When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 40

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Childhood nightmare

The middle-aged man suddenly shivers slightly. When His Royal Highness shows this expression, it means that … someone is going to be unlucky.

Brother, go all the way.

Since His Highness has a plan in mind, the middle-aged man won’t say much. He was ordered to lurk next to His Highness Shiyi, everything else isn’t his business.

The middle-aged man hums. “Your Highness Shiyi has been hunted by you and the other Highnesses to hide these days, but I haven’t seen him take out any treasures to use. Your Highness, have you made a mistake?”

That’s right, there are several reasons why Kong Shiyi was chased so badly by several brothers and even had to take refuge in Mingguang – because he took away a treasure when he ran.

As for what the treasure is, the middle-aged old man does not know, but it’s one that can be contended over by several Highnesses, and even made His Highness Qi give up the business in Yeying to chase the treasure in Mingguang, it must be…

(^ Qi = number seven)

“I’m never wrong.” Kong Qi’s forefinger gently taps on the table. Thinking of the treasure, a strange expression overcomes his face. He sighs deeply. “If only he was there that day…”

The middle-aged man is very resourceful and doesn’t continue to question.

“So… at this time, the emergence of this shadow guard is very unusual. Maybe he is also a dumb pup who was placed next to Xiao Shiyi by another brother. You can arrange it and I will meet this person face to face.”

A meeting is arranged just like this.

Kong Wuying feels that although the words of Kongbao are not good enough, they are still reasonable.

This Xuan Wang really has some problems.

Xuan Wang’s biggest problem was to stop himself from being lazy!

“Your Majesty!” Xuan Wang stands in front of the desk with a bitter expression of exhortation. “How can you not approve of the rituals? Lazy politics and being neglectful are really taboos! These things are brought to you so you need to approve it. If you don’t understand, a court official can help you.”

Kong Wuying has his chin propped up on his palm, elbow on the table. “Do it for me, I don’t want to read a word.”

“Your Majesty… such lazy politics is simply…”

Xuan Wang continues to persuade him, but Kong Wuying interrupts: “What is the real taboo for a king? Do you know?”

Xuan Wang pauses.

Kong Wuying continues, “Maybe think about it for a while. In the meantime, I believe Xuan Wang has the ability to handle these trivial matters.”

Suddenly Xuan Wang is silent, only half a moment before he says quietly, “Are you … complaining about me?”

“Huh?” Kong Wuying doesn’t understand how the topic could turn into this.

Xuan Wang is already speaking, “I killed so many princes, and killed the old emperor too, do you think I’m vicious?”

This… this is too direct.

You just broke the news like that!

Looking at the attendants standing around, they pretend to not hear or notice anything. 

Xuan Wang huffs out a laugh. “These people are my confidants – the entire palace is under my control.”

All thanks to Feng Gong, who did not know why Xuan Wang had been staying close and learning the ropes, and the overtaking went so smoothly.

Suddenly Xuan Wang grits his teeth, his face sullen. “It’s all retribution. Who told that bastard emperor to take away your mother and separated her from me for so many years!”

Kong Wuying looks around awkwardly. 

Xuan Wang disregards his reaction completely, and says to himself, “He snatched your mother, but did not treat her well – took all of her family jade and treated you twice as rough as the other princes, how can I bear it!”

Kong Wuying suddenly remembers what the former emperor said right before death

I want to… Kill you?

The former emperor was so excited, not to see his son, but to see the source that killed so many of his sons.

That made sense.

Kong Wuying nods heavily. “I see, it’s good to kill them!”

“You don’t understand it at all-” Xuan Wang pauses. “What did you just say?”

Wasn’t Ning Zhao always reluctant to accept his own life? Always disagreeing with Xuan Wang’s revenge, and even traveled far away to protest?

Although Xuan Wang directly removed dozens of sons of the former emperor and forced Ning Zhao back, he was already prepared for Ning Zhao to blame him. 

But what did the boy say? Good to kill them?

Kong Wuying indeed praised him. 

Whether the old emperor abused Kong Wuying’s new body, or robbed the body’s mother, or Xuan Wang killed the old emperor’s family in revenge – it is not that Kong Wuying cares about right and wrong.

Kong Wuying is only praising Xuan Wang’s means.

It’s cruel and neat. It’s so practical to kill everyone and their family! Both revenge and seizure of power. 

As for how others comment, well, history is written by the winner.

Although Xuan Wang was initially incompetent and was too slow to retaliate until his friend died and Ning Zhao ran away, none of this matters.

Kong Wuying instead begins to brainwash Xuan Wang. “I know that everything you do is for me, but have you ever asked me if I want to be the emperor? If I am happy?”

Xuan Wang cries, “You don’t want to do it?”

Kong Wuying replies without hesitation, “Why would I want to be emperor of Mingguang?”

Xuan Wang: “…”

The middle-aged man quietly says to His Highness Qi, who has been overwhelmed: “He will pretend to recruit a Yeying chef every day to cook for him, but in fact he will contact us. You will be with me later, pretending to be a delivery.”

After telling him, the middle-aged man raises his voice and smiles, telling the guard, “Go and let him know, the emperor’s lunch is here.”

The guard says, “Oh, you’re late. His Majesty isn’t in today, come back tomorrow.”

Kong Qi: “…”

Kong Wuying rarely walks alone on the streets of the capital Qingdu, because of course, behind him is the unseen shadow guard.

As the capital of the Daqing empire, the prosperity of Qingdu is far from comparable to that of the smaller Shengdu. 

At the same time, Kong Qi, who was feeling a little frustrated, was also walking along the road. Qingdu is a bustling city with great talents and as Kong Qi is walking around, his old habits come out. 

He glances around, picking out beautiful men. Of course the best is father but you can still look at a congee and not eat it. As he walks, he watches the beautiful men and women who move past. 

Kong Qi naturally sees Kong Wuying as they pass on the road. Evaluation: his temperament is good, but the features are almost the minimum standard.

Not that one for now. Alas… who is the one behind him? Looks pretty good. Wait a minute… that’s…

Kong Qi is stiff all over.

At the same time, Kong Wuying also notices Kong Qi. No way, this son is too conspicuous. The appearance is impassioned, the temperament is superb, and just standing there will naturally attract a lot of attention.

As soon as he sees Kong Qi, Kong Wuying’s face turns blank. As the father, he knows they are all eccentric. This Kong Qi is no exception.

Of the twelve sons, Kong Wuying is proud of Wu, Yi and Jiu the most. 

(^ Wu = 5/Yi = 1/Jiu = 9)

As for Lao Qi, he has always been the most helpless. This child likes to play with men and women, anyone attractive that catches the eye. 

(^ Lao = old)

Kong Wuying doesn’t know how many people have thrown up a fuss over being abandoned or having lovers stolen. This Kong Qi, he has been punished, and he has been scolded, but he still behaves as he does.

Of course, this was only a minor problem in the past.

But with the words of Kongbao rattling around in Kong Wuying’s mind, plus Xiao Shiyi who is still solving problems, Kong Wuying can’t help but have a sense of fear of being bitten by a snake.

He dare not approach this son…

But Kong Qi doesn’t look at Kong Wuying, Kong Qi’s eyes are instead completely attracted by the person behind him.

Kong Qi is stiff and cold.

Because he sees Kongbao secretly following behind a man.

How could Kong Qi not remember meeting Kongbao before?

Isn’t that puppet Kong Qi’s childhood nightmare?

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