The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 20

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Climbs the Tree House

After getting the necessary equipment for the treehouse, I put on the harness and fastened the carabiners and pulleys to the treehouse ropes, as the owner of the gardening store had taught me.

I was wearing Thomas’ old work clothes, which he had given to me so that I could move around easily. When I presented him with a pair of scissors for pruning, wrapped in cute packaging to thank him for helping me with the fittings, he was so touched that he started crying.

“Thank you, Miss. I will keep it as our family heirloom.”

“No. Please just use them properly.”

The scissors I bought at the gardening shop didn’t come with any jewels or gems, so I want you to use them like you normally would. 

I had Marie mend the work clothes to fit me. It’s nice to have work clothes because they are easy to wear and don’t constrict you. However, I couldn’t wear them inside the mansion, so I changed into them after going into the forest. Because, if I wore it in the house, my mother would be furious.

Now that all the preparations are finished, we started climbing the treehouse. It is just a matter of climbing up the ladder that we set up, but since I made the treehouse higher, the feeling of exhilaration was amazing. In case I slip, I have the lifeline, but even so, I’m still nervous. 

I somehow made it to the treehouse and looked around to see the northern mountains. The tops were still covered with snow, but in beautiful contrast to the mountain surface, the view was spectacular.

“Oh, wow! This is amazing! It’s such a nice view. I’m glad I made the treehouse.” 

“You climbed up so fast, just like a monkey. I didn’t get a chance to show off.”

Leon landed in the treehouse, folding his wings. He had apparently intended to help me if I was to fall. 

“I’m not a monkey! It’s rude to say such a thing to a lady.”

“Ladies don’t climb trees while wearing work clothes.” 

Leon opens his mouth to retort. He’s such a bully!  I’ve been praised for my lady’s education, you know? The instructors have told me that they have nothing else to teach me. Okay!?

“It was quite thrilling and fun.” 

Marie follows behind me and gives a refreshing smile as she enters the treehouse, showing off her success in making it all the way up. On her back, she’s carrying a backpack. What’s in it? 

In the backpack Marie was carrying, there were scones and tea. Marie is such a strong person to have climbed up the tree with this on her back.

I sat down on the floor and fluffed up Leon while watching Marie skillfully arrange the scones and tea on the table we had set up.

The treehouse is a bit large, so even Leon in his lion form can fit comfortably in it. The treehouse is made of cypress wood, so it has a nice woody smell.

While I was deeply moved for a while, a golden bird suddenly flew in from the entrance. Eh? Could the bird be Flare-sama? The bird suddenly changed into the form of a woman. 

“Rio~ I’ve come to play!”

“Go back home,” Leon coldly said to Flare, who seems to have come to play. 

“Leon is so mean~”

Flare-sama hugs me, as I pat her back. 

“Leon. You shouldn’t treat Flare-sama like that when she’s come all the way out here.”


Leon looks away.

“It smells good.”

Daaku-sama quietly appeared out of Flare-sama’s shadow. In the beginning, I was surprised by this kind of scene, but now I’ve gotten used to seeing such a sight. 

“It smells like savory scones.”

“Are they Marie’s homemade scones?”

Daaku-sama tilted his head with a blank expression. Even though there is no expression, the gesture is so cute.

“Yes, it is. I think Marie baked the scones this morning.”

“Mmm. I’m looking forward to it.”

Daaku-sama was eager to eat the scones. Since it’s Marie, I’m sure she has a spare batch of scones ready for situations like this.

“I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting. Your snacks are ready.”

On the table was a pile of scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. There was also enough tea for everyone. As expected of Marie—to be able to become my personal maid, she’s certainly different. 

“The scones are so crispy and delicious!”

“The clotted cream is also excellent.”

“I’ll have the clotted cream with a dollop of strawberry jam.”

Marie’s homemade pastries were very popular with the gods. The numerous scones were gone in the blink of an eye. I slowly savored the scones that I had saved for myself. I was on a diet, so I limited myself to two.

After the meal, I decided to play on the wooden playground equipment for exercise. Flare-sama and Daaku-sama expressed their interest and watched me playing on the equipment from the treehouse.

