I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 124

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Time Limit

I came to Russia using teleportation. I heard that there had been a new Dungeon that had appeared here so I was currently flying through the air looking for it.

Due to this Dungeon being a bit different than the ones that had appeared before, I had to spend a bit more effort in order to find it. However after I focused on the places with a high density of Magic Particles and a large number of monsters I was able to stumble upon it.

“Phoenix, I’m counting on you!”

I left Phoenix to take care of the monsters on the surface, while I headed inside the Dungeon.

I entered through the cave’s entrance and took out a bag from within my space region. I stopped time and checked the inside of the bag.

Up until now I had been using this bag to store the Magic Cores that I had gotten from the Hunter’s Dismantle Skill. They would sometimes drop upon killing a monster and I had just been gathering them without eating them.

The effect wasn’t that noticeable if eaten one by one after all.

However, they were still an important means of rising my status, even if just by a little. I grabbed all of the ten or so Magic Cores and ate them at once.

Due to stuffing them all at once in my mouth I got a really unpleasant feeling…

After eating them I took out a Hunter Class Slate and tapped on it. I had decided that I would level up this class here in Russia. Even if a single Magic Core’s effect wasn’t that big, as long as I gathered up a lot it would pay off in the end.

I thought of going through the Dungeon with time still stopped, however if I went like this I wouldn’t be able to gain any EXP or Magic Cores so I resumed time and headed towards the lowest floor.


The began showing itself behind the horizon and its rays began illuminating the world. It was currently morning in England. After finishing up in Russia I had managed to max out four of the Hunter Class Slates.

[Class Skills]

Dismantle Rank C → A

Skills Acquired: Detection x 5 Hostility Detection x4 Clairvoyance x 2

‘Well then, how should I deal with the Dragons here… If I don’t kill them in an efficient manner, I’ll end up running out of time.’

Currently I could think of only one way to gather up the Dragons.

“Summon! Come forth Shiva!!”

A magic circle appeared and from within it, covered in flames, the Dragon King once again appeared within England.

Shiva let out a terrifying roar that echoed throughout the whole country. Shiva’s roar had the ability to gather the Dragons.

I had decided to use that to try and save time…

Hearing their King’s roar quite a huge flock of Flying Dragons began gathering. Seeing the flock, I gave Shiva the order to attack.

“Burn them down! Annihilating Breath!!”

Shiva shot out an enormous ball of fire that headed towards the hundreds of Flying Dragons. Upon getting close to the flock the ball exploded, enveloping the whole sky in heat and light.

Similar to a nuclear explosion the shock waves began spreading even further, annihilating the whole flock of Dragons.

With this I managed to max out the Demon King Class that I had changed to before coming here.

“Now this is what I call productive.”

I began flying around England with Shiva in tow, taking care of one Dragon after the next.

In the midst of that I would sometimes also stumble upon some Earth Dragons which I easily killed using Niflheim.


[England・Wiltshire・Government Underground Facility]

“It sure is noisy outside…”

“Are the Dragons going wild perhaps!?”

Due to not being able to get a grasp of the situation taking place outside, the people inside the shelter were beginning to panic.

“Did Mr. Gojo come?”

“He must have. After all Noah said so.”

The Blacksmith twins Rafael and Gabriel, who accompanied Noah and the others before are currently hiding themselves in this shelter. However, unlike the other people there, they weren’t worried in the least.

That is how much they trusted Gojo and Noah.

“We’ll finally be able to go out soon.”

“Yea, now that Mr. Gojo came everything will be fine!”

While everyone else was worried sick with panic, the twins were having a leisurely chat, and just waited for things to calm down.


I continued travelling the country and finally arrived at Brixton, where an enormous blue Dragon was waiting for me. Its whole body was covered in a layer of ice, giving it a really dominating appearance.

“An Ice Dragon huh…”

It looked stronger than all of the fake BOSSes that I had met until now, however it didn’t look like it could match up to Shiva. However, there was still one thing that I wanted to try out.

