I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 125

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Immortal Monster


‘He really came… I was about to give up, however he wasn’t a guy that would die easily just as the kids said…’

“Elias, heal Freya!”

“On it.”

Freya and her Dragon had suffered serious wounds from the lightning strikes. After leaving her to Elias, I headed towards Gojo.

“Gojo so you were fine!”


Looking at him now, he somehow felt even stronger than before. 

‘What happened these few days I wonder…’

“I’m sorry I made you all go through this.”

“Don’t worry about it Gojo. On the contrary we felt bad for leaving everything up to you.”

“I’ll take care of the Black Knight. Can I leave the BOSS to you? I’ll have a pretty hard time fighting it with my Unique Skills blocked after all…”

“We’ll take care of it. There’s just one thing that I’d like to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“Can you pull the Black Knight away from the BOSS? It seems like they’re always trying to maintain a certain distance from one another. Otherwise they’ll give us the advantage.”

“So that BOSS probably doesn’t have any fighting related Unique Skills… Okay I’ll give it my best.”

After finishing my talk with Gojo I immediately headed towards the BOSS that Carlo, the kids and Suzaku’s members were currently trying to hold off.

No matter how I looked at it, it didn’t seem like an opponent we wouldn’t be able to beat as long as we focused all of our efforts.


The Black Knight pushed away the rubble, standing up.

I took my stance, sword in hand, and focused all of my attention on him. With the way I was now I didn’t think that there was a chance that I’d lose, however he was still an unpredictable opponent.

The Black Knight proceeded to point his sword towards the sky. Following which the sword began shining and afterwards the light coming from the sword covered the Black Knight’s whole body.


‘What the? Is that Light Magic…’ 

Just as I thought that――

The Black Knight appeared before my eyes with unbelievable speed. Our swords collided.

I could feel that his power was way higher than it had been moments ago. ‘This is…’

“Light Protection! It can’t be… Did the spell just now do this!?”

I pushed away his sword and recovered my posture. 

‘To think that he had such a trump card… This changes everything.’

My opponent could gain Light Protection’s effect, while I couldn’t. It was a mistake to try and fight him during the night.

I was currently supported by Darkness’ Protection.

However, its effect only served to boost my Wisdom, Defense and Magic Defense, which weren’t all that useful in a sword fight.

Even if I had my Defense raised by a bit, that still didn’t mean that I’d be able to block the Black Knight’s sword.

“This will be tricky…”


The BOSS was around 5 meters tall, had a creepy blue skin and red eyes. The ten arms that it had deployed were freely flying through the air, each using a different kind of powerful magic.

Each person had a hard time just holding back even one of those arms.

“Leo! Hit it with everything you got while we attract it.”

“Got it!”

Wan took the lead of her men and began attacking Ravana. While they fought I began gathering Wind Magic into Durandal.

In the midst of that the others as well as the kids were doing their best in order to hold off the various hands.

I couldn’t let myself miss this chance. The wind wrapped around my sword forming a tornado, which forced the space around the sword to begin crackling.

I clenched Durandal with both my hands and raised it up, pointing it towards Ravana’s head and bringing it down.

“BOREAS (North Wind Slash)!!”

The wind blade flew towards Ravana, which immediately tried to protect itself with its flying hands, however the hands couldn’t block the strike and were cut up alongside Ravana’s body. Still, due to the hands the wind blade curved and missed Ravana’s head and rather landed on his shoulder, cutting deep and reaching up to his abdomen.

He suffered quite the serious damage, however as if nothing had happened Ravana leisurely began walking, heading towards me and bringing down his crescent sword.

“Leo! Get down!” shouted Freya from behind me. 

Apparently Elias had finished healing Freya and currently she was heading towards us, riding her Dragon dangerously close to the ground.

Hearing her I immediately crunched down.


Freya’s slash went right through Ravana’s head, cutting it off cleanly. Its head fell on the ground turning into black smoke and disappearing.


We had managed to defeat the BOSS. Or so we thought… The arms flying in mid-air didn’t show any signs of stopping, even though the body should have already been dead.

Looking back at Ravana, we could see that around where his head had been, something was occurring and just like that his head was back to its original state.

“Get back! I’ll do it!!”

Noah combined his guns, forming a long rifle.