I connected a rope to a suspension bridge that I had strung from tree to tree and tried to cross it. It was difficult to keep my balance. I felt every muscle in my body quivering.

On the other side of the treehouse, I had attached a round board around the tree to make it easier to land on. Now facing the other way, I headed for the treehouse. Removing my hands from the carabiners, I balanced myself as I walked. The planks of the suspension bridge were narrow. Although I knew that I wouldn’t fall off because I was tethered to the lifeline, I was still nervous. 

“Haa! I managed to make it all the way there and back. This is a pretty good exercise.”

“Hey Rio, can you pass the rope from the treehouse to that tree down there?”

Daaku-sama pointed to the tree below, perhaps having thought of something.

“You could, but what are you going to do?”

“Oh, and lend me that cool piece of hardware.”

Eh? Is it cool? I also thought the harness was kinda cool.

As Daaku-sama said, I created a way to pass the rope to the tree below. I was able to successfully tie the rope from the treehouse. Daaku-sama then puts on the fittings and threads them through the rope.

“All right! Here we go.”

No way! Daaku-sama is sliding down toward the tree below. He’ll collide with a tree! Watch out! Just when I thought he was about to crash into the tree, Daaku-sama landed and slipped into the shadows. What great reflexes.

“Not fair! Daaku. I want to do that too!”

“Would you like to use my fittings, then?”

Marie handed the detachable fittings to Flare-sama.

“Please wait! Flare-sama. It’s dangerous to leave it like that, so I’ll wrap the wood with cushioning material and put wood chips underneath.

That way, I thought, the wood chips would cushion her before she crashed into it, and even in the worst-case scenario, the cushioning material would prevent her from being seriously injured.

I put the chips under the tree to act as a brake and invoked the “creation magic” with the image of wrapping a buffer material like a balloon around the tree. Having created it as I had imagined, I asked Daaku-sama for confirmation.

Daaku-sama dives into the shadows and emerges from Flare’s shadow. What convenient magic.

“Even my sis, who isn’t very good at sports, can do this.”

“I’m not athletically challenged! And I told you to call me sister!”

Turning her back to Daaku-sama, she put on the fittings and threaded the carabiner and pulley through the rope. Giving a short exclamation, she slid downward.

“Whoo-hoo! Yay!”

Flare-sama happily slid down the slope. As we had planned, the wood chips we had placed underneath acted as a brake. But Flare’s body flipped over halfway down.

“She doesn’t have a strong core due to lack of exercise. Rio’s quick thinking saved sis from crashing into the tree.”

“Anyway, isn’t she lazy even when she’s in the Divine Realm?”

Leon snorts in disgust.

“Recently, she’s been addicted to this otherworldly otome game.”

Otome game? Is it like a card game? 

“Do you want to try it, too, Rio?”

Daaku-sama handed the metal fittings back to me.

“Yes. It looks interesting.”

I put on the harness again, threaded the carabiner and pulley through the rope, and started sliding down. The wind felt good. It was like walking in the air with Leon.

But I’m too small to reach the bottom chip with my feet, and if I don’t, I won’t be able to stop and will crash into the tree. Don’t worry though, there’s a balloon-like buffer!

I made up my mind and plunged into the tree. But just before I hit the buffer, something soft grabbed me. I saw white fluffy stuff hugging me from behind.

The one who held me was Marie, and the one standing between the tree and Marie was Leon.

“Rio! Are you okay?”

“Miss! Are you hurt?”

“Ah. Mhm. I’m fine. Thank you, both of you.”

I guess they knew I was going to crash into a tree and came to help me. Eh? Leon can fly, but how did Marie get here?

“I used the shadow crossing spell that Daaku-sama taught me.”

Marie smiles as if to answer my question. When did you learn it!? Marie, you’re incredible!

“I lost some years of my lifespan.” 

Leon pokes me on the head, even though it doesn’t hurt because he has a paw.

“Gods have a lifespan too?

“That’s an analogy. You’re not allowed to use that playground equipment until you’re older!”

“Ehhh!? But it was so much fun!”

Leon raises an eyebrow.

“If you want to fly, I’ll give you a ride any time.”

“Uh… Understood…”

I thought I could use it to get down from the treehouse. Too bad…


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