Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 17

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Fox Girl and Cat Girl

A week passed since we returned to our mansion in Ifrus Academy of Magic after the reception.

Leaffa wanted to enjoy the feeling of being newly-weds, so she pleaded with puppy eyes, and I ended up promising to sleep with her for two weeks.

As a result, the rotation was stopped and Youko sulked for a bit.

When I asked her to bear with it for a while longer, she wrapped her tail around me.

I was surrounded in fluff.

It was so soft. 

The texture was also the best.

“H, how is it? Isn’t it comfortable? Hmpf, i, if you sleep with me, ahh, you’ll be able to enjoy this until morning.. Nyah!”


D, damn it, I might give in to her temptation.

My hand was already rubbing and petting her tail unconsciously.

However, I have to give up Youko’s tail in favour of keeping my promise to Leaffa, my wife.

“Sorry, Youko. I have a promise with Leaffa. Please bear with it for just a week more.”

“Ah, Master~. Y, you’re not stopping your hand. N, no, stop! I, if you won’t sleep with me then, nyaa~, d, do not touch me any further, aaahhh~!

“Ah, don’t hide your tail.”

Youko wanted to retract her tail and stop materializing it, so I commanded her under the master-slave contract, and forced her to keep it as it is.

“Y, your commanding me for this!?”

I fluffed Youko’s tail again.

Its texture was like silk.

Even so, when I massaged it, I feel my fingers bounce from its elasticity.

I want to continue touching it.

But my resolve is firm.

“Whatever you say, I’ll sleep with Youko and the rest after one week.”

“Th, then, mmnnn~, my tail, nn, ahh, is on hold! Ahhh~!!

“Don’t wanna”


“Starting next week, when I sleep with Youko I’ll fluff your tail until morning! But since it’s like this, then let me be satisfied for a bit longer.”

And so, for around ten minutes, I rubbed and fluffed Youko’s tail to my heart’s content


Ahh, so satisfying.

“I, I cannot….”

Youko collapsed to the floor twitching.

Did I go overboard?

Well, Youko seemed to enjoy it thoroughly though, so I guess it’s fine.

Anyway, she’s pitiful if I leave her like this, so I picked Youko up and carried her back to bed in her own room. Afterward, I called Mai and Mei and entrusted her to them.

I left Youko’s room.

We didn’t have any lessons at the academy today, and I don’t have any important matters to attend to, so I did not know what to do with the spare time.

As I strolled leisurely around the mansion, Merdie’s maid form caught my eye as she cleaned up the living room.

She’s really into her role as a maid.

“Ah, Halt. Morning meow!”

“Morning, Merdie.”

Merdie was a Beastkin in cat form.

Her appearance doesn’t deviate that much from that of a human, but cat ears stick up out of her head, and she has a tail.

And her hands are also cat paws.

I have something I am curious about.

“Hey, Merdie, can you show me your hands?”

“Hands? It’s alright with me, but what will you do meow?”

She put down the mop she’s holding, and she showed me her hands.

There it is!

Paw pads!

And since she’s a human-sized cat, they were quite large.

I took Merdie’s hand, and pushed those pads with my finger.

S, soft.

“W, what are you doing meow!?”

Merdie blushed furiously, and she pulled her hands abruptly.

“Sorry, it looked so soft, so…”

“As if I’ll let it pass like that meow! What are you thinking, touching a lady’s pads meow!?”

Apparently it’s off-limits.

But it was so soft.

I wanna try it once more.

The demon inside me whispered.

“Merdie, you like Tina’s curry, right?”

“I do… so what about it meow?”

“If you let me touch your paw pads, then I’ll ask Tina to make curry for tonight’s dinner.”

“F, for real meow!?”

Merdie rushed before me and asked.

Her face is so close.

“Yeah, it’s true. What more, I’ll request that she make a huge batch so you can eat a lot.”


Merdie succumbed to those words.

She sat on a nearby sofa, and held out her left paw.

“It’s a promise, meow. Today we’ll have Tina’s curry meow!!”

“Yeah, promise.”

I sat at Merdie’s left side, cupped her hand with both of mine, then start touching it.


 P, pure bliss.

It has a different feel than that of Youko’s tail, and it feels so good.


Merdie turned her face and coquettishly whimpered.

Does it feel good?

Since it’s a rare opportunity, let’s massage her for a bit.

I placed my both my pinkies between Merdie’s thumb and pinkie as if spreading it.

Then I used my thumbs to massage Merdie’s palm.

“Hm!? Mnn, H, Halt, t, that’s bad meow!”

“Doesn’t it feel good?”

“It feels too good it’s bad meow, ahhhhh~!

Then isn’t it good if she feels great?

So thinking, I continued to massage her.

In my previous world, I watched a massage technique on TV, and when I tried it on my friends the next day, they liked it beyond my expectations.

The other guys also tried it, and I was told that my best skill lies in putting the right amount of force, so it felt good.

After massaging a few male friends, rumors spread on how great it was, so the girls also came to me to request that I massage them too.

My experience in touching the hands of girls was practically zero, but dunno why, I felt confident in my massaging skills, so I accepted.

In the end, it became popular among the girls, too.

During break time, girls who want a massage in exchange for snacks lined up before me.

The guys were scared stiff by the girls’ glares, so they ceased to request a massage from me when inside the classroom.

Girls from other classes also started to join the waiting line for the massage, until the line extended outside the classroom. In the end, the teacher found it a nuisance, and so a new school regulation banning hand massage was created.

My massage is so excellent it’s enough to inspire a new school regulation.

This is my secret pride.

By the way, I also tried it on Tina and Leaffa, and they were head over heels in satisfaction.

That’s why I’m continuing Merdie’s massage.

“N, nnnn, n, no mor —–“

Merdie’s tail suddenly became straight as a ruler.

It’s my pet peeve, but I know the exact amount of force to apply, as well as the exact place where to push, duh.

I observe my partner’s reaction, and it is important to exert the right amount of force in the right place to make her feel good.

I’m keeping an eye on Merdie’s reaction.

It’s here!

I discovered Merdie’s sweet spot.

I pushed with the perfect amount of force.


Merdie squealed and writhed.

Then her tail trembled violently, and it kept on patting my face.

I know how ecstatic you are, but it’s in the way.

I grabbed Merdie’s tail.



Merdie cried out and slumped on the sofa.

“….Ahm, are you okay?”

Merdie, just like Youko earlier, collapsed twitching on the sofa.

D, did I overdo it?

Anyway, she’s pitiful if I leave her like this, so I picked Merdie up and carried her back to bed in her own room. Afterward, I called Mai and Mei and entrusted her to them.

I left Merdie’s room.

….Eh, isn’t it déjà vu?


T/N: Poor Mai and Mei, dealing with the aftermath of Halt’s fetish…On a side note, if the time comes that Halt is short on money, he can start a business of massage parlors offering the signature Halt hand massage 😀 Ah but that would probably never happen lol.

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  1. Most of this story is enjoyable, but the MC has this serious character flaw. Did no one ever explain to him the idea of “consent,” or that “No” means NO!

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