Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie 'The Grudge'

Super Check-in System: Beginning of the movie ‘The Grudge’ Chapter 6

Translator: Whiskey

Editor: Totoro

Second floor

The Ghost is on the 2nd floor.

As per the plot, Toshio’s Ghost appeared in the closet there. (t/n: Toshio is Kayako’s son)

She was just talking about her secret crush, now turned into a dangerous woman?

It’s ‘The End’ if I go alone and meet the Ghost there. Just like playing with fire on purpose!

Now Rika-san was looking cute, but there’s no guarantee that she will not change her face in the next moment.

“It’s not okay, shall we go together later?”

“Well…… ” Rika hesitated and said, “Chen Lu-san, I think we need to leave a person to take care of Grandma Tokunaga.”

“Either you stay here or I’ll stay to take care of Grandma Tokunaga?”

Chen Lu was surprised.

Two Choices?

According to the plot of the movie, you would meet Toshio on the 2nd floor. But if you stay on the first floor… Chen Lu felt that it was a trap.

Chen Lu thought that following the plot was a better choice because he had already determined the most possible scenes on the second floor in advance.

And there was the ghost eye to help; it would help a lot on the 2nd floor.

“Chen Lu-san, What are you thinking?”

“I’ll go to the second floor.”

After careful consideration, Chen Lu decided to go to the second floor, and he believed he could cope with the familiar plot scenes on the second floor.

What’s more, in the original plot, Toshio was not aggressive in this movie scene and very much gentler than his mother.

“Alright, Chen Lu-san, Hurry up!”

Rika cheered Chen Lu, in fact forcing him to go up.

Chen Lu took a broom and walked to the second floor with a straight face.

He climbed up the fragile spiral staircase step by step, and the stairs creaked, which sounded as terrible as the situation.

He heard a strange knocking sound from the 2nd floor as he came near the floor.

“Knock, Knock, Knock.”

That strange sound is like someone is beating weakly on cotton, which was very scary.

Chen Lu walked up faster unconsciously. The knocking sound was producing a hypnotic rhythm matching with his footsteps. As Chen Lu’s footsteps became faster, the sound was coming faster. Finally, he reached the 2nd floor.

The Knocking also stopped.

The noise around the house is so silent now that Chen Lu suspected that he was alone in the house.

“It’s alright…… I have made preparations for all kinds of situations.”

Chen Lu swallowed. He knew that Toshio was hiding in the closet near the door, and which was sealed with tape. If someone opened the closet, a black cat would jump out from it, then Toshio would appear in the closet! ……

If Toshio tries to say something when you open the closet, reassure him with the candy in your pocket. If he doesn’t say anything, turn around and go down the stairs. ……

Chen Lu nodded his head, and he has come up with as many as seven ways to deal with this situation, and there was always one that would fit the scenario after opening the closet.

“Knock, Knock, Knock.”

The sound started again, this time from the closet, the nearest one to the door.

Chen Lu walked slowly and calmly over to the closet ready to open it. …

“I haven’t seen you before.”

A child’s voice came out of the closet.

“Are you a new visitor?”

Chen Lu’s hand stopped.

“I am.”

Toshio in the closet talked with him without him even opening the closet.

It did not follow the scenario. I must improvise. …

“So will you like to play a game with me?”

The child in the closet seemed to be playing happily in the closet, and there was a strange laugh, but after a while, the sound stopped, and the child asked this question:

“Do you want to play a game with me?”

“What game are we going to play?”


The child’s tone was full of anticipation.

“I love to play hide and seek! 

Every time a new guest comes in. 

I play hide-and-seek with them.”

Chen Lu carefully analyzed the meaningful sentence.

“I” play with “them”, but not “they” will be playing with “me”. From this simple subject-object relationship, Chen Lu came to a strange but frightening conclusion.

This child will play games with them. The consent of the other party is not required.

