The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 19

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Enters a Cafe for the First Time

After we finished shopping, I decided to go on a date with Leon and Marie. For our first destination, I decided to go to the cafe that Marie recommended. 

“By the way, metal equipment and fittings are expensive, right? How did you manage to get that much money?”

Curious and a little worried, Leon tilted his head, asking in confusion. Fufufu. I’m glad you asked.

“Remember the roses we harvested the other day? Marie made some into rose soap and perfume, which we then gave to Mother. It was a big hit.”

“So, did you get paid some pocket money from that?”

“There’s more.”

I began to tell him the whole story. It all started out with Mother. Mother wore the rose perfume to her friends’ tea party, and her friends seemed to really like the smell of the perfume and wanted to buy some. So, in the end, she decided to sell the perfume, and Father’s business association now handles selling the rose perfume, which sold out in no time. 

By the way, after I provided them with the soap and perfume recipe, they mobilized all of the staff in the Chamber of Commerce to produce them, working in shifts for three days and three nights straight. Moreover, since the rose flowers I harvested weren’t enough, they bought the rest from a shop that specializes in cultivating roses.

As the supplier, Marie got a bonus, and I got to earn a little more pocket money.

“So, to answer your question, I bought the equipment with the money I earned.”

The soap was Marie’s idea, but I collaborated with Marie on the recipe for the perfume. Also, in case you were wondering, thanks to Mother’s publicity, it was very profitable. So in a sense, you could say I was the one who earned the money, right?

“I also want to be able to make soap and perfume with other flowers. Hey, Leon. Is there a god of beauty?”

“There is no god of beauty, but there is a god who pursues beauty.”

“Really? Are they a close friend of Leon’s? I’d like to meet them if possible.”

“No… We’re not that close… and you’ve already met…”

Something was wrong with Leon’s speech. The other party is a god, so you can’t force him.

“I’m not going to force you to say if it’s impossible. It’s fine.” 

” Well, it’s not impossible, but… Rio, are you interested in beautification?

“I am a girl. So, yes, I am. But I am more interested in developing beauty products.”

I immersed myself in studying light magic in my previous life, so I guess I just like to do research.

“Besides, I wanted to save up some money…”

“Money? Rio, you are the daughter of an aristocrat. Money shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Leon was dubious. It’s only natural. After all, the Marquis of Grandeur is very well-off.

“I was just talking about what if. If I end up going down the same route in this life as I did in the last, I want to have enough money to allow my family a chance to escape.”

Before I am condemned, my family can go to a neighboring country or a faraway country. I hope they can escape. I don’t want their lives to be implicated because of me. All I want is for them to live. And to do that, I’m going to need funds and connections.

“It will not be like your last life! I will always stick by your side!”

“I’m also with you, Milady!”

Leon and Marie are dead serious. Their feelings make me happy.

“Thank you. I’ll be counting on you.”

In case of an emergency, I’ll ask Leon to take care of my family, Marie, the head butler, and our servants.

* * * * * 

We made it to the café without any problems, only to find quite a few people waiting in line. I guess it’s because it’s a very popular place that just opened recently. It looks like I’ll be waiting for at least an hour.

“Young Miss, Sandorion is over there.”

The building Marie pointed to had a cute appearance that most girls would prefer, with many beautiful dresses on display in the show window.

“My, how nice. It’s fun just to look at shop windows’ displayed dresses.”

“Shall we go and have a look on our way back?”

“Yes! I wonder if this café offers take-out cake orders?”

The sign on the cafe stated: “Take-out service is available, but only for entire cake purchases.”

“Let’s send some cake to Miss Laura… as a thank you gift for her help earlier.”

“Good idea. As expected of our Young Miss.” 

“We have to wait in line for this long?”

Leon sighed. Well, if a girl wants to buy delicious sweets, she can wait for hours. Well, I guess maybe not for hours…

* * * * * 

After waiting for about an hour, we were finally able to enter the cafe. When I placed my order, I also asked for a cake to take away.

After a while, the cake and tea I ordered were carried out.

My eyes lit up at the sight of my beloved strawberry tart.

“Wow! This looks delicious! Thanks for the food~” After saying that, I quickly take a bite. 

“Delicious! No wonder this restaurant is so popular.”

Marie had ordered a fruit tart, and Leon had ordered a strawberry crème cake and cherry pie. Like you, Leon is definitely a glutton.

“Nhn. It is made with a plethora of fruits, making the tart fresh and delicious. It’s a worthwhile trip.”

Marie happily savored her tart, whereas Leon silently munched on his food with loose cheeks. It’s delicious, isn’t it?

“Although it was a long line, wasn’t the wait worth it? Aren’t you glad you stuck through it, Leon?”

“Hmph. Not bad.”

Despite his reply, the cake was getting smaller and smaller. You’re not being honest…

* * * * * 

After enjoying the cafe, we went to Sandorion with a cake as a souvenir. A woman who worked at the cafe went to call for me, saying that Laura was working in the back.

Laura came from the back of the store in a flurry of footsteps. 

“Welcome, young lady. Please follow me to the reception room in the back.”

We were ushered into the reception room and sat on the three-seater sofa. Laura asked one of the female employees for a cup of tea and sat down on the opposite sofa.

Looking around the reception room, I could see that it was very stylish. The wallpaper was white, and watermarked flowers adorned it, and the sofa was covered with a pretty floral pattern. In addition to that, the curtains were a classy green color trimmed with lace.

“Sorry to bother you while you’re working. I wanted to thank you for your help earlier. This cake is for you. Please enjoy it with everyone.”

“Oh, you didn’t need to go to such lengths just to thank me. Is this cake from that new cafe that’s recently opened? I wanted to try it once because of their reputation for the delicious cakes. Well, thank you very much.”

As the employee brought her a cup of tea, Laura gave her the cake for everyone to eat. She also reminded them to save a portion for herself.

The female employee bowed and left the reception room.

“It must have been hard to wait in line to get in, huh?”

Laura’s gesture as she sipped her tea was elegant. Is she from an aristocratic household or perhaps a wealthy merchant?

“I waited for an hour, but the cake was delicious, so it was worth the wait.”

“I see.”

I think Laura, who gives a big smile, is beautiful.

“That’s right! Rio. I heard that Lo..lo..lo… Laura here is an expert in beauty. Why don’t you ask her if you have any questions?”

Suddenly, Leon started stammering. Is Laura so hard to pronounce?

“How does Leon know that?”

“While I was waiting for you in the store, I overheard the passersby’s conversations.”

“Pfff!” Laura burst into laughter. Did Leon say something funny? Also, is it just my imagination, or does Leon seem to be glaring at Laura? 

Laura smiled and nodded as she clamped her hand down on her mouth that continued to giggle.

“After showing you, young ladies, around, I forgot to mention something, so I turned back and found a little knight-errant.”

“Something you forgot to mention? What is it?”

“Next week, I will visit you for a fitting of your dress. If you are interested in beauty, we can talk then?”

It was an offer I couldn’t have dreamed of.

I nodded. “By all means, please. Laura.”

Laura smiled as I replied positively with, “Yes”. But a dress fitting. I need to work hard, exercise, and lose some weight by next week! And I can’t eat any sweets! Eh!? I don’t think that the last one is possible…


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  1. The chapter is very much appreciated!!! Unfortunately I don’t cook, but I wish to actually learn some from my mom and sisters.

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