“Got it!” responded Emily

A black magic circle appeared right in front of Noah’s gun and as Noah pulled the trigger, the bullet came out of the barrel, passed through the magic circle which covered it in darkness and headed straight for Ravana.

It pierced Ravana’s chest passing through the other side, leaving behind a huge hole in Ravana’s torso.

This time he should have lost its heart. However, once again, Ravana just shook for a second and after that his body was restored, as if nothing had happened.

“Is this bastard immortal…!?”

Ravana raised the magic tool that he was holding in his left hand towards the sky. Thousands of lightning bolts fell in the area, sending all of us flying.

After the hands flying in the air cast their magic the area was covered in flames and countless wind blades. Water bullets began raining down from the sky, the earth split and rocks began flying towards us.

“Damn it!”

Every single one of us were left in dire straits, however we somehow managed to hold. Without even batting an eye Ravana drew close to me and brought down its crescent shaped weapon.

I dodged by a hair’s breaths, however the force of the strike was so strong that it managed to split the earth, creating a crack in the ground that was tens of meters deep.

This enemy could hold its own at close, middle and long range. Furthermore, it always had those hands flying around it…

And on top of all of that it was also immortal… It wasn’t even trying to dodge our attacks because it knew that they couldn’t hurt it.

I turned to look towards Gojo.

He was currently on equal footing with the Black Knight. Even though I felt that Gojo had gotten quite stronger, the Black Knight was somehow still managing to keep up with him.

However, it was obvious that Gojo was pushing him back. The Black Knight was slowly getting further away from Ravana.

“Emily! Can you use it!?”

Emily shook her head sideways with an apologetic expression. It wasn’t her fault, Gojo was giving his best to push the Black Knight further away, now was my time to try and do the same…


I sent a sign to Freya, while at the same time using my hand to send a sign to Luke as well. The both of them immediately caught on to my signs and acted.

Luke shot out three arrows, with every single one of them landing on Ravana’s body and exploding. Freya immediately followed up attacking Ravana with Light Magic, forcing it to take a step back.

Using that chance I got in close.

Everyone else was desperately holding back the flying arms. I dumped all of my magic power into Durandal and swung it.

“Take this! EUROS (East Rain Slash)!!”

Durandal buried itself deep into Ravana’s chest, following that a huge amount of blood sprayed outwards. Ravana stepped back once more and just as I was about to continue my attack two arms flew towards me.

Wan appeared out of nowhere and blocked one of the arms with her rod and sent the other one flying with a kick. However, in that encounter she received hits from both Wind and Ice Magic which brought her down.

“Leo don’t stop!”

“Forgive me Wan!”

I once again appeared in front of Ravana, swinging my sword horizontally in front of its eyes.

“Sephyros (West Wind Slash)!!”

The slash that contained all of my strength managed to once again slash off Ravana’s head. Ravana took one more step backwards, however in that time its head began regenerating once again. Even though its head was still regenerating nothing stopped Ravana from bringing down his sword.

However, in that opening Anna came close and stabbed her sword into Ravana’s left abdomen.

“Don’t forget me now!” she said. 

Ravana stopped his attack and used the back of his hand to send Anna flying. Anna flew back with blood spraying from her mouth. Seeing my comrade like that only further fuelled my rage and I once again gripped my sword, taking up my posture. I wouldn’t let this chance go to waste.

I carried out my last slash.

“NOTOS (East Flame Wind Slash)!!”

Durandal once again dug into Ravana’s chest bursting forth with flame winds which turned Ravana’s heart to ashes. Swaying back Ravana took one more step backwards.

‘Emily how about now I wonder.’

“Everyone get back!!”

yelled out Emily while raising her staff. Seeing that I immediately jumped backwards.

Underneath Ravana a wide swamp of darkness appeared. No matter how much Ravana struggled he couldn’t get out and only sunk further in.

“Dark Eclipse!!”

The swamp’s borders rose up, creating something similar to a mouth and swallowed Ravana.

Without being able to do anything Ravana disappeared within the darkness and the arms that were flying in the air during all this time, finally turned into black smoke, dispersing in the air.

Everyone including me watched the scene unfolding with a dumbfounded expression on our faces.

“These kids really are amazing…”

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  1. That antimatter unique skill is on cheat level already. Probably the antithesis of God Dragon Hydra’s beam breath attack.
    But I wonder, did the monsters swallowed by that skill die, or did they keep living inside that darkness? Either way, so scary.

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