I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 123

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Explosion Magician’s Reappearance

[ Japan・Osaka・Temporary Line of Defense――]

“To think that we would have to fend off these bastards again…”

The city at night was currently being disturbed by the countless sounds of guns being fired. Shimizu and Sakamoto have been called here to Osaka in order to act as a line of defense.

Compared to before the Self-Defense Forces currently had way more Magic Steel weapons, as well as way more mutants that had joined their ranks. However they still couldn’t match up to either Suzaku or The Sanctuary Knights.

“If only Gojo was here… I guess there’s no point in praying for that.”

“Sakamoto don’t go chickening out on me. There’s no way he’d die.”

“I guess you’re right…”

“The only thing we can do now is hold. As long as we manage to hold it will be fine…”

Even in this hopeless situation, where countless undeads were swarming the streets, the both of them didn’t let the fire of hope in their hearts extinguish. They struggled with all of their might in order to maintain the defense line. It was then that――

“What’s going on in the back, what’s all the fuss about?” asked Shimizu only to get no response, rather the commotion only grew larger, until he decided to go and check for himself.

“What the!? That’s…”

An enormous pillar of fire was rising towards the sky, and numerous cheers could be heard around it. It shone with light that illuminated the whole night sky, and thunderous sounds could be heard running through the sky as well.

Both Sakamoto and Shimizu felt nostalgic upon seeing the sight.

“HE’S HERE!!!” yelled out Shimizu.

“Is it Gojo!?”

“Who else could it be!”

“I s-… Where are you going!” said Sakamoto upon seeing Shimizu leave his post and dash towards the direction the sounds were coming from. Shimizu looked up at the sky only to see a flaming bird and a human soaring through the sky at high speed.

The fire of hope he held in his chest began to burn more vigorously.

“I knew that there was no way you could have died…”


While flying through Japan’s skies, I was looking around to try and get a better idea of the number of Undead. I also caught a glimpse of Sakamoto and Shimizu, however currently I didn’t have the time to chat with them.

I gathered magic power and released it into the sky… It was the same magic that I had used when taking care of the Undeads of Japan before, however it couldn’t be classified in the same league as the magic from that time.

Flashes of light ran through the whole sky.

“Heavy Thunder!”

Over 10,000 lightning bolts fell towards the ground. Every single Undead hit by bolts was immediately turned into ashes never to rise up again.

There were still places where the Self-Defense Forces were having a hard time fending off the Undeads, so in order to help those places I created flame spears and threw them. The fires burst forth from the spears, however they only burned the Undeads enveloping them into a pillar of fire.

The Phoenix flew towards the ground, leaving behind it a trail of flames that came together into a flame sea, in which the Undeads were slowly being drowned. Due to taking care of so many monsters I was able to max out the second Hero Class Slate.

Hero Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Light Protection B → A

Skills Acquired: Growth Speed (I) x 1

Magic Acquired: Light Magic (I) x 2

‘Time for the Assassin.’ I thought that this class was the other one that contributed a lot to the Black Knight’s strength. That is why I had decided that I would level it up as much as possible.

And with that I decided to head towards the Dungeon that was in Tokyo.


“Why must I go through this… This world has gone crazy.”

The man uttering these words was currently in an Elementary School’s gymnasium within Osaka that was being used as a shelter. Apart from him there were over 200 people hiding within the school.

“What are we gonna do from now!?”

“It cannot continue like this!”

The stress amongst the people only continued to build up, creating a really heavy atmosphere within the shelter. In order to try and not stand out, the man in question had decided to cover his face with a hat and hide.

However, there were still people that managed to catch a glimpse of him.

“Hey, aren’t you that so called Takarada?”

“Eh? That critic that was broadcasted on TV!?”

Four people stood in front of Takarada that was hiding within one of the gym’s corners.

“You! You’re that Takarada, the mutant researcher that was all over the TV, aren’t you?”

