Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 4 – Chapter 16

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Water Spirit King

A considerable amount of time had passed since the reception party started.

The sun had already set, and it became dark. Thus, the candles on the guests’ tables were lit.

It was still too dark with just those, so Ifrit, Sylph, and Undine cooperated, and they created countless softly glowing magical orbs that floated around the venue.

The wondrous spectacle left the guests breathless.

After a while, I saw some of the guests here and there preparing to leave. 

We also finished greeting all the guests, so I think it’s also time for us to go home.

This place is open until tomorrow, so wine-lovers plan to spend the night drinking.

Anyway, I’m relieved that the reception ended safely.

A lot of things happened, but we managed somehow thanks to Undine.

The Glendale king’s vow to protect the House of Elnor was due to the influence of Undine in this country.

Before we return, I have to give my thanks to Undine.

While I’m at it, I’ll also greet Ifrit, Sylph and Old Man since they came for us.

“Everyone, thanks for coming today. Especially Undine, you helped us in a lot of ways. Thank you.”

The Cosmic Spirit King and the three Spirit Kings gathered in a single table, and were savouring the cuisine and wine.

“Hm, are you going home too, Halt? Won’t you stay for a while longer and chat with us?”

“Tina and Leaffa look tired, so we’re going home. I’m also a bit tired.”

The Cosmic Spirit King beckoned me, but I saw a shadow of fatigue on Tina and the others so I decided to go back.

It’s been a while since I dealt with the nobles, so I’m also exhausted.

“Come to our mansion at the academy another time. I transferred magic to you so you can manifest, right? Do you want me to supplement it now?”

“No, there is no need for that. I already received more than enough magic. Well, let’s have another gathering like this when Halt and the others have settled down.”

“Yeah, I’ll be looking forward to that.”

So saying, I turned to run after Tina and the others who exited the venue first.

“Ah, Halt. I just want to ask you one thing, is that alright?”

Undine wanted to ask me about something.

She’s the one who contributed the most.

I’ll answer within my power whatever question she might have.

 “What is it?”

“Previously, I encountered your magic that doesn’t disappear even within my water chamber. What kind of magic was that? At that time, you told me you’ll explain it, but you did not even summon me afterward! There’s no helping my curiosity.”

Ahh, she’s referring to the time when we set the Steel Forest on fire.

True, I did tell her I’ll explain stuff.

Does it have to be now – well, Undine seems to mind it so much; besides, I was also saved by her today, so let’s just answer her question.

“Undine’s water chamber is air-proof, right? That’s why fires normally die when placed inside.”

“Indeed, but that knight of fire didn’t vanish. Isn’t it only natural that fire will be extinguished when poured with water!?”

“ Water’s composition can cause fire to combust when electricity passes through.”


Undine was dumbstruck.


Water electrolysis is bound to be unheard of in this world.

It’s only natural for the flaming knights to have water magic as their weakness.

So I came up with a countermeasure.

I incorporated lightning magic that will detonate upon contact on the flaming knight’s body surface.

When enemies attack with water magic, electrolysis occurs, converting water into oxygen and hydrogen.

That oxygen and hydrogen will then serve as fuel for the flaming knights to continuously burn.

By the way, it’s not limited to Undine’s water chamber only, but most water magic is composed of pure water, so normal electrolysis is not possible.

That’s why I devised a technique – when the flaming knights are attacked with water magic, my mana will be projected out from the knights. It will then invade the water from the opponent’s magic, converting it into another object that can be electrolyzed.

Of course, I complicatedly combined mana that consumes less than 10 points.

The flaming knights combust using considerable amount of thermal power, so they will not be easily extinguished just by pouring water.

Even if they are shut inside water chambers, they will just weaken at first, but so long as my spell is activated and the water around the place is electrolyzed, then it will become a situation where the surroundings will steadily serve as fuel.

I tried my best to explain this to Undine in the simple terms as much as possible.

“A flame that will not be extinguished even if you pour water on it? I, instead, it will combust as fire energy….”

She seems to find it inconceivable.

 As expected.

I was also worried in case the flaming knights go on a rampage.

However, I noticed that if I use wind magic to create a vacuum space then place the flaming knights inside, they will be extinguished and there would be no problems.

The wind that is supposed to fan the flames will extinguish it, while water which is supposed to kill the fire will strengthen it.

I was confident the moment I invented it that there will be few who can defeat it.

There were only two ways to vanquish it: either throw it inside a vacuum space, or else pull out its core.

Since vacuum is not a widely known concept in this world, there should be few who can create vacuum space through magic.

Well, if you can regenerate then it is possible to extricate the core, but a great deal of suffering will be inflicted, so I doubt there would be many who will try this method.

No matter if they succeed in extracting the core, my flaming knights have the ability to draw out more flame knights, so by the time a core is taken out, the other knights will be coordinating and attacking by then, rendering extermination as impossible.

In the first place, anybody would assume that the weakness of the blazing knights of fire is water magic.

“So that’s how it is; water will only serve to strengthen Halt’s magic. In other words, I cannot win against Halt no matter what, and it has nothing to do with being forcibly summoned.”

“No, I don’t think it’s like that, though…”

Undine seems to be depressed.

Well, I don’t want to fight against Undine, so I don’t care if I’ll win or not.

“Really, this proves that I was not mistaken in forming a summoning contract with Halt. From now on, I’ll be Halt’s shield and spear….You won’t say I’m useless, and terminate the contract, right?”

“There’s no way I’ll do that!”

“Is that so, then that would be good. So, I’m in your care from now on.”

“Yes, I’m also in your care.”

Undine countenance radiated.

She’s truly a beauty.

I was unwittingly taken in by her smiling face.

Oops, I have to hurry and go back to both my wives.

I bowed towards all the guests who came, and left the venue.

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