I spread my hands, forming different kinds of magic in each of them. In one was my strongest Lightning Magic, the Lightning Sovereign and in the other was my strongest Fire Magic, Inferno.

If I were able to fuse them using Combination Magic, it would surely become a really powerful weapon. The rank of Magic Combination was currently at S so I believed it would be possible.

And if it worked on the Dragon BOSS, who is known to boast a huge resistance to magic, then it really would serve as a testament to the spell’s power.

I concentrated, slowly gathering magic power into both of my hands.

 ‘Eat this’

“Annihilating Divine Flame Lightning!!”

The lightning pierced the Ice Dragon’s body, opening up a huge crater in the ground beneath it. The Dragon that boasted a high magic resistance could only stagger, trying to let out a shriek of pain.

The inside of its body began burning and the flames that appeared slowly made their way to the outside.

“Now! Shiva, finish it!”

Shiva gathered an enormous amount of magic power in her mouth and in the next moment fired off a frightening fireball that landed on the Ice Dragon, turning it into pieces. The only thing left behind was an enormous crater of destruction.

‘England should be fine now…’

With this battle I managed to max out another Class Slate for a total of 4 in England. Two Demon Kings and two Paladins. My status currently looked like this――

[Class Skills]

Protection Rank B → S

Darkness’ Protection Rank C → A

Skills Acquired: Coercion (I) x 2 / Mind Protection (I) x 3 /

Physical Resistance (I) x 4 / Magic Resistance (I) x 5

Magic Acquired: Dark Magic (I) x 3 / Light Magic (I) x 5

I unsummoned Shiva and used teleportation to move to France.


France was once again swarmed with bug-like monsters. Hornets and flies filled the skies, while huge grasshoppers assaulted people on the ground.

Faced with the sheer number the only thing the people could do was run.

Furthermore, within Paris an enormous flower monster had appeared, and that flower was giving birth to even more monsters. France had even sent out their army in order to try and deal with it.

However, no normal army could do anything to the monsters.

That is why…

[We’ll circle around it and shoot it down]


Two F-35 Lightning II fighter jets were currently circling in the air, avoiding the hordes of monsters and attacking the flower. The missiles fired from the jets landed on either the flower’s roots or its stalk.

Due to the impact the flower shook a bit, showing that the missiles had in fact caused it some damage.

Prometheus that had had its activities stopped for a bit were once again called out on the battlefield. They were armed with the weapons that were created by once abusing the mutant powers.

Most of the members hadn’t known about this fact before so in the end a lot of them felt bad that some of the mutants had gone through that.

That is why they were giving their best now, in order to produce results and try to reform the organization into one where the people would work hand in hand with the mutants. Those were the thoughts of the people currently participating in this mission.

The two fighter jets once again circled in mid-air, preparing for another attack.

The plan was to shoot the BOSS with the F-35’s strongest missiles the ‘Beast Mode’ and bring it down, however…

Just as the jets got close enough, a frightening number of bugs covered their vision. Without being able to retreat the two jets were destroyed.

Even the pilots that had managed to escape in the nick of time were slaughtered in mid-air.


I came to France using teleportation.

Looking around the only thing I could see were bugs like monsters covering the whole sky. 

‘So those are France’s monsters…’ 

The flock of bugs upon noticing me, began flying towards me.

I poured out a lot of magic power into France’s atmosphere, causing changes in the air flow and at the same time began gathering the moisture in the air in one hand, while preparing Wind Magic in the other.

“Combination Magic: Tempest!!”

A huge storm arose, sucking in all of the bugs in the surrounding. In the heart of the storm countless water arrows flew about, piercing the bugs that were trapped inside.

Before long the storm intensified turning into a vicious tornado of destruction that swallowed everything.

One by one the bugs weren’t strong, however due to their numbers the EXP that I got was tremendous. I managed to max out a number of Class Slates and in the end the only monster left was the Flower BOSS.

