When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 39

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Second‌ ‌son

I miss you so much…

When a peerless beauty of a man looks at you with a sincere face and speaks these words, with eyes that are as beautiful as amethyst, as if you are his world, then even iron-hearted people will be moved.

Kong Wuying just frowns. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

Kongbao drops the cute expression. “In fact, I have something to tell you. Do you know why the princes of Daqing died one after another?”

Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow. “Why?”

Kongbao lowers his voice mysteriously. “Master, come closer, let me tell you quietly.”

Despite his dissatisfaction, he steps forward and walks up to Kongbao. 

Kongbao is a little taller and tilts his head quietly, with a wily smile on his face. As Kong Wuying leans closer, Kongbao pokes out a pink tongue. He wants to lick for a long time.

As for whether the master will be violent after that, it doesn’t matter to Kongbao. After all, the master has not been good to him since he tore his fake face off.

As soon as Kongbao’s tongue stuck out, he cries out in pain. The most vulnerable place was kneed mercilessly and Kongbao folds in half, legs clamped together and hands clutching at the injury. “Master… you… did it have to be so hard…”

“You asked for it,” Kong Wuying deadpans. Measures must be taken to stop Kongbao from acting like a demon.

Kong Wuying’s uncaring, frosty appearance only heats up Kongbao’s nerves, and Kongbao suddenly bursts forward, throwing them both to the ground. Then, like lightning, he takes a quick nip of the most delicate part of Kong Wuying’s neck before the master can respond.

Immediately after, Kongbao vanishes, vaulting out of the window before the furious master can attack him.

Kong Wuying scrambles up, outraged.

He ran away!

This bitch ran away again!

In the night air, only one sentence lingers; “Beware of Xuan Wang!”

Early the next day.

Today is the ceremony for the new emperor’s ascension. Kong Wuying is awakened early to be stuffed into heavy dress robes.

Xiao Ling holds the robes Kong Wuying will be wearing and asks in amazement, “Your Royal Highness, your… your neck?”

Kong Wuying looks in the mirror, and there’s a red mark on his neck where he was attacked by someone last night. Even if you can cover it, why bother? It’s just something ridiculous.

Kong Wuying doesn’t care about this, but looks at Xiao Ling with a strange glance and orders, “You come over a bit.”

Xiao Ling is a little surprised, but still carefully walks over holding the clothes.

“Closer,” Kong Wuying says with an even expression. 

Xiao Ling steps a little closer.


Xiao Ling moves a little more.

Then Kong Wuying quickly turns and nips at Xiao Ling’s jaw.

“Y-yo-you-your… Your Majesty!” Xiao Ling is stunned, stumbling back and falling to the ground in fright, everything in his hand dropped, his face paling quickly.

The other palace servants are also stunned. What kind of development is this and should they avoid it?

“Never mind.” After harassing the ‘shadow guard’, Kong Wuying quickly restores his indifferent attitude.

It really isn’t Kongbao.

The micro-expression at the moment after being kissed makes it obvious –  Kongbao may feel excited, happy, and surprised after being kissed by Kong Wuying, but he would never be able to suppress that kind of joyful emotion. 

If Kongbao can really disguise even this, then Kong Wuying will admit defeat. 

Therefore, Xiao Ling really isn’t Kongbao.

“You can go now,” Kong Wuying dismisses.

Xiao Ling covers his chest with a hand and staggers away. 

Kong Wuying continues to think about other things. Last night, Kongbao said that he must be careful during the coronation. Is Kongbao the murderer who killed all the princes? Intent on the throne?

Feng Gong also said before that there are criminals who intend to conquer the throne. But if this is the case, why has everything been peaceful since Kong Wuying entered the palace? 

It was as if the curse of the Daqing royal family was completely invalid for him. 

This makes Kong Wuying feel uncomfortable. Yes, uncomfortable. Kong Wuying is not worried at all about the conspiracies of the royal family – such things are common in Yeying, but at the moment this easy development makes him feel uneasy.

Xiao Ling has left the rooms and is now observing his master from the window.

A smile appears on his face. Fortunately, he responded slowly, or else he would have been found out by his master. However, the master actually took the initiative to kiss him, even if Kong Wuying was trying to test his identity.