Takarada lifted up his head to look at the four men with a frightened look. One of the men grabbed Takarada by his collar and lifted him up, slamming him against the wall.

“Why did you say that it was all Gojo’s fault huh! Look at what happened now that Gojo’s dead! Why don’t you try saying that same shit again!”

“It’s a m-misunderstanding! I only said that it was possible, I never meant to blame him. I’m saying the t-truth!”

“Don’t you lie to us!!”


Just as the man was about to hit Takarada, a man came from the inside into the shelter shouting.

“The monsters outside are dying one after another! The Self-Defense Force thinks it may be Gojo’s doing…”


“Is this true!?”

The men forgot about everything and immediately went outside to check for themselves. Takarada used that chance to escape from the shelter and ran.

He continued walking through the streets of Osaka with thoughts, the like of  ‘Why must I go through this…’ filling his mind.

“What the!?”

It was then that he suddenly felt his leg being grabbed by something. Looking down he could see a monster, with only its upper body, clutching strongly to his leg. Takarada let out a loud shriek and desperately tried to kick off the monster and run away, however it was to no avail and he only ended up stumbling and falling on the ground.

Looking around he could see that even more monsters were beginning to close in on him. 

‘It’s over. This is the end for me…’ 

Just as he thought that――

Lightning bolts fell from the sky, charring all of the Undeads.

Stupefied by the thing that had just happened Takarada looked up at the sky. There he saw a man flying in tow with a flaming bird, illuminating the night sky.

“So that’s Gojo….” were the only words that escaped his lips.


‘It seems like the monsters are concentrated in Tokyo this time as well. Which means that the fake boss must be inside that Dungeon… I must not waste any time.’ 

Without wasting any time, I flew to the entrance of Tokyo’s Dungeons and flew inside.

“Phoenix! Come!”

Phoenix flew right above me and then out of nowhere began melting, letting his flames cover my body, forming a ball of flame around it. After entering the Dungeon, everything inside was instantaneously rid of all life.

Due to the ball of flames covering my body, every monster that I so much as touched within the Dungeon was charred black and never rose up again.

“With this I can proceed even faster.”

In less than no time I reached the lowest level and had also maxed out the Assassin Class Slate as well.

Assassin Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Assassination Rank F → D

Skills Acquired: Stealth x 2

Magic Acquired: Dark Magic x 2

‘Assassination huh… Guess I’ll try it out.’ 

I took out another Assassin Class Slate and tapped on it.

Following that I took out a sword from the space region and faced the Bone Knight that was waiting at the lowest level of the Dungeon.

Immortal Crazed Knight

Undead Lv 2437

He wore a thick coat of armor and held a longsword in one arm and a shield in the other. His movements were way faster than I had originally expected, however in the end he was just a fake BOSS.

After slashing him a couple of times I noticed that something was a bit different than usual.

It was faint but I could feel the openings in the Knight’s attacks, and I also knew where its Magic Core was supposed to be. 

‘Is this Assassination’ effect?’

I used teleportation to move around my opponent and stabbed him at the place where its Magic Core was supposed to be. The Bone Knight let out a loud road and with that he turned in black smoke.

‘Even though he’s a fake to imagine that I could defeat him so easily… This Assassination skill will come pretty handy in close-range combat. Especially considering I cannot use the God Eyes Unique Skill when fighting the Black Knight. This will become its substitute.’

With this fight I had managed to max out the second Assassin Class Slate.

‘I guess Growth Speed is really showing its effects. I’m able to max out pretty fast now.’

Assassin Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Assassination Rank D → B

Skills Acquired: Stealth x 1

Magic Acquired: Dark Magic x 3

‘Two down… Time to go to America.’ 

I took out the third Assassin Class Slate and teleported to America.


[Osaka・Prime Minister’s Official Residence――]

“We received a report. The monsters in Osaka and its suburbs have been annihilated. The monsters in other areas are also beginning to grow fewer in number.”

Hearing the news, Prime Minister Tada let out a breath of relief and sat in his chair.

