When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 38

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Arrogant Night Shadow King

My son, how low your IQ is, even the people under you hate you!

Kong Wuying keeps a straight face. “Oh, did His Highness plan this out? Or did you take the initiative?”

The men glance at each other. “Well, we thought of it. After all, the head bastard said that he would kill us all when the newest prince ascended the throne.”

Kong Wuying puts on an expression of confidence. “Relax. With me, no one will touch you.”

One of the men sighs. “But to just give up… My tunnel was dug in vain? Are we just going to let that head bastard relax easily without even causing a bit of trouble? I’m so angry.”

Kong Wuying didn’t take Feng Gong’s safety in mind at all. “Put a sack over his head and drag him somewhere. Beat him a bit. Nine times for prosperity.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes flash in realisation and he pats Kong Wuying’s shoulder. “I believe what you are saying now, you have our style of conduct.”

Kong Wuying smiles. “I’m glad we get along so well. It is inconvenient for His Highness to meet with you so I will be responsible for delivering the messages to you in the future.”

I won’t let you have a chance to meet him. Little Shiyi, do your homework. Your men will take over for you as father’s servants.

After the situation is roughly resolved, Kong Wuying silently slips back into the palace wearing a cloak.

He puts on his pajamas and goes to bed.


There seems to be a soft body. The first thought of Kong Wuying’s is: that madman Feng Gong threw a person into his bed again?

Who is it this time?

Kong Wuying twists into a better position to kick the person out of the bed but the person flops over and they get tangled up. 

With a sleepy, husky voice, the person says; “Master, you are back. I’m back too, I miss you so much.”


Kong Wuying feels his head explode in anger. The next second, Kongbao flies out alongside the quilt.

The room is dark but climbing out of the quilt is Kongbao with silver hair and purple eyes – more precisely, this man is called Lin Jinying.

Kong Wuying looks at this gorgeous face and sneers silently. “Pretending for so long, now you can’t help it, Xiao Lin?”

Xiao Lin, who’s that?” Kongbao complains.

Kong Wuying only continues to sneer.

Kongbao smiles charmingly. “Master, look, it’s only me.”

Kong Wuying looks at him blankly and expressionlessly.

Kongbao steps forward slightly, purple eyes shining brightly under the moonlight. “There was an urgent matter before so I had to leave you temporarily, my master. I swear, from now on, I will never be separated from you again.”

Kong Wuying scowls. 

Kongbao tilts his head. “Master, why are you mad at me? If it’s about saying that your twelve godsons have crushes on you then I apologize, I said wrong. It’s the purest kind of father-son affection. There is nothing else but that thought in my heart.”

Kong Wuying twitches. Kong Shiyi is still in the room doing questions. Pure my ass!

“Master!” Kongbao cries affectionately, the purple eyes tearing up and if anyone else saw this they couldn’t help but want to bully him a little. “I really… I miss you so much.”

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