Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 7

Translator: Whiskey

Editor: Totoro

Grandma Tokunaga

“No…nothing.” Chen Lu came out of the closet and patted the dust on him.

“Let’s clean this place then.”

Rika picked up the broom and began to clean the second floor. Chen Lu finally came out of the psychological shadow just now and put up the smiling boy’s facade again.

“Thank You, Rika-san.”

When Rika began to clean, Chen Lu started to help her clean up.

The two looked at each other, silently cleaning the room. Suddenly, Rika stepped on a photo.

“What is this?”

Rika’s attention turned to the photo. She picked up the picture, a family of three was in the image, but Dad and Mom’s faces have been cut out; only the little boy’s face remained.

“Huh… huh!”

Rika suddenly pointed to the little boy in the photo in surprise. “Chen Lu-san, I just saw this little boy!”

“On the first floor! When I was cleaning!”

Chen Lu looked at the photo, which was an impressive photo of Toshio.

It seems that you will meet Toshio no matter whether you stay on the first floor or on the second floor.

“Is this Mr. and Mrs. Tokunaga’s child?”

Rika wanted to talk about these things with Chen Lu, but Chen Lu didn’t.

“Let’s wait until Mr. hirohashi comes.”

” hmm…” Rika looked at the photo anxiously and finally said, “Let’s go down and take care of Grandma Tokunaga first.”

As they went down the stairs together, Chen Lu thought it was an excellent opportunity for trying to hook up with Rika.

After all, in addition to the earlier direct confrontation plan, he has also prepared a ‘Playboy’ plan!

With extra innocence, Chen Lu said:

“Rika, are you tired?”

Rika froze

“I am not tired, Chen Lu-san. What’s wrong?”

Rika looked at Chen Lu with a naive face and obviously didn’t know that this was a standard pick-up line.

“But you’ve been running through my mind all day!”

Chen Lu replied with confidence and felt that victory was in sight. He believed that these intimate words would be useful, but he only got a beautiful face with an awkward smile.

“Chen Lu-san, we have only known each other for less than half an hour…”

Rika directly saw right through Chen Lu’s thoughts. Still, she was not angry, just smiled, and then continued to go downstairs, leaving only a petrified Chen Lu, who stood there for a long time and could not calm down.

This result was not what I expected!

While Chen Lu was immersed in his own thoughts, Rika’s screaming sound came from downstairs.

“What’s wrong?” What’s the matter? Chen Lu whispered, then hurried downstairs, just to see the shocked Rika.

“Rika-san, What happened?”

Rika’s lips trembled slightly, and her eyes were full of panic and tears. She pointed to the room ahead and then said, “Grandma Tokunaga… something is wrong with her.”

Chen Lu acted decisively and immediately rushed to the front of the room and pushed the door open, just in time to see the “sick” grandmother Tokunaga.

At the moment, Grandma was very scary. Her body was trembling like she was in stroke, her hands were twitching, and she couldn’t control her tongue. If you don’t pay attention, her teeth were likely to bite off the tongue.

“Quick, hold her down first, don’t let her bite the tongue.”

Chen Lu took off his coat, stuffed his sleeves into Grandma’s mouth, and then pressed her hands hard to keep her body from getting out of control.

“Hurry, call an ambulance.”


Rika took out her mobile phone from her pocket in a panic and made repeated phone calls, but her worries grew stronger and stronger. She was so anxious that she was about to cry, and she said in despair, “Why can’t I get through?”

Damn it, there was no such tension in the movie!

For some reason, Grandma Tokunaga’s illness was much more exaggerated than the original plot.

Now, this was getting even more frightening.

“Is there no signal in the room? Go outside and Call the ambulance!”

Chen Lu once again proposed, this suggestion was also carefully considered. If Rika opened the door, it would be logical for him to carry Grandma Tokunaga to the hospital and leave the ghost house.

Rika tried, but Chen Lu, who was in the room, quickly heard the bad news.

“Chen……Chen Lu-san, I can’t get out, the key can’t open the door.”

Hearing this news, Chen Lu could only sigh. “Sure enough, ‘Kayako’ wouldn’t let me leave so easily.”

Now I hope Mr. Hirohashi wouldn’t come solely to collect my body…

Grandma chewed Chen Lu’s clothes and muttered strange words that no one could understand. Her body twitched more and more severely and was already twisted badly. It was like someone broke her limbs forcefully and joined them afterward in this impossible pose.

Chen Lu’s T-shirt was soaked with sweat, so you can know how worried he was now. He can only wait for Rika to give him a hand.

“Rika…Ri! ka!”

Chen Lu shouted as hard as he could, but he didn’t hear Rika’s response.

Has she changed again?

Chen Lu gritted his teeth and pressed some more. He felt that Grandma’s condition was not due to illness. She was becoming even more aggressive. Her empty eyes brought fear in his mind. Looking at her, Chen Lu felt like seeing the devil. She struggled more and more and even tried to attack Chen Lu with her nails.


Grandma Tokunaga gave a hard bite and even chewed the sleeves of his clothes directly. After swallowing them in one gulp, she frantically bit Chen Lu.

Grandma’s strength was getting bigger and bigger, and Chen Lu thought that he may be thrown away at any moment.

“The devil…Devil! Ah… ah!”

Grandma’s struggle became more and more powerful. She flipped over Chen Lu, then jumped at him like a beast, opened her teeth, and tried to bite Chen Lu’s neck. He tried his best to resist grandma’s mouth, and the two were deadlocked.

“If a tiger doesn’t show off its power, don’t treat it as a sick cat!”

Chen Lu’s voice was as violent as a tiger’s roar, and his right hand instantly used [Tiger Fighting Technique]. He ruthlessly hit Grandma Togunaga’s neck with one hand and then with the other hand. After fully swinging three times, Grandma’s eyes turned white, and she passed out.

Chen Lu kicked off Grandma Tokunaga. He put his all in these three swings, but this only stunned Grandma. If it’s not because of the ghost, he really couldn’t find any other reason.

After confirming that Grandma Tokunaga’s neck was not broken, Chen Lu finally took a long breath and then looked over the entire room but didn’t see Rika.

Where’s Rika?

Chen Lu stood up on the floor and was ready to leave the room, but suddenly he heard Grandma Tokunaga’s voice in the room.

Grandma Tokunaga woke up so soon?

“Don’t… Don’t come… go away, go away!”

Go away?

Who’s going away?

As Chen Lu approached carefully, Grandma Tokunaga re-entered the disoriented condition at the beginning. Instead of twisting her hands, she messily waved them.

Chen Lu, who had intended to leave the room, stopped. He squatted down and asked softly.

“Grandma Tokunaga, what did you see?”

Grandma Tokunaga heard Chen Lu’s words and looked at Chen Lu in an unfocused way. Still, her eyes became focused when she saw Chen Lu, and she was once again possessed by fear and panic.

“It’s you… It’s you!”

“You go out of here!”


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