“Unfortunately ~ they can only play hide-and-seek with me only once every time.”

“Do you guess why?”

Chen Lu licked his dry lips, and his body quietly moved towards the edge of the stairs. Then he replied,

“No idea”

The child in the closet made a disappointing sound.

“What a pity… Let me tell you.”

“They’re all dead.”

“They were all dragged into the closet by me.”

Once again knocking sound started.

Chen Lu looked toward the closet, and suddenly Toshio’s face appeared from the closet’s hard surface. He opened his mouth, stared at Chen Lu with a strange smile, and spoke with a creepy voice.

“Are you ready?”

Chen Lu ran downstairs, but soon, he returned to the attic on the 2nd floor through the winding stairs.

No matter how many times he went downstairs, he would return to the attic.

Since you can’t escape, you can only play the game with Toshio.

Toshio spoke with a creepy voice.

“Come and find me.”

“If you can’t find me, it’s my turn to find you!”

Cold sweat seeped out of Chen Lu’s forehead as he forcefully tore off the tape on the closet, then a thud sound came as he pushed it open.

The closet was empty, not to mention Toshio, and there wasn’t even a single hair in it.

There were also other closets in the attic. Chen Lu pursed his lips as he rushed over to another closet, tore off the tape, and pushed it open.

He opened closets one by one.

There was no one inside!

He opened all the cabinets, and Chen Lu still could not find Toshio.

How is it possible? These were the only closets in the 2nd-floor attic. Where else could someone hide? 

Chen Lu tried to calm himself down. Panic would not solve any problems but will make him make more mistakes.

He took out the candy he had prepared from his pocket, knowing that Toshio lacked love when he was a child, and the candy might lure him out.

“Where are you? Brother has a candy here. Would you like to come over and eat, and then we will play?”

“… …”

“Uncle, I won’t get caught in such a cliché trick!”

Chen Lu looked at the candy in his hand, and then at the empty room.

He was confused by what happened! What the hell! I was prepared for a different scene as per the plot, and why did I think candy could buy a child? ……….

At least buy a Lego!

Probably a Mistake. ……

Just as Chen Lu was disappointed, Toshio was drooling for the candy as he said.

“Forget it, uncle. Please put the candy inside the closet, I’ll get it later.”

When Chen Lu heard this, he found his courage. He put the candy in the closet and waited quietly for Toshio to appear.

He kept his focus on the candy so that as soon as Toshio appeared, he could easily grab him.


Just as Chen Lu was thinking this, the candy disappeared in an instant! ……

All he saw was a white arm, which suddenly appeared, took the candy, and then disappeared in the closet.

“Uncle, the candy you brought is delicious, so I decided to give you one more minute. If you still can’t find me, it’s my turn to find you. HAHA!”

One minute. … …

Chen Lu knew that even if he took out all the candy in his pockets, he couldn’t get Toshio to appear, so he calmed down and carefully considered every possibility.

There are only the closets here, and Toshio’s first appearance is also related to the closets.

He was curled up in the corner of the closet, so anyone could easily see him if opened.

But now, there was no one inside. Could it be that you have to go inside yourself?

“Uncle, you still have the last 10 seconds left!”

“Ten, nine, eight …”

I have to try it at least once!

Chen Lu thought that he was listening to the countdown of his death. Without hesitation, he immediately got into the closet, but he didn’t know that the closet couldn’t bear his weight, and the middle layer immediately collapsed.

All of a sudden, he realized that the countdown had stopped


Unconsciously, he looked out of the closet and saw a pale-skinned child standing outside the closet, looking down at him.

Then he grinned and gave a clear laugh.

“Uncle, you are the first person to find me.”

“Thank you for the candy.”

“We’ll see you next time.”

“Tap tap tap, tap tap tap.”

The sound of hurried steps came from downstairs, and Chen Lu saw a nervous Rika running up to the second floor.

“Chen Lu-san, are you all right?”


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