you to think of it as an honor.

“Good morning, Shiro-sama.”

“Morning, Tina.”

What a delectable scent. Just as always, Tina lined up the dishes on my personal dish tray.

I eat the same things as people.

In the past, I ate demons, but ever since I tasted Tina’s food, I no longer have appetite for them.

In Halt’s mansion, everyone gathers at meal times to dine together, with the exception of those who have some other business.

Mai and Mei already sat themselves at my opposite.

Hey— why are Halt and the others not here yet!?

A mouth-watering fragrance wafted from the soup before my eyes. C, can’t take it anymore.

However, I am a proud Divine Beast.

I most certainly will not succumb to this level of temptation.


A bit of drool slipped out, but it can’t be helped since it’s a natural physiological response.

After around two minutes, Halt, brought along by Leaffa, finally came.

“Halt, you’re so slow!”

“Morning, sorry for making you wait. The sleepy head Shiro’s quite early today.”

Halt ruffled my head while saying so.

“S, stop it!”

Although I verbally oppose it vehemently— the truth is, I relish being petted on the head.

The Creation God and Halt are the only ones who dare to stroke my, this Divine Beast, head.

If I request Tina, Merdie and the others to pat me, they would gladly comply, but my pride won’t allow me to ask…..

So I settled on making brushing an occasional request to Merdie.

“Ahahaha, sorry. Your coat is in top-notch condition today, too.”

“Hmpf, hurry up and take your seat, Tina’s dishes will cool down!”

Aahhh… it’s over.

Y, you can still stroke it, you know?

Well, I did want to eat breakfast soon, though.

Halt should indulge me more.

In the first place, he was the one who woke me, this Divine Beast, from my slumber even though he did not have any business to begin with.

Next time, when there’s no other person here aside from Halt, I’ll demand that he should take care of me more.

I believe I have all the right to do that.

“Everyone’s here. Alright, thanks for the meal!”

“Thank you for the meal!”

Today’s we have sandwich and soup for breakfast.

Both of them were done in a convenient way for me, so I’m saved.

I licked the soup.

Soooo delish!!

Yum, so yummy!!

I also took a bite of the sandwich.


W, why is it that a simple thing like this tastes so heavenly?

No mistake, this is the bread that Tina herself created, and she also meticulously chose all the seasonings and the like!

It was so scrumptious, I couldn’t stop eating.

“Shiro, don’t be in a hurry to eat that.”

“ Mmboshible, doo daisdy!” (Impossible, too tasty!)

“Hey! Don’t talk in that condition! It’s flying!”

 Drat you, Halt!

You’ve been enjoying this delicious food all your life – so not fair.

You should have roused me much earlier.

While I was preoccupied with such thoughts, the sandwich and soup were all gone.

“All gone….”

I can eat a lot more.

I wanna eat a lot more.

But reality is cruel.

There’s no meaning in the empty bowl before me.

“Shiro-sama, please eat slowly and savor it, okay?”


Tina said that while bringing me another serving.

I see Tina as a goddess.

O Creator God, just this once, please forgive my desire to curry favour with Tina.

“Tina – no, Tina-sama! Thank you!”

“Fufu, there’s still a lot more.”

So it’s okay to continue eating!?

I’m so happy, my tears fell.

Ahh, what have I been doing since I’ve been born in this world?

I was wasting away my life (?)*.

So something as delicious as this exists in this world….

I gobbled up breakfast until I became satiated.

“Hey….Shiro’s crying while eating breakfast today, too.”

“That always happens when it’s Tina’s shift to cook. Apparently, Tina’s dishes are too delicious so he can’t stop his tears, meow.”

“T, that’s… by being pleased to that extent, I’ll feel obliged instead.”


T/N: Initially, I debated with myself whether I’ll use Shiro or Whitey. Lol. Well, Shiro sounded cool so here we go. Shiro literally said human life (人生) with (?) in the original text, with the question mark emphasizing his not a human. ;D

We got a tsundere glutton now ☺ all that talk of food makes my stomach grumble,, guru guru~ 

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