^ o ^ /

The ascension ceremony was also very smooth. Kong Wuying simply followed the process. The smiles and respect on the faces of each court politician were all sincere.

Even the legendary Xuan Wang, who might be the murderer of the princes, is extremely obedient and respectful. Frankly speaking, it is precisely because he is too obedient and respectful to Kong Wuying, that the other court politicians have all learned to show respect.

The ascension ceremony was very smooth, and Kong Wuying quickly moved into his dead prince’s ghost dormitory and became the real master of the palace.

Then he faced a difficult problem he had never contemplated before.


Looking at the musical piece like a monster rising from the mud, Kong Wuying pauses for a moment in disbelief “Is there no special court official responsible for this?”

Feng Gong blinks. “His Majesty jests. It is His Majesty’s power to approve the hymn, how can he find someone to do it for him – otherwise what will His Majesty do?”

Kong Wuying may have taken this position for granted. “I’d preside over the bigger picture?”

Anyway, Kong Wuying hasn’t approved of the medals for a thousand years. His country had no rebellion. There was no way, his personal charm was too great.

Feng Gong is a little speechless: “Your Highness, why are you laughing to yourself?”

Kong Wuying asks again, “Who approved these pieces before?”

Feng Gong bows. “It was His Highness Xuan Wang, but after you ascended the throne, His Highness quickly returned the right to approve.”

Kong Wuying quickly says, “Then you return it to him and let him approve it. Don’t bother me over trivial things.”

“Your Majesty!” Feng Gong is about to cry. Why does it feel like His Royal Highness is becoming more and more dismissive?

But the days of getting along so far have made Feng Gong realize that His Highness is rather temperamental, and so Feng Gong didn’t dare to persuade too much. There is only a silent expression on Feng Gong’s face.

Kong Wuying ignores him, and thinks of it again: “Yes, the last Yeying chef you brought in…”

Feng Gong bows. “This servant will order people to kill them.”

“Don’t hurry.” Kong Wuying says lightly, “Each chef has different cooking skills. You can change the food for me every day. One hundred people can feed me for three months.”

Feng Gong almost burst into tears as he bows again and leaves the room to set it up.

Why spoil yourself with pleasure!? He resigns himself with a sigh, thinking about how to exhort His Majesty as he walks through the hallway.

Suddenly, it feels dark. He seems to be covered by a sack.



Since then, Feng Gong has not been seen for ten days.

Yeying people are very serious. When they say they want revenge, they will definitely fight!

Outside the Royal Palace, if you ask what restaurant in Qingdu -the capital of Daqing Empire- is the best, it is the Crown Tower.

The ingredients in the Crown Tower are not the rarest, the chef is not the most skilled, the decoration is not the most gorgeous, and the waitresses are not the best – but nor is it expensive. 

Therefore, Crown Tower became the most famous restaurant in Qingdu in one fell swoop.

In the private room on the top floor of the restaurant, there is a young man in white.

Long hair like a waterfall is lazily pulled up with a dark green ribbon, revealing a pair of peach blossom eyes that are bright. The bridge of the nose is high, the eyebrows are slashes like crow wings,while  the lips are bright red.

The white clothing is simple, the whole body is clean with no ornaments, but this elegant and clean color wears well on him and reveals a delicate elegance.

While playing with the white jade wine glass in his hand, he asks with a smile: “Oh? That man claims to be the shadow guard sent by father to Shiyi?”

Sitting opposite him, is the middle-aged man who was in the dungeon. The man bows his head slightly. “That man did say so, and this subordinate thought it should be true. It is normal for a monarch to look ahead for the future and leave a shadow guard to protect His Highness Shiyi.”

The young man scoffs. “Nonsense.” 

He looks at the white jade wine glass in his hand, and his eyes become dark for a moment. The middle-aged man even notices a touch of loneliness from him.

“Father, he is too lazy to care about such things. Our life and death, although he cares, he will not interfere. So this person is lying to you. He said that you can’t see Shiyi for the time being – from this we can see that Shiyi is being controlled by him.”

His lips lift slightly, and a pleasant smile appears on his face.

“Who is this audacious person?”

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