“He saved us once again.”

“I was worried what would happen when I heard that he had died, but it seems that wasn’t necessary…”

All of the Cabinet Ministers that were currently within the room shared a similar reaction.

“From now on however, it’s in our hands. We must not burden him with everything… I want reports on all of the casualties in the different areas.” said Tada, immediately dispatching Self-Defense Force squads in order to help the victims of this time’s attack. And with that the rumors and cheers aimed at the Explosion Magician, once again began to spread around the Self-Defense Forces.


Compared to Japan, in America it was still day time. 

‘It really is easy to locate the Giants…’ 

Thinking that I deployed a wide area magic spell in order to annihilate the Giants in the area.

However, due to the Giants being resistant to Magic, and having high health I wouldn’t be able to kill them in one shot with just any magic. I raised both of my hands and gathered Dark, Lightning and Fire Magic together.

“Combination Magic: Blooming Dark Lightning!!”

The lightning fell from the sky, bringing close to a 100 Giants to their knees. I wasn’t able to kill the most resistant Rock Giants, however the Human Type ones and the Metal ones weren’t able to resist it.

In just one shot I had managed to max out the Assassin Class Slate.

‘The Giants really do give a huge amount of EXP… It’s time to farm!’

In order to eliminate the remaining Rock Giants I decided to use even stronger magic.


An enormous pillar of ice appeared above the Rock Giants and fell on them, flattening them just like that. After that I proceeded to use teleportation to move around the country and eliminate Giants.

With the EXP I got, I managed to max out the Assassin, Great Magician, Monk and Magic Knight Class Slates a couple of times for a total number of 8.

[Class Skills]

Combination Magic Rank A → S

Chi Control Rank A → S

Magic Sword Rank A → S

Assassination Rank B → A

Skills Acquired: Stealth x 3

Magic Acquired: Strengthening Magic (I) x 5 / Lightning Magic (I) x 3 / Light Magic (I) /

Dark Magic (I) x2 / Water Magic (I) x 2 / Fire Magic (I)

‘All that’s left if the BOSS huh.’ With that I teleported to New York, where I taught the fake BOSS was most likely to be.


The American Army knew that it would be close to impossible to fight the Giants, so they had instead decided to focus on evacuating their citizens.

However, in the end they were still chased and the places where people could hide were dwindling by the day. Just as they felt that the end was drawing near, news that the Giants were being annihilated came in.

Those news eventually reached the ears of Captain Joshua who was in charge of the Central American Army in the State of Florida.

“What is all of this about? Why so suddenly!?”

“We don’t know. However it’s certain that all of the Giants were wiped out…”

Joshua couldn’t comprehend what was going on, the only thing he could do was watch at the Giant that was currently being shown on the large-sized monitor in front of him. That Giant was the current America’s BOSS.

It wasn’t as tall as Titan, however its whole body was covered in flames, turning him into a bright red Giant with a height of around a 100 meters. America’s Army was currently watching his every move.

It was just then that something shining slightly could be seen shooting towards the ground in front of the flaming Giant.

“That is…. It can’t be…”

The shining thing landed in front of the Giant’s feet, and created some kind of shock wave, which easily blasted off the 100 meter tall Giant. The image shown on the monitor was disturbed, and with a slight delay the whole country shook.

With that Joshua became certain. The thing that had fallen just not was a meteorite.

“It’s Gojo! Gojo’s back!!”

The whole base exploded with voices of cheers and happiness.


The day the Giants that were roaming throughout America were all but annihilated.


After defeating America’s BOSS I had managed to max out the Demon King Class Slate. It was my first time using it, and by using it I had now officially circled through all of the Classes that I had gotten from the gacha.

These were the things I had gotten upon maxing out the Demon King Class.

Demon King Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Darkness’ Protection F → D

Skills Acquired: Coercion x 1 Mind Defense x 2

Magic Acquired: Dark Magic x 2

‘Three down. 8 more hours to go…’

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