I gave an order to the Phoenix that was flying beside me this whole time.

Following which I raised both of my hands towards the air, creating an enormous fire ball with Inferno. The Phoenix flew high up and shot himself into the ball of flames.

It absorbed the flame ball’s enormous energy making it his, and transforming itself into a huge cluster of flames which then shot towards the ground, in the next instant the cluster of flames took shape, transforming into an enormous flames bird that headed straight for the flower.

In order to protect itself the flower produced thorns, which it then shot towards the Phoenix in an attempt to stop it, unfortunately the thorns passed right through the Phoenix not hitting it at all.

Without stopping, the Phoenix clashed with the flower causing a terrifying explosion.

Rather than showing any sign of stopping the flames only grew stronger and more vicious, melding themselves into a fire tornado that enveloped the flower inside.

“Six down!”

In France I managed to max out a total of 4 Class Slates, two Alchemists and two Sages.

[Class Skills]

Magic Library Rank D → A

Alchemy Rank B → S

Skills Acquired: Magic Aptitude (I) x 2 / Telepathy (I) x 3 /

SP Increase (I) x 2 / Divine Protection (I) x 2

With that I headed to the last destination on my list, Angola.

It was my first time coming to Angola so it took me a bit of time to get here, however upon arriving I realized that the monsters here weren’t that strong and I managed to take care of the BOSS with ease.

In Angola I maxed out the Thief Class Slate a total of 7 times.

[Class Skills]

Plunder Rank D → SS

Skills Acquired: Imitation (I) x 17

The Thief’s skill Plunder and the skill Imitation that I got from levelling it up, would be of great help in close-range fights. With this I had finally taken care of the 7 BOSSes within the time frame.

And out of the 53 Class Slates I managed to max out 34… Having maxed out this much should surely be enough.

With the way I was now, I was definitely stronger than the Black Knight.

I opened my space region and headed towards Bangkok.


Due to him going around the world and using various kinds of magic to annihilate the monsters, the people became sure that Gojo had really returned.

The information that Gojo was back wasn’t able to spread very far due to the communication networks being in their current state, however it was slowly but surely making its way around the world.

And so…


[Present time・Bangkok]

Noah: Just as Mr. Gojo appeared before us, a certain change appeared in the area around the BOSS as well. The BOSS’ arm fell to the ground and it was suddenly attacked by something…

“Sorry I’m late.”

I was shocked by what I saw. Wan alongside other members of Suzaku had come to our help. They had come alongside Mr. Gojo.

With lightning fast speed, Wan began toying around with the BOSS, and while having her whole body covered in Aura she buried her fist into his throat.

Receiving the force of the impact the BOSS stepped back.

Seeing that, Mr. Gojo jumped down from the rooftop and landed on the ground. Just as he was about to talk to me――

The Black Knight completely ignored Leo and Anna that were attacking him and changed his direction to dash towards Mr. Gojo. The Black Knight raised his sword and brought it down with tremendous force.

[Dimensional Slash!]

A grid of black aura formed which shot towards Mr. Gojo.

“Mr. Gojo!!”

“Dimensional Slash.”

Mr. Gojo drew a line with his sword and in the next instant a grid of black aura, identical to the Black Knight’s one appeared, and proceeded to clash with the Black Knight’s Dimensional Slash.

A clashing sound strong enough to burst our eardrums rang out and following it the Black Knight took a slight step back in defeat.

Getting back to my senses, I noticed that Mr. Gojo was already standing in front of the Black Knight.

“Do you think I wouldn’t be able to imitate it after seeing it so many times?”

Mr. Gojo buried his fist covered in Aura deep within the Black Knight’s face. Sounds of cracking metal were heard and the Black Knight was sent flying.

He flew back crashing against the wall of a building behind him, however due to the power of the attack being too great the wall shattered and the Black Knight passed through it, only to fall on the ground.

“Don’t disturb me when I’m talking with my students.”

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